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OMG YES!! The Population vanishing issue appears to be resolved with the 1.2.0 beta!
They're arriving by the startfreighter load!! My plans for galactic domination are back on track!! =)
4y ago
I guess my own colony is DOA until i find out why I cant regrow my population to more than 1000. I have existing infrastructure that has been left without the ability to get enough employees to function since the 1.0.0 mass die off and the 1.1.0 cyclic population vanishing issue. =(
4y ago
Same issue as everyone else... Lost 95% of my population in 1.0.0 update. Since the 1.1.0 my population will grow from 600 up to around 1100 then suddenly half will vanish. back to around 600. Health stat stays flatlined at 0%. I keep getting notices that robots are depleted while still having over 400. Strange things are Afoot!!
4y ago
I had the mass dieoff issue with 1.0.0 and since the 1.1.0 update my colonists wont render and health seems to be stuck at 0%. Plenty of food, water, housing, entertainment and such. Population cycles. grows to about 1000 then dives back to around 600 then climbs again. Any ideas?
4y ago


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