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selling of structures isnt working. you have the option to sell but the final check or x isnt clickable. it just vanishes when you try to click on the link
sorry for being a pain in the rump! =)
4mo ago
one other issue I've found is that I cant sell any structures. it gives you the option but the check isnt clickable.
4mo ago
playing on server planet moomoon. V0.42.0 built 4 civic centers and they're not generating any civics.
4mo ago
playing on moomoon and not getting any civics generated from my 4 civic centers
4mo ago
ive noticed i cant sell built items since the update. not a problem. just something I've noticed
4mo ago
just a few more random trees and ground vines
5mo ago
just a bunch of trees i "zinked" out RQ
5mo ago
Ancient Alien Breeder Reactor. Generates power while also creating small amounts of extra uranium.
the ancients had a way of eating their uranium and having it too!
8mo ago
Department of resource management. Watches resource input vs output and as necessary powers up or down production of steel, microchips, food ect as resource availability dictates.
9mo ago
A Rover that roams around a predefined area searching for resources. Gold, uranium, ore, ect.

When it locates a field or a resource it create a bookmark in a players bookmarks
10mo ago
Quick Thought, say you needed to create some infantry to defend against the afore mentioned " agressive player" how about a way to "retire" infantry units back to civilian life if they're not needed any more? I know it's a petty requests but might be useful too.
1y ago
After much headbashing and MUCH help from Spamdude and @bastecklein I announce that the Universal RathDrgn News Network is on the air

Universal RahtDrgn News Network "if you smell a rat! Call US! We want to smell it too!!"

available were ever fine Colonists shop.
wont harm household pets........ except hamsters, gerbils and mice
1y ago
Thought I'd try my hand at creating something for the game.
How about an Ether Reactor? generates power through the excitation of eather via strange matter bombardment. =)
1y ago
it's incredibly easy to loose your lander when beginning a new game. if you accidentally click away from your start location before you land and create your first colony you have to go on a search to find it. there needs to be some kind of indication on the radar map where your "un-landed" lander is located. once you join a a server you cant just unjoin and start over. you're stuck!
1y ago
units when attempting to drive around a corner or a structure get stuck in a repeating loop of trying to turn.
you have to direct the unit away from the edge and then direct it to it's destination
1y ago
On water worlds harvesting units are occasionally dropped from the sky at random on to isolated islands. this can happen in a game session or when logging back into the server.
1y ago
I was on a server and was looking for a good place to set down. The server went off line and when it came back I was in the last place I'd moved with no way to relocate my lander
1y ago


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