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H3110 guys! (^ω^)

Discussions about terrafroming is rising recently in this forum, from @Ansom’s ideas about reworking on terraforming and @pecca1’s about planetary temperature.
That would sound interesting, to me.
And yeah, agree to what @Ansom has said, there’s a need to improve the existing terrafroming system such as the logics and stuff.

So here are my ideas! Hoped you like it.

It’s a bit illogical for generating breathable gas from nothing in atmosphere generators, so here I am suggesting a new resource here - Atmo-lites (atl).

Atmolites are collectively the high density volatile compounds that can be vapourized into lots of breathable gases (mostly nitrogen and oxygen) upon strong heating. More breathable gas can be obtained when these compounds are put into electrolysers.

These atmolites are used in terraforming devices that generates atmosphere (except the basic one - small atmosphere generator that instead electrolyse water), but how we can produce them? It’s very simple - Extract them from ores. I plan to have an Small Atmolite Extractor too, as a basic structure that produces those compounds from water and ore.

Next problem - What can these atmolites do after the terraforming is done?
So here’s my solutions -
  • Atmolite-boosted combustion generators?
    Traditional combust-able fuels can be ultra-efficient when you have a well-mixture of atmolite and charcoal or crude oil. Atmolite serves as very strong oxidizing agents.
  • Starship fuels?
    It may be possible, however in one of the spin offs of this game - My Starship, which has shown that starship actually uses nuclear reactions to provide ultra-strong thrust for hyperjumps. I think it’s better for manufacturing better fuels.
  • Producing other resources?
    I have thinked about can these compounds converted to a massive amount of Helium-3. Or used in better ant paste productions or more xeno-organic compounds.
  • Economy?
    Selling atmolites as ‘luxury’ products may work... Such as something like, Luxury Oxygen Inc.?

That’s it!
Ideas & Feedbacks? (>ω•)
Comments please!


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