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Ok, so being gifted 69696969 microchips is normal
4y ago
I am worried I am going to be banned, I have been gifted mass amounts of many different things and am concerned that this is not normal

I can’t get the charter code because it glitches whenever I try to get to the profile page for this specific player

The username was BioShock
4y ago
I don't know, the deathwave still occurs. I believe that the game isn't properly calculating the health data as once it goes down, it never goes back up.
4y ago
Thank you so much, It appears to have been fixed. Also, a quick note, I have observed the “Medical Access” going down when there are multiple clinics nearby
4y ago
4y ago
I have a fix,

Use regions to split into cities of 100, inefficient, but genious
4y ago


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