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[My Starship] Something About Buildings

Hello again!

For the past weeks, I started a mini voxel model project of mini voxel building models, which is designed by every faction's style.
Eventually it came to the idea for a different building pool for each civilization.

And I'm also trying to include some of my own original custom civilizations as well, including Atlanian Kingdoms, Rukk Khanate, Tribal Pharans and Pharan Grand House Remnants.

So here it is:

Industry Buildings

Ore Production

Ore Fracking Operation (United Earth / LIS)
Raw mineral extraction technique that have been utilized since the late Old Earth era, using pressurized water to crack ores from mineral veins and rocks.

Insectoid Ore Mine (Zolarg Empire)
Primitive, yet highly productive Insectoid ore mining operation.

Raw Materials Extractor (Alpha Draconians)
Due the loss of expendable Insectoid slaves in the recent decades following the Zolarg uprising, the Reptilian empire has returned using their expensive technologies for mineral extraction more commonly.

Ore Driller (Atlanian Kingdoms)
Cost effective yet durable drill stations used by Atlanians for basic mineral extraction on land and underwater.

Mineral Thumper (Rukk Khanate)
Rukk mining device constructed using prefabricated components. Works in many way similar as ore fracking process, but uses superpressurized air to blast into the rocks.

Magma Separator (Pharan Grand House Remnants)
Antiqued advanced technology widely used during the Second Empire period that extracts, separates and cools magma from deep underground into common minerals.

Ore Mineshaft (Tribal Pharans)
Simple mining facility to dig ores from deep shafts, or wells of abandoned magma separator.

Gold Production

Gold Synthesis Lab (United Earth / LIS)
By using methods of advanced chemistry and atomic physics, ores of mixed elements can be turned into gold of decent purity.

Insectoid Gold Mine (Zolarg Empire)
Insectoids are gifted prospectors. These resourceful miners are able to discover hidden gold deposits in the deep underground that even fine technology sometimes fail to detect.

Gold Grower (Alpha Draconians)
High tech device that turns matter in ores into shining gold by a complicated matter folding process assisted by crystalline.

Gold Driller (Atlanian Kingdoms)
Despite a highly mercantile society, Atlanian culture dislike synthesized gold and preferred naturally mined gold over that.

Gold Thumper (Rukk Khanate)
The nomadic Rukks rarely processes any device that can produce gold artificially. They obtain gold primarily from mining outposts.

Alchemy Crucible (Pharan Grand House Remnants)
Losing knowledge of most ancient technologies, even the remnants of Pharan Grand Houses are not capable of construct more of these mass converters, though some managed to reactivate limited capabilities of these devices for gold production.

Gold Pit (Tribal Pharans)
Tribal Pharans have developed an technique to extract tiny beads gold from sand dug from the depths of their home desert planets.

Steel Production

Ore Refinery (United Earth / LIS)
Mineral processing facility for processing ore into durable steel and common alloys of United Earth standards.

Blast Furnace (Zolarg Empire)
Latest installations of Zolarg advancements have enabled this simple blast furnace not only able to produce Antanium, but also a wider variety of alloys that can be sold for profit beyond the Insectoid empire.

Alloy Impactor (Alpha Draconians)
An industrial strength high-impact crusher capable of quickly forming alloys from mixture of minerals.

Steel Plant (Atlanian Kingdoms)
Atlanian steel are created using furnaces that creates almost no pollution. Less productive, but capable of creating alloys of extremely high quality.

Forge (Rukk Khanate)
In nomadic fashion, Rukk steel forges can be easily redeployed when moving between mining sites or planets, but these furnaces remained surprisingly efficient.

Steelsmith Hall (Pharan Grand House Remnants)
Rumors saying some master steelsmith clans of Pharan Grand Houses preserved some most advanced metalwork technologies from the Ancient Galactic Empire.

Steel Workshop (Tribal Pharans)
Though the steel tribal Pharans produce are mostly for paying tributes to the Grand Houses, they sometimes do have some surpluses of quality steel for trading.

Microchip Production

Microchip Factory (United Earth / LIS)
A industrial facility that manufactures microchips from gold and other rare metals, which these components are needed for almost any electronic device of the present day.

Circuit Foundry (Zolarg Empire)
The galaxy is still amazed by how the Insectoids managed to handcraft functional microchips with only primitive techniques.

Chip Teleporter (Alpha Draconians)
A solid proof of Alpha Draconian laziness, but nevertheless this microchip-stealing machine is their major source of fine electronic components.

