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Help yourself. First off, you can always close all the other programs you’re using right now so your computer will focus solely on running your ridicously sized 230k people colony, and not use bandwidth unnecessarily. Make sure that My Colony is the only program running. (Note: dont shut down all the processes in that manager thing... your pc needs em working so your pc works)

If you did that... and its still laggy, keep trying. If its a stubborn computer and after trying so much that its still laggy, get out of your chair and buy a more powerful cpu at your local friendly neighbourhood computer store.

Dude I’m running on an iphone 7 and i havent played my colony in a long time and i didnt get your lag issues
3y ago
Hooray.. although when I realized the problem I just uninstalled My Colony on that Samsung J5 I mentioned. I hope that purchase of Premium is tied to my account, not my device. Thank you so much, Brandon Stecklein....
3y ago
Hello, Bast.

Yesterday I decided to log-in to my Colonialtime account, not on the phone where I bought it, but on another device. I thought that the My Colony Premium was attached to my account. It was not.

What in the world was going on? I’m quite confused. I paid for premium here, and I can’t enjoy it while logged into my account on another device. Apparently my day is ruined until Bastecklein pitches in to help. Bye.

INFO: I bought my Premium a few years ago on an iPhone 7. On the second device I logged into, my account was accessed from a Samsung J5.
3y ago
Lemurian Galactic Authority
New Colonies Office
Join us! We have a very friendly community. Breaking News: Lemurian Galactic Authority Declares Independence from UNOB!
Lemurian Galactic Authority: The best Commonwealth you’ll ever join

<====>-<====> .............. <====>-<====>
Trains delivering resources to LGA’s newbie colonies

Welcome to the Lemurian Galactic Authority. Led by a player with almost three years of experience, the LGA is the best choice for a new commonwealth to mentor and assist your colony, for a very small tax of 1%.

Free resources are given out, whenever our players need them! Our commonwealth is so awesome you’ll never need to declare independence! But if you do... you’re always welcome to have an embassy with us, and you will be treated like one of our own.

Now, with all these advantages in mind.... it’s maybe a good idea you join us. When you are convinced by the endless adventure and opportunity awaiting you at the Lemurian Galactic Authority, and you want to lead your own colony, start a brand new online game and input the charter code dHZqXxGW.

Update: I’m setting up a Discord server pretty soon! Expect it to be online in two months, still writing rules.... and making things look AWESOME!!! And we are also now a Mage in the NOZ discord community, hence the [NOZ] tag we have. Now, colonies under the LGA can access the immense wealth of many of NOZ’s richest players, including Grace Howard, who provided me a screenshot of her resources... and... it’s 20 trillioj of everything.

A comparison about what 20 trillion really means.
When starting a new colony on the Earthlike map you begin with 7,500 ore.


And... Grace Howard has 20 trillion. So its a comparison here:


How tremendous that is. But hey... you’ll get your slice of the 20 trillion resources cake too. Just set up a colony, install Discord and get that NOZ Discord invite for maximum headstart satisfaction. This is getting too long, out.




3y ago
Help... i have advanced builder bots but i cant build the robot factory... im stuck. btw i am playing version 0.99.0 on an iphone 7
3y ago
In late-game when you have unlocked alien technology and chemistry, you should build Ore Zappers and a bunch of Ore Synthesis Labs to make ore quickly, even better than the Ore Fracking Operation.

Cannot show screenshots although generally try it out for yourself.

Early-game the ore fracking operation works best, and maybe a pro tip for people making LIS colonies, and possibly United Earth...
4y ago
What to play? I’ll decide what to play if you’re bored
4y ago
Hi, how can i create a charter on mobile
5y ago


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