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Steps to reproduce:

1. Create colony with functional water/housing/food supplies
2. Disable all water/housing/food-related buildings
3. Allow storages to drain

Colonists don't die and still reproduce babies, even when there is no water, no food, and nowhere near sufficient housing.

This may be related to the health freezing bug: health is also frozen in the colony in which this bug appeared.
I've attached my broken colony here:

3y ago
Necro bump. This issue is still not fixed, and can be replicated on Web via the same steps described above.
3y ago
Is there a cap on the number of simultaneous contracts you can have?

And if there are, how do you cancel existing contracts?
3y ago
I realized recently that you don't need to build a gold refinery to build gold miners. Similarly, you definitely don't need a lumber mill to collect wood.

Then, what is the purpose of these buildings? Are they just useless?

According to Coloniae, these buildings "collect & refine" certain resources. Does this have any beneficial in-game effect, or does it just mean the same thing as "storage"?

i.e. is there ANY reason to build a gold refinery instead of an extra raw materials depot?
3y ago


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