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A few building ideas:


cobblestone walls - self explanatory.

wooden chair - crazy idea: what if when you’re sitting in a chair facing a table, you get a hunger bonus to foods? Good rp value if its a feasible feature.

storage chest : we’re gonna need more places to put our items eventually.

Packed dirt floor - a shovel could be used to make packed dirt floor just like a hoe can make farmland. This floor type could be good deco for barns and just good option for making simple pathways.

Stone bricks - could be made by smelting stone. Then used to make various things

Clay/bricks - when water is implemented, clay could exist beneath its surface. If you’re planning on implementing swimming, the player could swim over to a clay deposit and mine it. The shovel should be the best tool for mining it. Once gathered, it could be smelted into bricks, which would be used to build various things.

Hearth - made from stone bricks, iron, and coal. Good for deco and could be place in a room to raise the room temperature if cold biomes and hypothermia will become a thing.

Fireplace - same function as a hearth but uses clay bricks instead of stone bricks. Should also have its own unique look

Flower pot - made with clay, could be place on other furniture, such as tables, or in floor.

Fences - If you plan to implement breeding, which im assuming you are, you’ll want to make fences and gates. Fences would let you shoot projectiles through them and let you breed animals through them without having to go inside. They are a necessity if you are planning on implementing town and having them raided by mobs, as the mobs have to break them to pass through, all the while you’re townspeople are able to pick them off at range. Wood, stone, and iron could make up the first three tiers of fences.

Doors - when the baddies come out at night, you need something to keep them out of your area, and doors are just the thing. Maybe add a wooden door and then later add a reinforced door when you implement iron. A reinforced door can be controlled by any automation devices that you may or may not put in the game.

Sand/glass - Sand deposits could exist beneath water, just like clay, and also in arid biomes like desserts. Smelt sand into glass.

Lighting - i know you said you were planning to implement torches and lighting mechanics, I look forward to that. In the meantime, I also have a few ideas to add.
A lantern could be crafted with a torch, iron, and glass. The lantern could be put on furniture or the floor, but when selected in the hotbar, it could generate a light radius that follows your character. This would be a huge qol feature once the player obtains iron and glass. However, the iron lantern should have a short radius. Higher tiers of lanterns could have better radiuses.
Lumen lichen could be found underwater in some caves. This fungus provides a moderate amount of light and spreads slowly, so its renewable. It can be harvested and crafted into a water lantern with iron and glass. Used to provide light when placed or carried underwater. It must be placed in cave water to grow. If you are planning on adding oceans with multiple levels/depths, the water lantern is the first thing a player should get before diving in. Multiple tiers of these could be added as well.

Hay bails - made with 16 wheat. Good for deco and can be placed in an animal pen so that the animal will go to it and eat from it and then breed, instead of you having to breed them manually. Makes up to 8 babies as it contains 16 meals.

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