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I often move between my computer at work and at home and use cloud sync. Before he created a second colony, everything was in order. Nanites were already discovered in my first human colony - "Up Link". Then I created a second colony of beetles "Nkilpu" and the third is also people - "Trinity". Then I moved between them and as a result now I can’t load the current saves of either the first or second colony. In menu "download colony" i see "up link" but only with 1885 population but it must be much bigger. With Nkilpu same situation. Please help restore the first two colonies.
4mo ago
I can put up with numerous bugs in the browser, I can put up with the fact that it eats up all the RAM in the Windows client. But the death of the entire large population is too much! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
3y ago
I have issue like this. Just back to the title when I triyng to start online game in region in each clien exclude windows x86 or windows x64 versions. Only in this two can start a online region colony.
3y ago
I have the same message when thying to backup my colony.
3y ago


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