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Epic Adventure Beta Information

2019-02-19 18:36:50
Epic Adventure is an in-development multiplayer open world building, crafting, and adventuring game from Ape Apps. It is still in the very early stages of development, and the direction it takes will depend largely on player feedback. My thoughts from the outset are something of 2d top-down minecraft merged with a rougue like RPG adventure, but anything and everything is subject to change, depending on what works.

Your in-game character in Epic Adventure can be either one of the two default skins, or anything you create yourself using the My Tokens app. My Tokens is free, and any Token you create and save to your Ape Apps account will be available to use in Epic Adventure.

The game is currently available on the Ape Apps Launcher (for Windows, Mac, and Linux) and on Google Play for Android. When the code is further along, I also plan on bringing it to iOS, Windows Store, and Steam. Cross platform multiplayer should be working between the platforms on the same LAN/WiFi connection. Multiplayer over the internet will be available soon as well.

As I said, everything in the game is subject to change and will grow depending on user feedback and input. Use this forum for feedback, bug reports, and game suggestions.


RE:More dev-build footage

2019-02-19 18:27:26
nunez499 said:What's your timeline? And will we use resources from our own colonies?

My plan (hope) is to have the game released in May. It will not share any resources with My Colony, it is totally unrelated to the game. Unlike My Colony, you will not be building a permanent base/city.

RE:Feature Requests

2019-02-09 20:25:48
It wasn't in the plan, but I can add that, it probably wouldn't be too hard to implement!

Slarus said:Hi, any plans to add sorting options e.g. by date or by size ? Would help in some cases - seeing newer files first.

RE:Exceeding Entertainment Limit

2019-02-08 23:52:10
Thanks, I would hate for the colonial fire marshal to get word of this.

Antiquitas v1.22.0 Released

2019-02-08 17:47:11
I have just completed the release of Antiquitas v1.22.0, which should be hitting all platforms within the coming days. This release contains all of the engine bug fixes and improvements from My Colony patches v0.79.0, v0.80.0, and v0.81.0, which includes tons of bug fixes, performance, and rendering improvements. It also includes the servant build counter indicators, as suggested in this thread.

In addition, I have also added the water shore-tile rendering improvements that have been in My Colony for some time. This makes areas that transition from water to land look a bit less jarring.

So that's about it for today's Antiquitas update. Over the next couple of months, a lot of my development time will be tied up with the upcoming game Colony Wars, although Antiquitas will continue to receive timely updates. So once again, thank you for playing Antiquitas, and stay tuned for more!

RE:iron miners

2019-02-08 12:22:16
I will be pushing out a big Antiquitas bug patch over the next couple of days, should help.

andyb87 said:hi playing on windows pc , and they are not harvesting from iron mines

RE:Is it possible to get this? LOL

2019-02-08 04:35:09
Yeah... the same tech is used on all three species

Post "toolbox" updates and other changes

2019-02-07 18:33:55
I have made some updates to the little "toolbox" area that appears at the bottom of a post. Firstly, I have right-aligned it, because I think it looks a bit better. Secondly, I have added "Like" and "Dislike" buttons so that users can rate the usefulness of posts. You can also use this feature to downvote spam posts into oblivion in the event that myself or @cry8wolf9 are unable to get to the post in time. Finally, I have hidden the post interaction options such as Edit or Quote into an expandable/collapsible menu that you access by clicking on the three dots icon.

I think moving them into the menu makes it look a bit cleaner, but you can let me know what you think. In addition to these changes, I have added a new auto-maintenance feature that will purge "hidden" posts from the server after two months. Generally speaking, users are able to hide their posts instead of deleting them, giving them the option to undo an accidental delete, or to allow moderators to review them. To keep things clean though, the forum will automatically purge these if no action has been taken on them after 60 days.

I should note that in order to see all of these changes, you may have to do a hard-reload on the forum to refresh your stylesheets. You can easily do this in Chrome (on Windows) using Crtl+f5.

Anyway, that about wraps up the forum changes I have made this week. I will continue improving the software to eventually make it into something resembling a competent content management and forum package!

RE:Ape apps launcher improvements for My Colony

2019-02-07 17:19:20
hmmmmmmmmmmmmm that is not good...

RE:My Colony v0.80.0 Released

2019-02-07 17:18:33
Oops 😐

cry8wolf9 said:@bastecklein i noticed you cannot export maps in regions on creative mode :(

RE:I lost one of my colonies.

