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What exactly are you reporting here? That you told everybody to shut up?
5d ago
@stupidsilentandas I literally have a project on my workstation called "Token Animator" that was intended to allow you to basically record a video/cartoon of sorts using My Tokens characters. I was going to use it to make a My Colony universe themed series of short videos. I just never got around to working on it :-/
5d ago
Hey @hissyfit99

On Windows 10, if your diary still opens there, open it up and from the File menu use the "Backup Diary" option, and then on Windows 11, import the diary in a similar manner.

You can also sign in to the app with your Ape Apps Account and turn on the Cloud Sync option in Diary Settings which should also carry it over from one installation to the next.
5d ago
I have not made a tutorial for the app @PPFurniture , perhaps at some point I will find the time to put a video together :-/
5d ago
The Premium purchase does not let you unlock a paid download from an app store, @Grandirus that is it's only limitation. App Store policies do not even allow 3rd party payment methods like that.

Just so you know though, the Steam and Windows 10 editions are simply wrappers for the web version anyway, the only difference being that purchasing them on the store automatically adds the premium to your account.

If you are on a Chromium based browser (Chrome, Edge, etc) just install the game as a Progressive Web App and you will get pretty much the same experience as the Windows 10 or Steam editions.
5d ago
As I prepare to begin work on the next release of My Colony 2, one of the biggest new additions by far is going to be the in-game Mod Shop, where players can now finally easily download, manage, and activate mod content right from within the game. The Mod Shop will also handle automatically keeping players' mods up to date, and provide easy discoverability and feedback for mod creators.

Of course, a Mod Shop is nothing if it doesn't contain any mods, so prior to the release of the next My Colony 2 update, I am announcing the availability of the (beta) version of the new Mod Shop Creators Portal!

The URL is easy enough to get to. Once at the Mod Shop portal, sign in with your Ape Apps Account and create a new project on the server. You can set up your creator profile as well. In order to be featured in the Mod Shop, a mod will need, at a minimum, a My Colony 2 data file (of course), and at least 1 screenshot. You can also include a stylized icon/logo to give your mod more appeal in the mod shop listing. The Mod Shop will also contain ways in-game that users can donate money to you to support your efforts, or to transfer Ape Coins to your Ape Apps Account in exchange for a mod download (they can also be totally free).

The new Mod Shop is only one of the exciting changes that will be arriving in the next My Colony 2 update, which should be the largest update since the game's initial release, so stay tuned for more as I highlight some of the other upcoming additions and changes over the next couple of weeks (it's gonna take me a bit longer than usual on this one, due to the scope).

Enjoy, and let me know what issues you have submitting your content to the Mod Shop.

#mycolony2 #mycolony2modshop
19d ago
Under construction...

Anyway, there is no way it will be done by January sadly. You can see it's super early current state here:
22d ago
I have made some changes to the Bug Reporting sections for both My Colony and My Colony 2 to hopefully make it a bit easier to track bugs and their progress. This was done by making a new "Bug Tracker" page type, which looks like this:

New bugs can be created by any user, and the author of the bug (or a page moderator) has the ability to mark issues as closed or to re open them. Anyway, it's fairly simplistic at the moment, but it might be expanded later on, so if you have suggestions on things I should add to the new bug tracker sections, feel free to reply to this post and let me know!
22d ago
The My Colony Universe website uses the same base code as the main Ape Apps site (the site you are on right now), but has been lingering for months on an older build of the code. As a result, a lot of things on the site were just broken, one of which being the entire Comics section of the site.

As of now, both this site and the My Colony Universe have been migrated to the latest code, and this brings improvements all around, but particularly to the aforementioned Comics functionality.

The Comics section will now display each available comic book in "book cover" format. In addition though, there have been major upgrades to the Print layout for a comic book. I had originally envisioned that a reader, if he or she wanted, would be able to print a comic book out using their own printer. Now when you are inside a comic book (see the Deimos Comic for example) and choose to Print from your browser, all extraneous site information is hidden and you are given a clean comic header including title and page number (for best effect, you should turn off the browser provided headers and footers). The pages are formatted to come out right on either US Letter or A4 paper sizes in portrait mode.

