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keep up the work also you should make it easier for civic generation mid game because i have to build 100's of
imperial propaganda offices and it lags my computer really badly
1y ago
yea you literaly just minic'd what i just said
1y ago
i think mc1 and mc2 are missing something as a concept. as of now you can only build a colony on one planet i think there should be a new tech that can let you travel to other planets and colonize them the tech should be challenging in a way and there should be a twist when you go to a new planet. well thats what i think as of now as an idea for mc1 and mc2 i think that this concept can expand the game itself massively.
1y ago
Im a big fan of mc1 and i have an epic update idea! you should add an update where you can go to different planets and colonize them with your main colony the research for this should be very expensive and the launch pad should also be big and expensive and you can load it with resources but theres a max and you can also research better shuttles it could be a new resource too. i hope you like this update idea guys
1y ago


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