Functional Ranks within Commonwealth

#1 2019-10-29 08:40:17
My Colony:
Ranks (roles, jobs, positions) in a commonwealth.

Players join a commonwealth that essentially becomes an active sub community.

Created ranks that the host can bestow upon trusted or influential commonwealth members. Maybe create some new functions and concepts to go along with said tanks. That way whoever has a rank in the commonwealth actually has a job to do instead of it being an honorary title.

Not sure what kind of functions you can implement for players that have different ranks. But something to keep them active and make it real.

Not sure if that's a dumb idea or not just thought it would help benefit being in an active commonwealth more and be more realistic with players having roles inside that commonwealth. That way certain players have responsibilities to meet.
#2 2019-11-12 12:22:11
Hey can I get any replies, what do you guys think?


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