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I have updated the Terra Nova 4X public beta to v0.2.0 this morning, and the update should now be live to all who have the installed PWA or are using the Ape Apps Launcher (or just the plain old website);

Along with fixing some bugs, this update adds the Construction Quay structure, along with the new Destroyer and Submarine units (provided by @GeneralWadaling ).

Desert biomes now properly create Oil deposits (before they were creating full on Oil Refineries). You now have to build an Oil Refinery next to an Oil Deposit.

The Charcoal Burner structure now requires that your civilization have access to the Wood resource.

The Artillery and Light Tank units (as well as the new Destroyer) now require that you have access to the Oil resource.

Overall map sizes have been reduced slightly, because I feel like it was placing players too far apart from each other and thus slowing down the action.

I plan on updating the beta every few weeks with new units, features and fixes, so keep leaving the suggestions and comments here and stay tuned for more!

2d ago
Hot fix for Android has been submitted
2d ago
There is a hot fix in the Play Store review queue, just waiting for Google approval
2d ago
There aren’t a ton of users on the forum so I think it’s ok with minimal moderation.
2d ago
Are you sure another player online didn’t just gift you some resources?
2d ago
It's probably a bug that I need to fix :-/
11d ago
It’s possible that I borked something, I will need to add it to the list to check 😕
12d ago
Hello all! Today I am releasing v0.35.0 of My Colony 2, which should be hitting all platforms very soon.

I don't have a lot of time to write a long detailed changelog today, so I might make some more detailed posts later in the week. Here is a quick rundown of what is new.

You can now export your game saves to your filesystem (if your device supports it) and run your games straight from the file, thus bypassing cloud sync and My Colony 2's internal app storage altogether. Before moving your save to your filesystem, I would suggest first opening it the traditional way and then save/closing it, so the game will write some extra meta data fields to your save file. This isn't 100% necessary, but it will make the transition smoother.

There is new content too:

New Units
Transcendent Builder (model by therealchromedino)

New Structures
Advanced Hospital (model by SPARKY0303)
Brick Wall (model by SPARKY0303)
Brick Wall Turret (model by SPARKY0303)
Fish Statue (model by SPARKY0303)
Quantum Rum Cellar (model by SPARKY0303)
The Rum (model by SPARKY0303)
Advanced Rum Distillery (model by SPARKY0303)
Municipal Ether Spigot (model by spamdude)
Transcendent Indoctrination Center

Sorry I did not have time for a fancy new post, really busy this week! Thanks for playing the game though and stay tuned for more!

13d ago
added Municipal Ether Spigot to v0.35.0
13d ago
added to v0.35.0
13d ago
added to v0.35.0
13d ago
i will not call it a god, but Fish Statue is added to v0.35.0
13d ago
added in v0.35.0
13d ago
The current live version of the game allows some modded worlds to get their stats onto the leaderboard. I do not consider it cheating, because the error is on my end. It is fixed for the upcoming 0.35.0.
13d ago
You are ridiculous sometimes. "I need this fixed within the next few weeks", like you are my boss or my manager or something. Gave me a chuckle.
13d ago
Architecture1134 said:I need this fixed within the next few weeks, and there has been no new update in a month. Thank you.


I love you @Architecture1134
14d ago
I have not forgotten about Colony Wars, it's only a matter of "hours in the day."
18d ago
Gotta be honest here, I don't think more regolith storage is needed in MC1 :-/ I do appreciate the idea though!
23d ago
There is no direct way to become a premium member of the forum. The only members who are premium are those with an Ape Apps Gold account (from who get premium on every Ape Apps product across the board.

By the way, there are no benefits on the forum for being a premium member, it's the exact same experience either way!
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