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I downloaded the free version of Any Sound Recorder from the Microsoft store some while back and enjoyed using it to record a couple of things with great success. I was very pleased with the ease of use and functionality of the program.

The last time I tried to use the recorder, it stopped recording at exactly five (5) minutes after starting a recording. I assume it did this because I had a free version so I looked in the Microsoft store and, indeed, a version exists for purchase. I purchased the software but the appearance of Any Sound Recorder did not change. It still indicated I was using a free version.

I looked in the Microsoft store in the "purchased software section" and found Any Sound Recorder showing as purchased with a button beside it indicating that I could download it. I did. I now have two versions of Any Sound Recorder on this computer. The original version operates as usual, and indicates a "free install" version. The 2nd installed version looks different from the "free install" version. It does not offer all of the recording sources that the free version does. The only input shown for recording is the microphone. I do not wish to record from a microphone.

What am I to do? I wish to record from my computers sound mixer but can't so far as I know.

Please help. :-)
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