2019-02-07 17:18:07
sorry @daniel2003489 but games are saved locally, I do not have a backup copy of your colony on a server anywhere :-/

RE:Ape apps launcher improvements for My Colony

2019-02-07 15:54:12
did that my-colony-vx.x.x-error.log file exist?

vote testing

2019-02-07 15:43:11
does the new like/dislike system work? Only one way to find out...

RE:Ape apps launcher improvements for My Colony

2019-02-07 14:29:30
I can come up with something. It does write a text error log to your Documents/My Colony folder if there is an actual coding error within the app causing it, should be called like my-colony-vx.x.x-error.log

I have heard other people say that when it will not get past the loading screen, you can delete the "var_package" file found in this location:

C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME HERE]\AppData\Roaming\Ape Apps Launcher

The file for My Colony would be called 351_var_package.wvp. I am not sure which variable in there is causing the launch failures, although I though about adding a check in the code where if it does not get past the splash screen a certain number of times, it will automatically delete that file.

RE:hotkeys for resources and their implementation \

2019-02-07 14:17:36
@Invincible the idea seems solid to me. I will work on it.

RE:tag testing (copied from rpf)

2019-02-06 19:04:01

RE:tag testing (copied from rpf)

2019-02-06 19:02:18

RE:tag testing (copied from rpf)

2019-02-06 18:56:48

RE:tag testing (copied from rpf)

2019-02-06 18:53:59
another qr test...

RE:tag testing (copied from rpf)

2019-02-06 18:50:27
qr test

Read First Before Posting Here!

2019-02-05 20:21:49
I've noticed a lot of My Colony and other app-specific questions being posted here in the general discussions area. You should know that these forums are broken down into sections, and you will have a better chance of having your question/comment/issue noticed and replied to if you post it into the appropriate section.

If you are here about My Colony, there is an entire My Colony subforum located here.

Other apps and game have their own dedicated sections as well. Please see the apps and games sections, respectively.

Now, if you are just looking to post something about Ape Apps in general, or even something totally off topic, then this section is the right place. Go ahead and post away!

If you are here to post spam or advertise links, don't bother. Your post will be short lived.

BB Code Reference Expanded

2019-02-05 19:56:20
I have expanded the BB Code support for the forum, and the updated tags can be found detailed on the BB Code Reference page:

Many of these were copied from the good work done at my RP Forums website. Let me know if you have troubles seeing them, or what kinds of tags you would like to see implemented in the future. I'm open to anything within reason!

tag testing (copied from rpf)

2019-02-05 16:37:42
Apologies to @Reyn at RPF for stealing this post code for code, but I plan on using it to expand and improve the BB Code rendering of the general Ape Apps forum software. Some rendering will appear off, since sections here using RPF's spoiler tag would, on this software, be better suited for the collapse tag. -b

Bold Text:Bold Text
[b]Bold Text[/b]

Italic Text:Italic Text
[i]Italic Text[/i]

Strikethrough Text:Strikethrough Text
[s]Strikethrough Text[/s]

Highlighted Text:#FFFF00;">Highlighted Text
[highlight=#FFFF00]Highlighted Text[/highlight]

Tag:[tag="TagExample"]Tagged text (tags are invisible in the actual post, but visible in the editor)[/tag]
[tag="TagExample"]Tagged text (tags are invisible in the actual post, but visible in the editor)[/tag]

Size Huge:Big Text
[size=200]Big Text[/size]

Size Tiny:Baby Text
[size=50]Baby Text[/size]

Coloured Text:Coloured Text
[color=#FF0000]Coloured Text[/color]

Left Align:
Left Align Text

[align=left]Left Align Text[/align]

Right Align:
Right Align Text

[align=right]Right Align Text[/align]

Center Align:
Center Align Text

[align=center]Center Align Text[/align]

Font:Text in a different font (this one is perfect for serious posts)
[font=Comic Sans MS]Text in a different font.[/font]

Opacity:Text with different opacity
[opacity=50]Text with different opacity[/opacity]

Glow:Text that GLOWS!
You can also combine this with coloured text!

