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Several QOL-features and a bug-report

I really like My Colony, its a great game!
But I wanna suggest some improvements.
- Please add an autosave-function to the Exit-to-Windows-Button. Or at least a notice that you forgot to save.
- When in Bulldozing modus, please remove right-click is also bulldozing because it feels natural to rigt-click and scroll around, but instead you bulldoze important buildings.
- The job-priority-slider should show an actual number because I'm often not sure which one is greater or even.

-last but not least, I found 3 bugs:
a) sometimes builders are not selectible and not actually where they are shown. I have to restart the game to fix this.
b) often the builders get stuck in the buildings itself and refuse to continue working, especially if a builder has buid 1 building and another one is building on the spot where the 1st builder was standing when finishing his jobs. Builder 1 remains on this spot and never moves to a road again until you manually order him to get back to a road.
c) building and chatting gets often window overlap problems.
I forgot another observation:
Im pretty sure the game mentioned to me, that stacked builders require less performance but are as fast as several individual builders.
I say its not true. 10 stacked builders (of the same kind) work/harvest way slower than 3 individual builders.

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