Electronics Plant (Atlanian Kingdoms)
Manufactures Atlanian microchips that are famed for wide environmental operation range and high reliability.

Circuit Workshop (Rukk Khanate)
Where electronic workers of a Rukk horde learn and work to maintain, repair and create all sorts of electronic components and astronomical computers.

Autocircuit Factory (Pharan Grand House Remnants)
Theoretically this high tech factory is capable of creating ultra-smart microchips that can self-reassemble to adapt to any purpose and device, but Grand Houses never managed to produce any of these ultra-smart chips since long ago.

Electronics Chop Shop (Tribal Pharans)
Scavenged devices are broke down into microchips, for domestic use or trade after these circuit boards have been repaired by skillful hands.

Rum Production

Rum Distillery (United Earth / LIS)
Even up today, distilleries of Human colonies keeps developing wider varieties of flavor for rum.

Brew Pit (Zolarg Empire)
Depends on soil of where brew pits are dug, it gives Insectoid rum some earthy taste.

Brewmasters Den (Alpha Draconians)
Home of fine crafted Draconian Rum.

Atlanian Distillery (Atlanian Kingdoms)
Atlanian rum are different from others, crafted using special ingredients from the depths of ocean that gives their rum a very unique combination of taste.

Rum Hut (Rukk Khanate)
Simple brewery that can be commonly found in Rukk outposts, making brews out from harvested or foraged local ingredients.

Brewer Hall (Pharan Grand House Remnants)
Where Pharan artisans of a Grand House crafting alcohol beverages of high quality for their high society.

Brewhouse (Tribal Pharans)
It's somewhat common for Pharan tribes to add raw medicine into their brews that their rum can also double as a type of primitive pharmaceutical for alleviating discomforts of sickness.

Plastic Production

Plastics Factory (United Earth / LIS)
Being the largest user of petroleum-derived plastics of the galaxy, these factories supply fresh plastics for wide variety of purposes.

Polymer Mill (Zolarg Empire)
Zolarg Empire have learned to create petroleum-derived plastics only very recently from humans.

SynthMat Spinner (Alpha Draconians)
Known to be the finest device capable creating strongest synthetic plastic fibers at molecular thickness.

Petrochemical Plant (Atlanian Kingdoms)
Uses clean molecular furnaces for producing plastics.

Polymer Plant (Rukk Khanate)
Rukk polymer plants are originally for producing armor grade plastics, though many have transitioned into manufacturing more typical plastics for economical purpose.

SynthMat Fabricator (Pharan Grand House Remnants)
Primarily for producing fine polymers, particularly artificial silk that are what their luxurious garments are made of.

Petrocondenser Plant (Tribal Pharans)
As oil being abundant on desert planets, producing plastics using imported petrochemical refining machines becomes a somewhat profitable business for some Pharan tribes.

Uranium Enrichment

Uranium Enrichment Facility (United Earth / LIS)
The crucial industry that keeps human civilization away from energy crisis since the United Earth era, which can increase the potency of refined uranium.

Uranium Generator (Zolarg Empire)
A "downgrade" version of its unholy version that requires no Antaura, allowing somewhat limited use within the Zolarg Empire legally.

Enrichment Station (Alpha Draconians)
One of the most compact uranium enriching device of the galaxy, that has complemented uranium supplies of Alpha Draconians for millenniums.

Atomic Core (Atlanian Kingdoms)
A fusion-fission atomic reactor generating fuel grade uranium for primarily fueling Atlanian commerce fleets.

Nuclear Recycler (Rukk Khanate)
Rukk technology that can use any radioactive matters including nuclear waste from ship reactors to achieve uranium enrichment.

Uranosphere (Pharan Grand House Remnants)
One of the powerful ancient technology preserved by Grand Houses, a facility that holds a massive sphere of self-replicating uranium.

Nuclear Waste Recycling Plant (Tribal Pharans)
Some tribes managed to achieve successful wealth by selling recycled nuclear fuels from these recycling plants. Though, the recycler required feeding fresh uranium to operate.

Starship Parts Production

Starship Parts Factory (United Earth / LIS)
It houses standardized production lines and workshops required for manufacturing any licensed starship parts from various shipbuilding corporations in large numbers.

Rumitefoundry (Zolarg Empire)
At peak productivity one rumitefoundry can fabricate starship parts enough for assembling a Zolarg battleship in a week.

