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Ansom said:I agreed with adding better bandwidth building, but.. i like the idea to using bandwidth like a bottle neck.

Understandable. Maybe a bottle neck can come from the resources needed to make the compound?
4y ago
An Idea for Late Game players, especially with the Implementation of the Helium Nanomine.

Industrial Server Compound
Description: When the Large Server Building cannot supply bandwidth needs, turn to this beefy server compound partially staffed by robots!

Building Cost: 65000 Ore, 20,000 Steel, 20,000 Gold, 15,000 Microchips, 15,000 plastic, 17,000 aluminum, 12,000 software, 800 robots, 50 triantanium .

Size: 4x4.

Stores: 2,400 Software

Staffs: 120 Scientists with over 120 I.Q.

Consumes: 1,600 power, 5 robots/minute

Produces: 20,000 Bandwidth

Let me Know what you think and if stats should be added or changed!
4y ago
I'm all for this!
5y ago
After 5 million it allows for terraforming of your planet (wood, grass and livestock) and can be converted to water via atmospheric condenser. However it should not exceed over 15 million, due to it then becoming toxic to your colonists.
5y ago
dfv123 said:I have a question. Why does it require tri to operate? Other than that I like the idea and think it would be an interesting contribution.

My Bad, that wasn't supposed to be included
5y ago
Another Idea for Mid to Late Game players and sounded interesting to implement especially in colonies with a high population

Transcendent Health Compound
The latest pinnacle of Medical Science and Artificial Intelligence. Using Robot assisted surgeries, the compound can heal more colonists than ever thought possible!

This building heals 1,500 colonists

Staffs: 250 Workers

Occupation: Medics with over 135 I.Q.

Consumes: 3500 water/min, 1500 food/min, 2000 Research/min and 50 Cloth/Min

Produces: 4,000 civics/min, 4,500 money/min

Let me Know what you think and/or if stats should be added or changed!
5y ago
Amorphus said:I'm getting these idea from the project-E mod in minecraft, where every item has an certain value and you can add those vallues up by combining items with lower values into items with higher values.

Basically my idea is that you implement a building that takes account of all of the organic resources and gives each one an organic material value. So for instance, since wood is solid organic matter, it could have an OM value of, say... 100. Then since wool is pretty light and doesn't contain much mass at all, I'd give it a score of 5. I would give food a score of 10, oil a score of 25, plastic a score of 20, sugar a score of 1, and water wouldn't have a score, you would just need it to make things. but basically, the structure that I have in mind can turn 20 wools, 10 meals, 100 sugar, etc. into 1 wood, but can also turn 1 wood into 20 wools, 10 foods, 100 sugar, etc. it can also turn 2 wools into 1 food, or one plastic into 20 sugars.

It would have it's own menu and let the player store items in the structure in the form of organic matter, but would also let them specify what resource they want it to produce from the it's pool of organic matter. Any organic items that you put in will be converted to organic matter, and then when there's enough of it to produce the desired resource, the structure consumes the apropriate amount of matter to make the item.

hard to explain, but if you research the energy condenser from project-E or equivalent exchange, you'll see what I'm getting at.

Sorry for the late reply, but That's a really cool idea to implement for the synthesizer!
5y ago
Organic Matter Synthesizer (New Stats #1)

This lab assembles brilliant scientists to chemically compose the molecular structure of wood by using other organic materials.

Staffs: 15 Workers

Occupation: Scientist

IQ Requirement: 160 or Higher

Consumes: 25 water/min, 40 ore/min, 210 food/min, 75 Ant Paste/Min and 2,500 Electricity

Produces: 120 Wood/min
Byproduct: 30-35 Wool/Min
5y ago
I was thinking this could be for Mid to Late Game players and sounded interesting to implement.

Organic Matter Synthesizer
This lab assembles brilliant scientists to chemically compose the molecular structure of wood by using other organic materials.

Staffs: 15 Workers

Occupation: Scientist

Consumes: 10 water/min, 25 ore/min, 150 food/min and 50 Ant Paste/Min

Produces: 75 Wood/min

Let me Know what you think or if stats should be changed!
5y ago
Looking back on my times playing My Colony, I could always feel that I wanted to part of something greater than a colony...
And now, I am.

Hello all, My name is Chacen13 and I would like to share my ambition of being a semi-veteran of My Colony. On Discord as well as in-game The Celestial Alliance Federation is Live!

What is The Celestial Alliance?
It is the culmination of over a year of learning, growing and tribulations in My Colony and I couldn't be any happier to head My Colony's newest Federation. Although it's extremely small now I'm sticking to my guns and believe The Celestial Alliance will do great things!
Discord(Work in Progress):

See you there!
5y ago
deltlead said:I'd like to make joining my commonwealth more desirable by adjusting the taxes and payroll assistance, where can I go to do that?

I don't think you can change taxes.

However to change payroll you:
1. Go to the Capitol/Consulate
2.Click on the Policy Icon
3.Click on Labor

The Option to change Payroll assistance will be the first option.
6y ago
Thank you for the offer, but we will have to decline until the commonwealth can consolidate into something stronger on its own.

6y ago
Hello all,
I'm Chacen13, proud Player of My Colony for 1 year and the Leader of the NC Commonwealth, which is a small commonwealth which offers decent benefits to its colonies.

Charter Code: vmcfrOuR

Colonial Website:

Hope you would like to join!
6y ago


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