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Thanks for the continued work on a fun game! One comment on the Research needs some major balancing.

For Humans, the Research Converter is now the most efficient way to produce: Alien Relics, Ancient Instructions, Antanium, Bricks, Clay, Diamonds, Helium 3, Obsidian, Paintings, Plastic, Pottery, Sugar, Uranium, Wheels, Wood, and Wool.

This makes these buildings obsolete late game: Auntie Belle's Cupcake Factory, Antanium Synthesis Lab, Brick Factory, Ultra Deep Dig Site, Synthetic Diamond Laboratory, Small Helium Extractor, Obsidian Furnace, Hipster Lofts, Alien Plastic Factory, Pottery Works, Artificial Sweetener Factory, Alien Enrichment Facility, Wheel Factory, Tree Farm, and Sheep Farm.

I don't know if that was the intention. If it was intended to replace all those things, it needs to consume a much higher amount of research than it does now.
5y ago
I have this problem as well with payroll and stimulus. 34k population, experience freezing for around 5 minutes when payroll triggers.

My Colony v0.78.0 - LIS Ice World Map Offline (no cell service where I normally play)
Mobile - Moto x4 Android 8.1.0
5y ago
Makes sense to me, even if paying full price for all upgrades / conversions.
5y ago
Invincible said:please place the center for relic studies under some category. cant find it unless you click the drones

It's in "all buildings", but yeah, that was one that took me forever to find as well.
5y ago
Sorry for the necro but in the interest of not duplicating threads, I'll second this suggestion and add a couple additional comments.

I play primarily on mobile, and end up spending much of my time scrolling through the building menus trying to find what I'm looking for. In addition to the OP, the following would be extremely helpful.

Storage buildings should only appear in the storage menu. Not in food or resources.
Buildings should not be in both the resource and durable goods menus. One or the other.
Trees should be moved to farming.
Atmosphere Scrubber should be moved to terraforming and removed from the resource menu. (took me like 5 minutes to find this one building)

It's frustrating to research something and then have to figure out where it is in the building menus. Definitely second the OP on a menu for newly unlocked stuff.

I can create a complete list for which buildings should be in which sub menus (in my opinion) for humans if there is interest.
5y ago
Wouldn't it make more sense to have the homeless complaints reset whenever the population cap increases? Similarly have unemployment reset when the job cap increases and fatigue reset when a fire drill occurs.

Education, poverty, health, and depression all make sense as is ('historical' average), since those can't be immediately remediated by player action.
5y ago


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