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RE:Saved cities not appearing in multiplayer region

2019-12-26 12:31:49
this happens to me too

RE:Moon Supplies

2019-11-25 23:41:09
try red planet :P so much easier

RE:Adeptus Mechanicus Headquarters of Mars

2019-11-10 00:39:39
welcome back :)

RE:ICG - Event 1

2019-11-08 08:28:54
Wubs has not stated here, but I am one of the officiators for the events, thus I will not be competing.

RE:Question On Regions

2019-10-31 02:39:22
Also as long as it is not a multi player region

RE:Reform Trade Capacity System

2019-10-20 11:48:54
draco can do 500m, humans 1b, zolarg 1m draco is fine zolarg just needs huge upgrade

RE:My Colony Suspended from Google Play - Page 2

2019-10-19 14:02:23
i sent in 15 letters from 15 alts lol @bastecklein

RE:My Colony removed from Google Playstore - Page 2

2019-10-16 10:45:41
@Kamikaze YT I meant there is nothing in my colony to give someone a reason to report it on those grounds

RE:My Colony removed from Google Playstore

2019-10-15 07:36:55
Why would it be a user report @ansom there is nothing of the sort in it

weird building cost bug,

2019-10-07 12:02:43
it explains in this photo

RE:Some more policy ideas

2019-10-07 11:16:57
for the protest sweep - tie in with security utility

RE:THE GRAND SPACE SERIES - Vol.3 <Security & Crimes! MKII>

2019-10-03 11:27:50
the curfew could also cause a decrease in production/productivity

RE:Region Map 1 Tile Bug

2019-09-29 00:59:04
you have to make rovers via the landeer lol

just a test

2019-09-24 08:44:10

orientation on mobile (phone)

2019-09-19 07:30:55
On pc and larger mobile screens there is a button when building to flip all the buildings orientation. Why not on phone too?
We have to do each building independently after building which makes quick layout building hard

RE:Cultural Diversity Pack! (for Human colonies)

2019-09-16 11:07:07
Aussies, giant items ie giant prawn statue (Google it)

RE:lag causing my colony to not function w/230,000 pop

2019-09-16 11:05:07
Ok.. because sometimes people go away for a while, come back and their colonies run like a potato lol

RE:lag causing my colony to not function w/230,000 pop

2019-09-15 05:23:49
has the colony been inactive for a while?
if so how long?

RE:Fine Arts Warehouse

2019-09-08 10:43:51
that could be the lis version

Fine Arts Warehouse

2019-09-08 10:14:38
Since we need a larger paintings storage i came up with this

A 2x2 warehouse that is climate controlled for storing Fine Pottery, Fine Paintings and tapestries (cloth).
stores 100k paintings, 100k pottery and 150k cloth.
it is for United Earth.

Hope you like it. any ideas, feel free to tell me


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