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Ape Chat February 2020 Feature Update

2020-02-20 18:49:21
The Ape Chat server has just been updated with some new content which you can now take advantage if you are using the Ape Chat web app ( or the client that is built into the Ape Apps Launcher. Here is an overview of the new features.

Firstly, on the left chat sidebar that has the channel listing, you will now see two new sections for your Private Channels and your Private Conversations.

This helps you keep things grouped together nicely. And speaking of Private Conversations, there are private conversations now! Previously, you could send somebody a direct message using the @username switch, but the message would only be delivered if the user was currently in chat. Now, private conversations are persisted on the server as a personal one-on-one chat room. Private conversation chats can only be accessed by the two users involved, and are also voice-enabled channels for one on one voice chat.

In addition, if you right-click on a username from your private conversations list, you will see a new Private Window option. Clicking on it will open a new mini-chat window for your one-on-one conversation, so you can have multiple one-on-ones going separate from the main chat.

Eventually, if you install Ape Chat as a PWA on your system (which, by the way, you can now do in Chrome and new MS Edge), you will also receive desktop or mobile notifications when you get a new private chat message, even if you don't have Ape Chat open. This will also work by having the Ape Apps Launcher installed.

I have expanded Ape Apps Account friends list capabilities. If you open your Friends List from either the Ape Apps Launcher or clicking on the new 'Friends' icon at the top of the base Ape Web Apps website (, you will get the updated Friends List popup window, which will allow you to accept or reject friend requests, see who is online, view friends' profile, or open the private one-on-one chat window right from the friends list:

I plan on expanding Friend List management further, and also making the friends window accessible from the individual apps and games, but for now the best way to access it is by going to and clicking on the Friends List icon.

So that's it for this Ape Chat update. I still need to push the changes out to the Ape Chat Android application, but I plan to keep improving the Ape Chat service as time goes on, integrating it further into the Friends service and into the individual apps and games!

RE:Extreme Nanite Value

2020-02-19 20:14:24
This problem should resolve itself in v1.4 once Nanites are added to the GBT and their price become a function of their market value.

Ape Apps Launcher February 2020 Update

2020-02-18 22:02:58
I have just published v1.3.6 of the Ape Apps Launcher which you can download now. This update is required for users of EZ Database and EZ Register, and also includes some goodies for everybody!

Firstly, you can now access your friends list from the main launcher screen. If you click on the new friends icon on the top title bar, you will be presented with the new friends list popup:

In addition, now when you click on a friends username in the friends list window or in the Ape Chat window, you will be taken to the new profile screen where you can see more information about your friend and see their achievements. You can also look at your own profile to see your own achievement details.

If you keep the friends list window open, you will see notices when your friends come online as well.

The update is live right now in the Ape Market, so get it from the auto-updater or download is manually today!

Rogue Core Controls Reference

2020-02-13 15:10:46
The following shows both the Keyboard and Gamepad controls reference for both Gone Rogue and Hell and Back, for easy reference or printing.

Keyboard Controls

Move PlayerArrow Keys or Numpad
Action/PickupEnter or Numpad 5
Cancel/Close/Open SidemenuEscape
Show Game ConsoleTab
Open InventoryI
Show QuestsQ
Show GearE or G
Show StatsS or @
Save and QuitCrtl+x
Rest 1 turn.
Select Belt ItemSpacebar

Gamepad Controls

Move PlayerDpad or Left Thumbstick
Move Selection CursorRight Thumbstick
Open InventoryY
Show GearX
Show StatsB
Zoom InRT
Zoom OutLT
Select Belt ItemRB
Show QuestsLB
Open SidemenuStart

My Land v1.32.0 Released

2020-02-12 22:05:46
Today I have released My Land v1.32.0 and the patch should be hitting all platforms shortly. This update brings a handful of bug fixes and performance improvements, but also some new goodies. Let's take a look at what's new.

Peach trees have been added to the game! You can now sit back and enjoy a fresh delicious Peach. They work similar to apples, but are worth a bit more. Also, there is a moment where the tree is in bloom and the flowers increase the attraction level of your property.

Next up, I have added a new "Fast Sell" button to the interface:

Clicking the button will put you into sell mode where you can quickly sell a bunch of animals without having to bring up the menu for each one of them. Speaking of the animal menu though, there is also a new Move option for animals:

This will help you build new fencing and reorganize your animals in case the population starts getting out of control, or if you just want to do a bit of house cleaning or redecorating.

