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My Premium wont work on a new device

Hello, Bast.

Yesterday I decided to log-in to my Colonialtime account, not on the phone where I bought it, but on another device. I thought that the My Colony Premium was attached to my account. It was not.

What in the world was going on? I’m quite confused. I paid for premium here, and I can’t enjoy it while logged into my account on another device. Apparently my day is ruined until Bastecklein pitches in to help. Bye.

INFO: I bought my Premium a few years ago on an iPhone 7. On the second device I logged into, my account was accessed from a Samsung J5.
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Hooray.. although when I realized the problem I just uninstalled My Colony on that Samsung J5 I mentioned. I hope that purchase of Premium is tied to my account, not my device. Thank you so much, Brandon Stecklein....
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