[glow=#ff0080]Text that GLOWS!
[color=#000000]You can also combine this with coloured text![/color][/glow]

Dropshadow:Text with a dropshadow
[dropshadow=#ff0080]Text with a dropshadow[/dropshadow]

Blur:You need an eye test.
[blur=black]Blurred text[/blur]



Transparent Text:Secret invisible text
[color=transparent]Secret invisible text[/color]

Indent:Indent for your text
[tab=50]Indent for your text[/tab]

Marquee:Marquee text: text that moves across the screen. It doesn't work inside spoilers, but trust me. It works.
[marquee]Marquee text.[/marquee]

Link:Link Text
[url=]Link Text[/url]

Link To Tag:[url=#TagExample]You can use the URL code to link people to tagged points.[/url]
[url=#TagExample]You can use the URL code to link people to tagged points.[/url]

Reyn said:Text Someone Else Said

[quote=Reyn]Text Someone Else Said[/quote]

Code Block:
Hackerman Text (doesn't parse BBCode like [b]this[/b])

[code]Hackerman Text[/code]

Code Line:Also doesn't parse [s]BBCode[/s]

List (Bullet):
    Text In A List
  • More Text In A List

[list]Text In A List
[*]More Text In A List[/list]

List (Numbered):
    Text In A Numbered List
  1. More Text In A Numbered List

[list=1]Text In A Numbered List
[*]More Text In A Numbered List[/list]

External Image:

Attached Image:[attachment=0]att.PNG[/attachment]

MP3 Embed:





Box2:[box2= color=#00FF88 border=transparent]Box 2 (You can change the border with this one)[/box2]
[box2= color=#00FF88 border=transparent]Box 2[/box2]

Gradient Box (RGBA Values):[gradbox d=to right b=transparent c=rgba(255,223,223,0.8), rgba(160,49,86,0.8)]Gradient Box RGBA (Basic directions are "to top" for a vertical gradient and "to right" for a horizontal one)[/gradbox]
[gradbox d=to right b=transparent c=rgba(255,223,223,0.8), rgba(160,49,86,0.8)]Gradient Box RGBA[/gradbox]

Gradient Box (Colour Names):[gradbox d=to top b=black c=orange, yellow, green]Gradient Box Words (It only works with RGBA or colour names. Hex values are incompatible. You can put as many colours in as you want.)[/gradbox]
[gradbox d=to top b=black c=orange, yellow, green]Gradient Box Words[/gradbox]

Image Box:[]This is an imgbox. There is an image as the background of this.[/imgbox]
[imgbox=]This is an imgbox. There is an image as the background of this.[/imgbox]

Spoiler:"Spoiler":Spoiler text
[spoiler="Spoiler"][spoiler="Spoiler"]Spoiler text[/spoiler][/spoiler]

Spoiler2:[spoiler2=blue,yellow,castellar,"SPOILER 2"]You can edit the colours and font etc.[/spoiler2]
[spoiler2=blue,yellow,castellar,"SPOILER 2"]You can edit the colours and font etc.[/spoiler2]

Columns of text
Boxes work in these
Specifically, 2 columns of text."And guess what":Spoilers also work in these

[column][col]Columns of text[box=yellow]Boxes work in these[/box][/col][col]Specifically, 2 columns of text.[spoiler="And guess what"]Spoilers also work in these[/spoiler][/col][/column]

Float:[float=right]Float Text
[/float](Doesn't play nice with boxes or spoilers, but wraps normal text around it nicely. Use with caution. Lorem ipsum not included in code, for the sake of space and convenience.)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing, elit porttitor ut sodales mauris aenean, primis nec dis per natoque. Primis laoreet pulvinar tempus senectus sociis pretium vehicula inceptos leo, malesuada eros nibh augue fringilla hendrerit et mattis pharetra, cum egestas in penatibus parturient imperdiet erat commodo. Placerat risus nam eros imperdiet faucibus vitae aptent accumsan, quisque massa laoreet ac est sem tellus, mattis curae vulputate egestas leo sociosqu eleifend.
Justo semper nulla enim eleifend tempor aenean integer pretium ultrices, mollis dis aliquet mi ornare pellentesque himenaeos diam potenti, neque vestibulum cursus dapibus commodo vivamus sociosqu in. Odio magnis nec non auctor dis magna eget vulputate, consequat faucibus tempus sed sem litora quam aliquam placerat, natoque eleifend ac metus per purus enim. Netus penatibus suscipit sem bibendum facilisi sed vulputate, montes inceptos curabitur cum nibh euismod, curae nunc rhoncus potenti parturient tellus.