Anyway, that is all for this update. As I said before, it should be hitting all platforms soon, so be on the lookout for it, and stay tuned for more My Land to come!

RE:[SOLVED] New Fatal Steam Game Bug

2020-02-12 20:51:03
Just glad I could fix it without having to upload a new patch to Steam, although the next update will not crash if the certificate is outdated.

RE:New Fatal Steam Game Bug

2020-02-12 20:47:44
@IzDaBait and @Ansom I actually believe I have fixed the issue server-side. The security certificate on the server got updated recently, but the in-game signaling server that handles trades and things of that sort did not get updated, and having an outdated certificate was crashing the app. Please check it again and see if it's working now.

RE:New Fatal Steam Game Bug

2020-02-12 20:31:28
@IzDaBait I am uploading a new build in about 10 minutes here, if you would be available to test it and let me know, that would be great!

RE:Constant crash on v.1.3.0

2020-02-12 20:19:46
Can you try to do what I posted in this thread @Ansom :

RE:New Fatal Steam Game Bug

2020-02-12 20:18:41
Ok @IzDaBait can you tell me exactly at which point the game crashes? Is it instant, or when open an offline game, or when opening any game at all?

I do not believe that the ECONNREFUSED error is related to the crash, as I am getting that in my error log too, but my game is not crashing.

If you could, do this for me:

1) navigate to the C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Local\my_colony\app-1.3.0 folder
2) Hold down the shift key and right-click in the folder window (not on a file icon). The context menu should have a "Open PowerShell Window Here" option

3) type: ./'My Colony.exe'

the game should run like normal. When it crashes, see if there are any messages printed in the powershell window and let me know.

RE:Constant crash on v.1.3.0

2020-02-12 18:21:15
To add firewall exception add the following location:

C:\Users\YOUR USER ACCOUNT\AppData\Local\my_colony\app-1.3.0\My Colony.exe

RE:Constant crash on v.1.3.0

2020-02-12 18:19:56
It occurs to me that the firewall may not be the issue. I totally blocked the game from the firewall and can still open it.

I do get the same
v1.3.0 1581515463755 events.js: 187 Uncaught Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

output in my error log, but it does not crash the game at all.

This is on Windows 10 x64. What version of Windows are you all using, if you are having the force close issue?

RE:Constant crash on v.1.3.0

2020-02-12 18:08:29
Sounds like its due to Windows Firewall blocking the app, but it's never crashed it before this. The issue is that on offline games, the game creates a local server so that other players on your LAN can trade resources with you. If the firewall blocks the local server though, then it cannot create one. It always just failed quietly before though, idk why it would crash now as I haven't changed any networking code. I will look into it.

Network Browser v2.8.0 Released

2020-02-11 21:39:20
Today I am releasing v2.8.0 of Network Browser! This release makes some improvements to the Dark Mode theme, but more importantly includes major improvements to file transfers to/from the network. You can now upload or download both individual files and complete directories to and from the network, and the functionality no longer requires the Helios File Manager.

There were a lot of changes made to allow this functionality, so let me know what bugs you find and stay tuned for more updates!

EP14 - Crime and Nanites

2020-02-11 15:54:33
In this electrifying edition of the My Colony Podcast, Brandon talks about the addition of Crime and Nanites to the game, as well as some other changes that are coming down the pipeline.

What's that you say, you haven't downloaded My Colony yet? Well what are you waiting for? It's available on every device. Find download links here:

Try Antiquitas, the Roman themed "sister" game to My Colony:

Want epic My Colony merchandise? Check out the new My Colony online store:

Contact Information:

Attn: Brandon Stecklein
Ape Apps
PO Box 382
Spring Hill, KS 66083
United States of America

My Colony v1.3.0 Released

2020-02-10 20:25:19
Hello everyone, and welcome to another exciting edition of the My Colony Patch Notes! Today I am releasing v1.3.0, which should be hitting all platforms over the coming days. There are a handful of changes in this release, so let's take a look at everything that's new!

I had previously said that the next updates were going to involve Crime and Mass Transit, and in that spirit, this update is being dubbed the Crime Update - Part 1. New security structures have been added for each civilization that you can place around your colony now. Each security building has a 60 tile radius of influence. In the next update, Crime will actually be activated, so you have from now until then to get your cities ready to deal with crime. Crime will be largely based on land value, and if your colony is generally setup good, you can expect to need less Security protection vs all of the other land value-affecting structures (Education, Health, Entertainment).

