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I don't consider charcoal a raw material, because it's produced from something else - wood. I consider wood a raw material though.
Basically anything that exists naturally is what I consider a "raw material"...

Also yeah sorry I just got started with MC, so I'm asking a lotta stupid questions. My last playthrough got softlocked because I ran out of aluminum, and I had no way of getting more
1y ago
I've tried using the encyclopedia but the interface isn't the best for this kinda thing.
Anyone have a list of buildings which produce raw resources so I can plot out some supply chain things?
Basically I'm trying to work out a supply chain for infinite resource production, for example using ore fracking ops and then synthesizing gold from that etc.
My last game got softlocked because I ran out of aluminum and couldn't keep developing. Didn't have the tech for any trading hubs or to make the alu production building...
1y ago


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