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I think adding rebellions in game would be a good idea, the rebellions will occur when you pay your colonist very little money (below 5 dollars) and this will result to your workers leaving their work and government buildings shutting down and the only way to prevent this is to spend 5,000 - 10,000 civics and 80,000 dollars to let your military to stop the rebellion but this will cause some of your colonist to die and your building to destroyed (deactivated with no way to activate it again so you need to remove the building and build a new one) or spend 30,000 civics and 100,000 dollars to pay the rebels so that they will stop and all will go back to normal, and also add a military base for humans (U.E and LIS) insectoid warrior camp (insectoid) and a "peace"keeping center (reptilians) or simply just pay your colonist more than 5 dollars (lol) oh and also this will only happen when you're independent and already unlocked imperialism and military industrial surplus (or is it complex?)
1y ago
I think adding commercial buildings in the game would be a great addition as like an early game money maker, the buildings I'm thinking of that will be a part of this is fast food restaurants, car/robot dealership, mall ( exception: outdoor shopping center), fashion shop, etc... I think this is a good addition also make this a part of the tech "colonial financing theory"
1y ago
I've been playing my colony since 2019 and I liked it, but there is this one problem for me, the lag. I noticed that if I reached a certain amount of buildings my game would crash and not let me play which forces me to uninstall and install over again losing my progress which I spent DAYS making so please if you can FIX THE LAGGY PROBLEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE or else your just wasting the game's potential.

- thehamood
1y ago


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