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2020-10-23 19:13:19
have you already been able to solve the error?

Region Question

2020-10-23 19:08:26
Hello everyone, I have the problem that I only have the main city in my region. In a couple of days, every newly built city is simply gone. what am I doing wrong? does something have to be built? or does something have to be researched?


2020-10-08 18:40:07
I can't click the green Border.

Can open colonies from regional map.


2020-10-08 04:23:53
I also tried at a Windows device. Result is the same.


2020-10-08 04:22:32
I use a OnePlus8Pro on Android 10.

Now I lost my 2 next Colony's... Why?

I build a new one but still can't send vehicles.


2020-10-04 10:56:55
No clickable


2020-10-03 15:48:36
Can't send Vehicles to next Map on Android 10


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