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5y ago
If you open the building and click on view workers, it helps for that building.
I think it has to do with colonist virtualization and if you click that, the workers get devirtualized and real people move in.
You see it when you click that building repeatly after that. The stats of workers change.

It's a hassle for a lot of buildings in big colonies, but it may help with your food problem. Need a real fix for it.
5y ago
lovely, because they didn't renew their certificate yet.
5y ago
Same problem:
5y ago
At the time of this posting, My Colony won't load on browser, because the HTTPS certificate of the external MIDIJS resource is expired at December 23rd.

As long as the maintainer of this website doesn't renew the certificate, there's nothing the players can do.
Some who had it open recently might be lucky and have the file still in the cache.

@Bastecklein, you may contact the maintainer and host the affecting files on your own in the meantime.
5y ago
It’s got to be a cached Service Worker refusing to die. You can open the Dev Tools on the page, go to the Application tab, nuke the Service Worker, and do a hard reload.

6y ago
You might be affected by this bug.
6y ago
Hi Bast,

I noticed that cache control on google chrome isn't working properly.
For the main URL /my-colony/ there isn't any cache control set. Neither at server response level, nor in the index.html. This leads chrome to stick to a cached version like forever. Mine still tries to load version 0.60, which isn't on the server anymore and is stuck at the loading screen.

The files that are included in the index.html all have ETags, Last-Modified dates. This should work for files below the index.html.
Files included from other sources, like the fonts from google are using expires and proper cache control statements.

Please use something like this for the files that change on every update.
cache-control: private, max-age=86400, stale-while-revalidate=86400
For bandwidth saving, more static files may be cached longer of course.

I guess there's also a bug in chrome, that even if you disable the cache or clean it, it loads the old version. If you manage to load the new version, on the next reload it reverts back to the old version. Can't tell why that is. Firefox doesn't have that strange behavior.

Best regards,

6y ago
Hi, in der FFF sind bereits einige Deutsche. Wir haben dort auch eine Deutschsprachige Ecke.
Komm zu uns als Commonwealth Leader, bau dein Deutsches Commonwealth und du hast bei uns eine Platform um dich mit deinen Kolonien auszutauschen.
Schau mal vorbei
6y ago
But if you run out of food/water/whatever and you revert to an old backup, don't wonder: These resources are synced back from the server and you are out of those on your old backup as well. (In online mode only, of course)

It's risky nowadays.
6y ago
Federations are currently groups of players in a chat room, as Federations themselves are not part of the game yet.
We help each other out with resources, tips, exchanging embassies and having fun with almost any other topic.

Join the FFF and see yourself:
(Keep your charter code at hand to register after you joined.)
6y ago
Tradable by GBT and gifting is good, but please don't make other ways of acquiring it for online colonies, like the stargate/elevator or black market.

If offline colonies can't switch to online anymore, they should be allowed to buy it in another way.

If it's just buyable, like the crystals, there's no real need to go through a lava map. People will just buy it from the infinite stargate resource.
6y ago
If only one member can create the federation, what happens if he loses interest or get a problem with the game file? The federation setup and management should be outside the game after it's created.
With this you can have more than one person managing the fed and you can give your federation over to the next one if you abandon the game for whatever reason.
6y ago
You need around 37 alu gens per Advanced robotics.
So overall you need a couple of hundreds of alu gens for your whole colony. See what consumes your alu in the statistics. Maybe you have too many uranium enrichments and they need all of it.

You can try selling the stuff you have a too much and buy/import alu for times when you want to build some new buildings.

Or like rel4x said, make a zolarg subcolony, mine the alu there and gift it to your humans.
6y ago
And maybe who started the thread. Just the username.
6y ago
I recently started a new LIS Ice colony and in the beginning I struggle with power consumption, so I'm used to disable buildings that I currently don't need when I'm out of power. Especially if you built a new facility and are over power.

What happens if that you may end up with no storage for this resource and it drops down to 0.
Maybe let decay only run until a certain point. Like 100k of that resource, so you don't end up with nothing.
It still prevents large overbooking of storage, but doesn't make it so hard for early beginners.
6y ago
Good thing with no colonists: You don't need to bother with health issues because of Trash and Atmosphere.
Triantanium is really nice without workers, but it needs a lot of power. Downside: You need a lot of robots and antanium and I guess you need workers for them too.
I rely on gifts from my main or trading to get my 17017 refineries going.
6y ago
What will happen if there's the need for restore from an older backup?
Chrome forgot more than once it's internal storage and I had to restore from an older save.
Or like in my situation where the game is too big to save?

The data on the server will not match with the ones in the game file anymore.
I hope these colonies will not get auto banned then.
6y ago
I hope you don't treat my script that pulls the trades from the GBT as malicious, just because it does it every few minutes all day long. It doesn't buy or sell anything. It's just for displaying the offers of FFF members in a discord channel.
6y ago


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