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RE:Scroll2d and the Future of Ape Apps

2020-06-06 22:55:07
I will plan on getting mc2 when its out and even the premium if there is one(please keep the premium 1 dollar if you do have a premium)

RE:My Colony v1.7.0 Released

2020-06-03 21:04:29
Sounds great can't wait to see what's coming in the next update :)

RE:1.6.0 Traveling between region city's feed back .

2020-05-13 20:44:44
I'm running into the same thing. I have one city in my region with 3 bus stops that is for housing my colonists and right next to it I have another city with 3 bus stops that has 12 advanced steel factories but only 2 of them have people actually working on them. I should have enough people to fill those jobs.(red planet)

Bluetooth mouse issue.

2020-05-11 01:21:23
I am using a Bluetooth mouse with my android tablet to play my colony and I can long press on things with my mouse. I have to use my finger to long press in things.

Change a name on the menu.

2020-05-11 01:09:40
The the name of the option "load colony" on the title screen to something like "manage colonies" since you can do more than just load them now.

RE:My Colony v1.5.0 Released

2020-05-08 20:30:07

RE:Public Transit and Decorative Vehicles Coming to v1.5.0

2020-05-07 19:42:36
Looking good!

RE:A New Way To Manage My Colony Saves in v1.5.0

2020-05-07 19:11:51
Look great to me. I can't wait for a better way to manage game saves, layout templates, and custom maps.

Colonist transportation between cities in regions.

2020-05-05 00:47:15
It would be nice for different cities in regions to be able to share colonists from other cities in the region somehow(even it it is a certain building that yo would have to build to allow those colonists to travel from one city to another).

RE:How do I delete custom maps and layout templates?

2020-05-05 00:32:30
Yay thank you, I can't wait for the update. I will feel more like using them if I can delete them.

RE:Additional Region Question - Food & Water

2020-05-03 23:40:24
I experience this with food and water and sometimes with other resources. It does not happen all the time, it is weird.

How do I delete custom maps and layout templates?

2020-05-03 23:32:36
I can not figure out how to delete the custom maps or the layout templates. I play the android version of the game. Could anyone please tell me how to do this?


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