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Inactive buildings still on

2019-12-04 12:32:11
During a region game, it does not recognize when a building is shut down if you are in a separate city in the region.

My bacteria farms continued to crank out atmo despite being offline. I had to switch back to the city and delete them.

Can we get this "fixed". It is technically not broken but does not work the way one would think it should

Offline game: Civics disappeared

2019-12-04 12:26:32
I was accumulating civics in an offline (region) game. I had just reached stage 2 and was harvesting trees. I look down and all of my civics were completely gone.

I went to the statistics and it said I was only generating 280 and there was no expenditures. I went back to my civics-producing city and within seconds I had accumulated over 2k, which was normal.

It is strange to suddenly lose all of a resource while the game was idle for 5 minutes.


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