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right now I'm concerned for my colony it's currently surrounded by lava and I'm wondering if either there should be a wall where lava can't go up or under and it's lava-proof. and also maybe all the buildings should be movable and maybe lava-resistant but buildings with obsidian should be lava-proof. please add this soon my colony is going to melt soon
1y ago
I think there should be a converter where ten trophies = 1 ape coin
1y ago
there is a weird bug in the game where builders and collectors disappear when they leave where they are and then reappear at their destination. also where if you're offline and placing down water and all of a sudden it turns to sand around water but if you place enough water around the ¨sand¨ it turns back to the water. and when I went back online and placed down water it just stayed as water.
1y ago
this isn't a concern but why is premium a thing in the game? like people might be wanting to install mods, build up a region, and/or make their colony look cool. and some people are maybe kids (like me), and are using their school computer and won't even be able to get it (again like me). oh, and since I'm using my school computer I can't get ape coins. so I'm wondering if premium can get removed and have a way to get ape coins like achievement points and unlocking research. and also maybe let the colony community make buildings that require ape coins. please and thank you
1y ago


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