Starship Parts Fabricator (Alpha Draconians)
It is essentially a huge 3D printer, once the blueprint has been put into, it can construct almost every specific type of starship components of the galaxy.

Starship Parts Plant (Atlanian Kingdoms)
Fine craftsmanship of Atlanian royal shipwrights creates one of the most flawless starship components of the galaxy.

Starship Parts Workshop (Rukk Khanate)
Undoubted foundation of the space-roaming Rukk's nomadic empire.

Astrosmith Gantry (Pharan Grand House Remnants)
Maintaining space travelling technologies is one of the major reasons the Grand Houses from the collapsed Pharan Empire did not degenerate into isolated tribes that happened to their keens.

Starship Scrapyard (Tribal Pharans)
Unable to manufacture starship parts doesn't mean they can't get some from old and abandoned starships.

Utility Buildings
Infrastructures that assists management of your ship and career.

Loan Providers

Investment Bank (United Earth / LIS)
The heart of financial activities in any major Human colony. The banking bodies are by far the largest source of funds in space economy of Human civilization.

Rumiteguild (Zolarg Empire)
An important guild of Zolarg Empire that takes care affairs of Insectoid workers in space and cooperation with foreigners.

Guild of Trade Barons (Alpha Draconians)
Provides 99.9% treachery-proof and fraud-proof loans and insurances for any starship operators.

Royal Finance Office (Atlanian Kingdoms)
Bank equivalent in Atlanian colonies, but managed by planetary government.

Commerce Palace (Rukk Khanate)
A symbol of a Rukk colony's financial power and economical strength, where large shares of commerce and finance are managed here.

Astroguild (Pharan Grand House Remnants)
Perhaps the only neutral body of Pharan Empire remnant among the feuds between Grand Houses, they manage and supports the matters of outer-space logistics of their patrons impartially.

Money Broker's Market (Tribal Pharans)
Though most of them are independent brokers without assurance from authorities, this place provides widest range of choice for loans.

Crew Recruitment

Astronaut Academy (United Earth / LIS)
Countless space workers of United Earth and LIS begin their first leap of careers from here.

Rumitebugs Mound (Zolarg Empire)
The hive where Insectoids specifically bred for space missions are raised from the time they are larvaes.

Recruitment Office (Alpha Draconians)
Draconian bureaucracy that manages flow of manpower of a colony, and they don't mind exporting fresh conscripts for foreign visitors that can make extra bucks under the nose of Arbiters.

Royal University (Atlanian Kingdoms)
The Royal University is a nurturing ground of all professions, specialists and interests. Atlanian astronauts from here have equipped themselves with the widest spectrum of specialties.

Mercenary Camp (Rukk Khanate)
Rukks eager to have a different adventure in their life often break off from their home horde to become roaming freelancers and mercenaries.

Grand Observatory (Pharan Grand House Remnants)
Noble school of the Pharan Grand Houses where you'll find some most well-educated and civilized astronauts of the galaxy.

Spacesurfers Haven (Tribal Pharans)
A place of rest for space travelers and also where an extra helping hand can also be hired from local population for a modest price.

Something about the local settlement.


Defense Station
Scale of security networks of the planet that often reflects planetary defense and law enforcement strength, which deters illegal activities, piracy and attacks.

Fleet Garrison
This planet is permanently garrisoned with a capital ship (the type of garrisoned ship depends on faction) for consolidating orbital defense.

Listening Post
Equipped with advanced scanner arrays, it gives less chances for suspicious ships sneaking away from law enforcement.

Unique Buildings
Buildings that can only be found in specific planets or within territory of a faction.


Black Market (LIS)
Allows resources unavailable in this colony to be purchased by players locally. The unavailable resources cost 1.5 to 2 times of standard price to import.
What LIS colonies unable to acquire domestically, the black markets always have a way to obtain for them - at a "reasonable" cost.

(since I don't have ideas for exactly every faction, so this is just for demonstration of how these unique shipyards can be)

New Petergrad Orbital Shipyards (New Petergrad, United Earth)
Provides unique upgrades.
Starship purchases are 20% cheaper here.
Headquarter dockyards of the renowned Red Satellite Drive Yards, the largest orbital shipyard of United Earth.

Beaconburg Arsenals (Beaconburg State, LIS)
Provides unique upgrades.
Also function as a fleet garrison.
One of the largest military industrial complex of LIS that supplies the Beaconburg Army and other major sections of LIS forces in the sector, owned and run by Beaconburg Security & Arsenals (BSA) Corporation.

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