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Please let me know if there is a better section of the forum to post.

I discovered your videos when searching for reviews of an Intel NUC for sale by a popular vendor. ( ) Your video was extremely helpful, and I hope you can do periodic updates on that model.

It seems to me that most of the hardware vendors these days name or number there products in ways that make it extremely hard to keep track of one model from the next, or even what operating system is included with the hardware, if any. So Model ABC1, reviewed perhaps on Amazon and elsewhere, is said to have problems outputting video on its HDMI port, but Model ABC2, perhaps a year newer, may have addressed that problem. Amazon and many of the other sellers don't help by mixing promotions for 'a thousand' other products that come up when you're searching for Model ABC1 or 2. And to add to the confusion, the hardware you're looking to evaluate is often not sold by Amazon, Walmart, or others directly, but by third party sellers.

So a review like Brandon's, that comes with a name (and face) is greatly appreciated.
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