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Every time I open the game, my resources are reset as in the picture. I've been writing the same issue over and over for 2 years, but you don't produce a solution, you don't answer.

1y ago
Before I exit the game, I save and exit, regardless of which resource and how much, and when I open the game again, my resources are always 0, my money is 15m. same amount each time. No matter where I play the game from the app or the web, the problem always remains the same. For this reason, I put all my resources for sale in the market before I leave the game and the money of the items sold comes to me as a gift. By the way, I can't make improvements because I can't save resources.
1y ago
please look at my zero resources, when i save the game it was all full, every time i open the game my resources are all zero.
3y ago
My resources are reset every time I open the game, regardless of time interval. especially the precious ones. I thought the problem might be in the browser and installed the desktop application, the problem continues.
3y ago


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