Anyway, the Comics section is currently not very utilized, but I do plan to eventually have the entire Deimos trilogy story on there, as well as the Death 3D story, and probably some other My Colony related stores as well. The comics are built using characters from My Tokens, but can also be made using any custom artwork, as seen from @GeneralWadaling 's comic The Ancient Archives. In addition, anybody with an Ape Apps Account should be able to create their own My Colony Universe fan comic in the Comics section at My Colony Universe.

And coming to the My Colony website next week, something awesome for all My Colony 2 modders, but stay tuned for that.....

#deimos #mycolony #mycolonyuniverse #mytokens
23d ago
I have created a new forum section dedicated to reporting bugs and glitches found in My Colony 2. If you find a bug, please leave as many details as possible to reproduce the issue you are encountering. It will also help if you say which platform you are playing on (web, android, windows, etc) and which version of the game you are playing.
24d ago
Found an annoying bug or glitch in My Colony 2 that need addressed? Post it here!
24d ago
Ok just one more small sample, the Death 3D pistol:

// death 3d pistol
box(1,4,2,#333333) > rotate(10,0,0) > position(0,2.1,0);
box(1.2,3.4,1.4,#502d16) > rotate(10,0,0) > position(0,2.1,0);
box(1,0.2,7.2,#333333) > position(0,4,2.6);
box(1,1.4,8.6,#393939) > position(0,4.8,3.2);
cylinder(0.35,0.35,1,12,#222222) > rotate(90,0,0) > position(0,4.8,7.3);
torus(1,0.15,4,11,#222222) > rotate(0,90,0) > position(0,3.7,1.7);
box(0.25,1,0.5,#222222) > position(0,5.2,7);
box(0.25,1,0.5,#222222) > position(0,4.9,-1) > rotate(-10,0,0);
box(0.25,1,0.5,#222222) > position(0.2,5.2,-0.6);
box(0.25,1,0.5,#222222) > position(-0.2,5.2,-0.6);
box(0.25,1,0.3,#222222) > position(0,3.6,1.6) > rotate(-10,0,0);
1mo ago
Just one more sample for reference, perhaps you could have a Halo orbiting a planet?

torus(10,0.5,10,40,#607D8B) > position(90,60,0) > rotate(70,160,45);
sphere(30,32,16,#6D4C41) > position(24,30,13);

1mo ago
If you want to test out Cones and Cylinders, here is some code to generate a basic rocket:

$cone1 = cone(1,2,8,#E53935);
$cone1 > position(0,15,0);

$cylinder1 = cylinder(1,1,12,8,#cccccc);
$cylinder1 > position(0,8,0);

$cylinder2 = cylinder(0.5,1,2,8,#333333);
$cylinder2 > position(0,1,0);

And also, if you do not need to reference objects again later in the script, you can shorthand it without assigning them to variables, like so:

cone(1,2,8,#E53935) > position(0,15,0);
cylinder(1,1,12,8,#cccccc) > position(0,8,0);
cylinder(0.5,1,2,8,#333333) > position(0,1,0);

I think 3 small lines of code to create a rocket model isn't bad! And with very basic lighting:

1mo ago
You would right-click on the channel name on the sidebar and choose 'Change Icon'
1mo ago
Thanks for the heads up @colbya
1mo ago
See if the latest update fixes it please
1mo ago
Thank you so much @GeneralWadaling
1mo ago
Log in to @bmeyer00511

Towards the bottom is an area to attach your key file to your account.
1mo ago
I know I have a lot to do on my plate, but lately I have been considering a sequel as a a complete rewrite to My Starship, taking a lot of the feedback and lessons learned from the original, and making the game in 3D utilizing some of the models and other things that the great @GeneralWadaling has already provided in the past.

On one hand it would be easier just to update the existing game and try to make it 3D, but on the other hand, the current version of My Starship has a lot of issues, and a lot of design choices that I would not make again if I had to redo it all.

Anyway, it's just a consideration/thought at this point. If you could restart/remake My Starship from scratch, what would you add/change/do differently?
1mo ago


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