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Actually I can't even get two offline games to gift to one another so I'm wondering how you're doing it
I'd totally love this
An alternate version of this would be that the rover, if it has any room left over in it's inventory, goes to the next resource site before returning to the drop off site unless it's literally adjacent to the drop off site. Technically this is what they should do anyway.
It would certainly help with some issues with forest harvesting. Currently the issue is that the rover must return to the drop off point after every instance of gathering. The improvement of being able to increase gather rate by combining rovers is bottle necked as you can have a thousand forest rovers and they gather at the same rate as about fifteen. There does need to be some sort of balance shift to correct this as the fix made to rovers was to allow the simulation of many rovers without reducing performance but as it stands now gathering is a little bottle necked once you get enough resources to afford rovers
I see that the creative mode is allows units from all groups and even region maps. I think it would be really fun if we had the option to simply enable costs, so buildings cost something and and tech requirements,so we couldn't build buildings without having the requisite tech, so we can try for the fun of seeing how different civilizations would tackle each resource problem and so on. Like using the united earth for ore and zolarg for aluminum. Basically it's just the main game without civilization limitations on what can be built. I imagine this would be easy to implement maybe even simply a new civilization that automatically tested true whenever the computer queries about what can and cannot be built by a given civilization. I've no idea ultimately without seeing the code but I think it should be a fairly easy to implement concept. Then much like it is now when you have the choice of how to start you just have above the creative mode a button with this type of mode.
Ya. That is true. On the other hand it might make sense to make the pathfinding go from resource point to resource points until full to handle the issue that some resources were intended to be handled by a swarm, like trees. The trees are so small per resource you need a swarm because instead of going from tree to tree collecting until they only pick up one tree then they are done. At present it doesn't even make sense. The rover will keep collecting without dropping off resources until full. If the trip to the drop off point was eliminated until after the rover was totally full the resource gathering potential of the swarm would be concentrated in these gatherers with no overhead to pathfinding. As it is you still need a slightly smaller swarm to benefit from something like tree gathering.
So a thought would be to make the building statistics on immigration buildings tell me how many people per minute are created like any other resource.
So what I noticed was that it happened after I bought independence. I think what happens is that when you buy independence and then click away from that particular map before resources refresh it decides that that is how much it costs for that region. You can only build up civics in that region which is annoying. I think it saves this cost in resources somewhere weird because deleting the region doesn't fix this problem if I recall correctly. I deleted it entirely and it didn't do anything, can't be certain cause I deleted the entire game because it had stopped working for me to spend ages in this one map click away and hope I could build all the buildings I needed before the rent came due so to speak.
Just make sure that after buying independence I don't click away from the particular area on the map for like fifteen minutes just to be extra careful. So far it works just fine but it is a bother.


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