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RE:Android population drop

2020-01-04 00:43:15
The update helped some... I can finally get a population above 200, but I still lose 100 plus people instantly every couple paydays. I have 20 Landers to just try to slowly increase the total number of people. Definitely still a problem here. Game never used to be like this.

Android population drop

2019-12-30 18:15:25
Though it is clear that population drop has been a recent problem on the web app, I wanted to point out it's also a problem on the Android app.

I'm running the latest version of Android on a pixel 4 with the latest download of my colony available and I'm having the same issue everyone else is discussing: population will dissapear in large numbers at time of payroll after the first 100 colonists appear.

As has already been pointed out, this is not a problem of not having enough healthcare, entertainment, employment, or education. Clearly a bug in the game.

RE:chrome 1.0.0 when pay roll comes due it is now making number of colonists go to 0

2019-12-29 18:15:42
Still having the population problem on Android. Can you make the same fix to that code as well?


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