[float=right]Float Text

Adjusts the amount of space text and images take up.[/width]

Adjusts the amount of space text and images take up.[/width]

Comment:[comment]Only visible in the post editor.[/comment]
[comment]Only visible in the post editor.[/comment]

Line Break:Line


Div blocks allow you to change all of the formatting in pretty much every way possible (text colour, border colour/type/weight, font, background colour, width, float, display type etc.).

It also works with other things
such as:spoilers [box=black]and boxes
Guess what? It works with columns too. It works with pretty much everything, so go experiment with this!
You can also set the background to an image and have several div blocks next to each other. Neat!

Use THIS guide if you want more detail on div things.

[div="color:black;border:3px black dashed;font-family:arial;background-color:#FF6696;display:inline-block;float:left;width:70%;"]Text here.[/div][div="color:yellow;border:2px black solid;font-family:courier;background-image:url(;display:inline-block;float:right;width:28%;"]Wow![/div]


This is a TABLE You can put text here And it makes it into a table
The width of each column is determined by how much you type in it so don't be surprised if it doesn't work
with shorter entries [td]text here[/td] makes a new column [tr]text here[/tr] makes a new row

[tr][td]Row 1 Column [/td]
[td]Row 1 Column 2[/td]
[td]Row 1 Column 3[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Row 2 Column 1[/td]
[td]Row 2 Column 2[/td]
[td]Row 2 Column 3 (etc.)[/td][/tr][/table]

EP7: Bug fix patch, Antiquitas, and User Suggestions

2019-02-04 22:42:36
In this episode of the My Colony Podcast, Brandon talks about having to rush out a quick bug fix patch, the coming Antiquitas update, and some good listener feedback.

What's that you say, you haven't downloaded My Colony yet? Well what are you waiting for? It's available on every device. Find download links here:

Try Antiquitas, the Roman themed "sister" game to My Colony:

Want epic My Colony merchandise? Check out the new My Colony online store:

Contact Information:

Attn: Brandon Stecklein
Ape Apps
PO Box 382
Spring Hill, KS 66083
United States of America


2019-02-04 11:50:56
Thanks for the report, I'll look into it!

RE:fed up with settlers

2019-02-03 23:21:34
I will give it renewed focus on the next update

RE:fed up with settlers

2019-02-03 23:21:22
yeah i've been trying to figure that one out forever

RE:Buildings transparent permantly

2019-02-03 23:19:02
Are you sure you aren't accidently hitting the building transparency button?

Network Browser v2.6.0 Released

2019-02-03 00:31:52
I am pushing out the v2.6.0 release for Network Browser, which should be hitting all devices within a few days. This release fixes a few bugs, and allows you to re-enable SMB1 support, if the last update's removal of it killed your configuration.

Turning the support back on is done through the new Application Settings dialog which is found in the slideout menu. This is the new centralized location for all application configuration settings. The new SMB1 Mode feature is there for people who lost access to some devices from the last update. v2.5.0 removed support for SMB1 connections as the protocol is outdated and less secure (and not even supported in the latest Windows 10 updates), but some configurations and NAS devices require the protocol, so you can now switch Network Browser back into SMB1 mode. Keep in mind that changing into SMB1 mode will require a full restart of the application.

I thought about allowing the advanced user to configure more of the available JCIFS properties from this settings window, but if nobody would use any of the configuration options I will not waste the time on the effort. If you look at this link, you will see all of the available JCIFS configuration settings that I could theoretically implement into this settings window. If anybody sees anything in there that they think would actually be beneficial to them and their setup, just let me know and I would be happy to add the options into the app. Most settings are going to be for advanced configurations and should not be needed for home setups, but there is always a network guy out there with a crazy configuration at home, or somebody using the app in a school or work environment, so just let me know what you would like to see added here in the comments and I will see what I can do for the next release.

Beyond these options, this update fixes several bugs and completes the migration of the app from the old Apache JCIFS library to the updated jcifs-ng library, which supports SMB2 and partially SMB3. This process was started in the last update but it has now been fully migrated.

Continue letting me know what issues you run into and I will try to get them resolved. Thanks again for using Network Browser!

RE:My Colony v0.80.0 Released

2019-02-02 19:51:04
mattgreenburg said:Anyone else having problems with the build window that lets you see what's supplies are required to build a building

The release had a bug. v0.81.0 is going out soon with a fix.