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Keep up the great patches/updates boss man!
1y ago
I would like to formally request a toggle button for the new content available tab. I did purchase the new solar panel but that green bar pushes the whole build tab to the middle of the screen on mobile and you can’t see your city at all when picking a building to build.
1y ago
Never mind I just moved the save to my computer and built what I needed to then moved it back. Didn’t crash at all on there.
3y ago
Hello I play My Colony on an iPhone 8 256gb
My iOS version is 13.4.1
My Colony version is 1.6.0

@bastecklein could you look into this?

Whenever I build investment banks my game begins crashing after 4 minutes of play time. This also occurs when I am building the hall of congress. If I delete all investment banks and I am not building the hall of congress the crashing stops. In order to build the hall I have to save it every 2 minutes or so then crash and reload over and over. Once the hall is built the crashing stops again. If I put investment banks into a separate city in regions there are no crashes in my main city. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to prevent this crashing.
3y ago
My game kicks me out occasionally once I build investment banks. If I delete them then it stops.
3y ago


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