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I don't know for sure how to reenact this. But I had a stack of over 10k construction drones and another 60k in the works at the time. Every time I upgraded a building it wouldn't move from the parking spot and just ignored the upgrade. I found out I have to manually move them all closer. But, thats such a bad feature if its not a bug.
3y ago
I did a bit of experimenting, considering a friend decided to delete all my hard work i had to restart. I knew the health graph freezing was a thing because mine froze at 98% (You dont need to get rid of your medical things to replicate this). I was curious as to if it actually froze your health or stopped updating for you. Everything suggests that the health actually freezes. The method shown is enough to replicate so i wont do a step by step. I will simply bullet point each thing
- The health graph freezing is common very early on, because it's far too easy to reach 0 food and water very quickly.
- I had hundreds of 85+ colonists. i had over 6 days of playtime, and no deaths. That was on the colony that froze at 98%. My new colony, froze at 50% (partially intentional). I have 1 day and 12 hours played. no-one above 55.
- My atmosphere was over 100 million on Colony 1 (old colony). Extremely toxic, but no-one died. Colony 2 (new colony), my atmosphere is below toxic level of 15 million. 5 deaths
- I was consistently in a health crisis on Colony 1, suggesting that the only thing the colonists recognise are the potential threats to their health, not their actual health.
- When i checked the ADU or the other option (i forget). The stat for my health bar also said 98% (for colony 1) for as long as it registered
- This is exploitable, medical centres are not needed if you intentionally freeze your health bar at 100%
Now, if this was just the health graph freezing, it wouldn't be a problem, but it's the health in general. I probably play this game the most at the moment since I'm playing over 10 hours a day and I've seen plenty people complain about this issue. Then I check the forums to see that this is an extremely common issue, but that it's yet to be fixed? It'd be nice to have something so critical and easy to come across wasn't something you had to worry about.
3y ago
I don't think you should restrict certain buildings after events. For example, i have a consulate level 4 and i can't upgrade it to make it look better because i declared independence. There's no way for me to get back into a commonwealth either as far as i know.
3y ago
This would make sense ordinarily. But I'm able to send more than 3k for certain resources. Which is impossible for certain colonies to receive
3y ago
I tried to do some research on how the gifting resources feature worked. But I just can't. I've been stuck on 3k maximum for ages. I have a consulate level 4, capitol level 3, galactic freight, mass driver, etc. etc. All things meant to increase the maximum amount of resources I can export. So how do I export more than 3k resources at a time? Because it's simply too slow
3y ago


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