Today I'm trying to pitch an idea for MC1 and if approved hopefully adopted into MC2, the ability to deactivate, activate or to set maximum work occupancy to a variable amount of the same building. To ensure I didn't lose anyone let me break that all down,

Let's say I have (4000) Nanomines, I want the ability to turn off (2000) within a singular colony. And vice versa with turn on when needed.

Let's say I have (40) Adv* Cloners in a colony that can hold 2.5 million people and I want to set the total working occupancy to the maximum setting without manually setting each building to maximum 40 times.

I know this truly only benefits late game players but it's incredibly frustrating to have to do this all the time, it's discourages growth and development and honestly is half the reason I don't play as much as a late game player. To manipulate a large colony with a few million population each timing is everything and essential to good metrics, hopefully a feature like this is added.