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A few qol suggestions


1: Waste management - would be cool if we could burn wooden tools and furniture in the furnace as fuel.they can tend to build up after a while. Also, implementing a trash can into the inventory(like stardew valley) would also allow the player to declutter. Items put in the trash can could dump out into the world or be deleted. If you want multiplayer though, you’ll need a way to drop items to trade with others anyway.

2: Mining Speed - It takes a while to mine rocks, harvest wheat, or break floors or walls. Is this on purpose? I feel like things like that should be an instant thing. Maybe you could implement a sickle for instant crop harvesting and a hammer for instant wall/floor removal? Then the player won’t accidentally break stuff as long as those tools aren’t selected. As for rocks, reducing time to break by half would raise qol while still taking some time to mine.

3: Boulders - Since caves are few/far between in my play-through, maybe surface boulders could be added for convenient sources of stone. Might add to the atmosphere of the game too. Maybe you could have a rocky biome in the future where gravel patches and boulders are more prevalent.

4: Magnetism - the player having to walk into each tile to collect resources gets tedious at times. I recommend allowing the player to pick up items in the 8 tiles around their current tile.

5: Tree renewal - trees might be a bountiful resource now, but when you start adding more biomes that don’t have trees, they’ll start to get harder to find once you’ve demolished all the forests around your home. We need a way to renew trees, and saplings are just the thing. A sapling should need all 8 tiles around it to be empty in order to grow so that mass-production is not overpowered.

6: Charcoal - same fuel value as coal, made from wood in a furnace. Would be more available fuel source than coal. To preserve the value of coal however, you can implement recipes that only take coal along with others that let you choose between coal and charcoal.

Also, I’m getting my screen recentered every time the character moves. I feel as if this were unnecessary. Sure, if you move the character and it doesn’t recenter the screen, you could lose track of them. However, implementing a button to center the screen around the character would fix that. This should allow the player to pan around the loaded chunks while directing their character to move and interact with the world.

Regarding loaded chunks. You could load a wide radius of chunks and yet only display the closer ones depending on the player’s choice of render distance. This allows for the invisible chunks to spawn mobs, update crops, and allow things like furnaces to smelt without having to draw them. This would allow a player to have a big base where everything works, yet only part of it is visible to them at any given time.

Edit: Then again, everything outside the screen should be invisible anyway, so you don’t have to have a render distance. However, i recommend keeping the player from seeing the rigid chunk edges by not letting them see outside a certain radius. I’m keeping the above paragraph in to show my thought process on this, even though it was mostly incorrect

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