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Join my CW for loads of help and active. One of the biggest and richest players, am here to help you with anything! Join The NOZ server today!!\r\n
you are correct. you can just make do with raw material storage without having to build gold refinery
3y ago
Still going strong. need any help, got any doubts, want to discuss new ideas? NOZ is still going strong! we are looking for active CW leaders!! come join us on discord at
3y ago
Yay!! This is finally getting added. I'll start creating some posts on ideas on how settlements can be governed, functioned and managed in terms of resources
3y ago
a sync all button would be nice
3y ago
I must say....

That looks mind blowing wadaling!!! 😍😍
3y ago
Oh I didn't know that a slow network for one person would mess it up for the other too? Is there no workaround for this. Also is this issue as well faced by people in Minecraft? And how do they sort it out?
3y ago
Hey Phillie!

Can you try and opening the game in another platform once and see. Make sure to create a backup though first, and a copy or two of it. if not, try switching to one of the newly created backups, and load it and see. see if any of those helps.
3y ago
Vas said:Invincible; You don't understand the concept of professionalism. I didn't say turn it into a triple A game. Behave according to a code of conduct. Mute, kick, ban trolls from the chat. Install a system of censors if you want the chat to be safe for children, so you don't have people teaching 15 year old kids to tell people to "fuck off cunt". The exact words spoken to me by someone I believe is 15 there.

How is asking if the game has a pause button impolite? The first response I got was rude as hell.

Having an always networked chat running that I couldn't disable was the reason I mentioned I might not purchase the game. Which you guys took as some horrible attack, and then I stated the chat got stuck and i could no longer play the game in which the second response was also rude. You want to claim that I was the rude one?

You shouldn't be sitting there in a game chat thats always open for all players, shitting on people's views. Calling them libtards. Attacking people who don't view the world the same way you do. The game has nothing to do with real world politics, so don't bring your political bullshit into the game. Take it to a new channel, a politics channel, where people can optionally go if they want to.

EDIT: I see that Invinc edited his message to remove two paragraphs, but I'm not gonna hide my response to it.

There were more than 2 paras <_<

anyway, re-edited the pot to include the Original post. didnt see that bast had already replied, and i didnt want to speak after him
3y ago
Its sad to see you leave but If you feel like hanging out with us, venting out your anger on biden or trump, or just watching some memes, feel free to join. But remember, we are a community that reciprocates.

Original Post (removed since Bast had already posted, Can be used as for reference for next messages)
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Isnt it funny, how the arrangement and selection of words, with self analysis of watered down situation can lead to an extremely polarized image.

We are a close knit community. we have seen and played the game from when it was crippling with bugs to its heights now. We ensured people didnt misuse the bugs, and helped enforce rules while bast fixed things up.

You believe in judging the book by its cover and then forcing your word into it, the way you perceived through the prejudice coming from the cover. It somewhere blinded you from the very obvious: We reciprocated the feelings we ourselves felt. be polite and we will always welcome with open arms.

Also, if we had to be professional, we would be writing mails to everyone. most of us know each other by names from a long time. and make sure we learn the new people coming in too. people coming back to the game even after 6 month or 2 year breaks are remembered. We are here to have fun, and make new friends, "not hire employees in professional environment".

All that was needed was to be polite in asking for help, and trying out the possible fixes that were suggested. if people did go off topic, its you who needed the help and should have steered the direction to sort it out. sadly, you went ahead with pushing the wrong buttons, and sadly faced the resultant output. sometimes you need to let things go, and give yourself a break.

Its sad to see you leave but If you feel like hanging out with us, venting out your anger on biden or trump, or just watching some memes, feel free to join. But remember, we are a community that reciprocates.
3y ago
I still am in favour of the unlimited map size or at least the ability for two people to be on the same map. Now this may not exactly reflect in intial gameplay, but I guess modding community might want to explore this and who knows what they would come up with. Who knows if they will start wars in game?

Keeping that aside, collaborating builds and neighborhoods together as well helps us explore each other's techniques and much more interactive than just the chat.

Apart from that, just being able to see everything you made as whole and not through the regional view gives a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

I hope you find the views helpful ^o^
3y ago
cant close the chat window in browser. might want to fix that soon, cause all build confirmation buttons gets hidden behind the chat and you cant do anything
3y ago
I made the park and educational areas as optional. But settlement and open areas should make sense. Parks and stuff I thought was for very long run in late game when you have a ton of people coming in. We will have to set up areas like in real cities like on earth
3y ago
Really like the idea! One place where I see it to be necessary is: storages

Like as I had said in VC, drop off points for RSS, especially raw RSS which are mined and need to be processed, we can have a modular storage, which can be easily expanded by actually adding the same building once again increasing capacity.

Further there could be connections modules. Like conveyor start/end module. Start can be placed at the ore storage site and end can be joined to the processing main building and in between can be connected by conveyor network pieces.

Another modular idea is of modular train stations or stuff? Which can be attached to these factories directly or something like that
3y ago
Yes I like it. A simple attribute based of space can be added to buildings. Maybe will give us opportunity to even place buildings on coasts so basically any area that's possible in map editor, a building should have the attribute to it. I think building on this, I want to add some more:

Geography based attribute: basically where the building can be placed geographically. Examples:

Flat land (surface where upper area is water lower is ground)
On water(lower area water, upper is air)
Under water (lower area ground upper is water)
Floating underwater (upper area water, lower area water)
Floating air (upper area air, lower area air)

Functional attributes: used to definite where the building can be placed. Example:
Settlements: will include mostly commercial and residential areas and some office and govt buildings
Open: can be placed anywhere (industries will be in this. Along with maybe transportation infrastructure)
Educational: maybe we want to make a huge educational campus in it?
Park: you wanna make a park on Mars! Go for it!!

How do you make these functional areas?
I think you should be able to paint them up either yourself on map to include tiles in the that functional type especially for parks and other micro functional zones. OR the server owner can set up some areas as settlement.

Further the players can maybe allow or disallow other players of that server from building in their areas or destroying.
3y ago
i do think though pause feature should be added. especially when are building stuff
3y ago
Updated transcript clearing up the unintelligible part.
3y ago

✨Greetings to All✨

I feel great giving out this fantastic news for the my colony community! Bast has been very keen on getting support from the MC community to help the development of his new project and game My Colony 2!

The Leaders of Nations of Oz, one of the oldest my colony community out there on discord, thought what better than to ask @bastecklein actually talk about how we as a community can help him out. Bast readily agreed and now we are setting it up along with leaders of other federation.

We cordially invite you to the server to get the latest updates as well as let your questions know before hand!

Hosts for the event will be:
@cry8wolf9: ape app forum moderator & Archmage of NOZ
@Boliver9067: A sorcerer of NOZ and the leader of T1P

The live chat is for now set to be on Monday (August 3rd) in Nations Of Oz discord server. Ask your questions before hand in #questions_for_bast

Note: Exact time of the VC will soon be notified. make sure to join discord server for the latest updates and a ping, when VC starts
3y ago

did you put a statue of his name though??

*Sorry it got destroyed too*

THIS IS WAR!!!!!!!!!!
3y ago


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