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RE:.99 save map error and JavaScript issues

2019-12-19 15:33:52
If you didn't see it, the error states "Object Has Been Destroyed"
You probably are missing a file or something. I'm not a big code person, but i hoped this helped you.

No Resources, No Humans, No Rovers, Nothing on start up of a new colony.

2019-12-06 16:14:06
Hey. So, i've started a new colony, and there is nothing here. I mean nothing. No rovers, no colonists, no resources, nothing. And this started after i created a new colony after my normal working one was done.
((Note: This started happening after my account was banned, before i created the colony i was logged in to an alt account.))
((Note 2: This is on a Chromebook, latest verison of My Colony, on a Abundunt, Large, Moon, Online Colony.))

Please tell me what is happening. Thank you!


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