To go along with the new structures, the Reptilian torture structures Torture Booth and Fair Warning have also gained a security protection stat.

Moving on, colonist rendering has returned to the game!

This time, instead of an on/off switch in the engine settings, you can choose via slider how many colonists maximum that the game will simulate. Obviously, the higher you set the slider, the slower your game will be. The default is set pretty low for mobile, but you can mess with it and pick the best visual/performance for your device.

There have been complaints related to Commonwealth members abusing the payroll assistance feature, setting astronomical wages for their colonists and bleeding the treasuries of their parent colonies. To address this, you will find a new Maximum Payroll Assistance slider in the Wage policy menu.

Using the slider, you can set the maximum amount of payroll that you will send to a child colony per pay period. The default is at $50,000 so if you want to pay more than that, you should change the setting as soon as you update. In addition, the max payout is now capped at $1,000,000. With these new changes, the concept of payroll assistance is retained, while largely eliminating massive abuse of the feature. For quicker access to labor and payroll settings, a new keyboard shortcut of Shift+P has been added to quickly bring up the payroll screen.

The University has has a slight buff, upping it's IQ output to 155.

Next, a new resource of Nanite has been added to the game, with related buildings and tech. Nanite is the new end-game resource for Humans, although I plan on massively pushing the end game out further for all civs over the coming months. Nanites are microscopic robots that will lead to miniaturization in the colony, allowing more efficient space usage, and more Nanite stuff will be added over the coming updates.

Here are all of the new structures added in this update:
  • Small Security Station
  • Security Station
  • Security Precinct Headquarters
  • Reeducation Station
  • Square of Shame
  • Mound of Justice
  • Community Pub
  • Nanite Factory
  • Nano Clinic
  • Nanite Infusion Clinic
In addition, Advanced Nanotechnology has been added as a new Human tech.

Finally, this update makes some game file changes, particularly to Region games, that need to be propagated to existing games before I can enable the Mass Transit update. The changes relate to keeping stats about available jobs and housing in each subcity, so that the Mass Transit engine can decide what city to allow workers to work in, where people can migrate to, etc. Mass Transit will probably be added in v1.5.0, so if at all possible try to open all of your subcities between now and then. I don't expect any issues to arise if you don't open them, but doing so will make Mass Transit work properly for your region.

As I mentioned before, the next update will be Crime Update - Part 2, but that part of it basically entails turning on the crime calculations. I do not expect this to cause a great issue to existing colonies, and the impact will be minor compared to the previous changes introduced in v1.0.0. In addition to crime, I plan on expanding the Nanite tech, and will probably add an additional end-game tech line to each civ. All throughout the year, I plan on pushing out the end-game for each civ with each update, adding new techs and structures.

So that's all for today's update. Hope you enjoyed it, thanks for playing My Colony, and stay tuned for more!

RE:My Colony v1.3.0 Info

2020-02-08 23:59:55
Colonist Rendering on/off setting is being replaced with a new variable slider that let's you choose the max number of colonists to have walking around your map, between 0 and 10,000. Default is 750, lower on mobile devices.

RE:My Colony v1.3.0 Info

2020-02-08 23:58:44
Crime will work sort of like entertainment and medical do. Security range is 60 tiles.

RE:Regarding recent spams and illegal adverts

2020-02-08 23:54:34
lol @GeneralWadaling

I could make it so that if a post gets so many "thumbs down" it automatically gets put into moderation.

My Colony v1.3.0 Info

2020-02-06 21:57:28
For those of you who have been playing on the beta, you might have noticed that My Colony v1.3.0 has been in testing for a little while now, and I hope to get the final release done by this weekend or early next week (my sister-in-law is visiting us this week so idk how much development time I will have). This post will give some information on what to expect.

First of all, I am introducing even more performance tweaks in this release, which I believe will be noticeable on large colonies, even after the improvements of the last few updates. I am hoping that over the next few updates, performance problems with My Colony will be a thing of the past.

This update is also going to be making some changes to your save game files, so once you go into v1.3.0 you will probably not be able to open your city in an older client without issues. These changes are to prepare save files for mass transit and the ability for colonists to migrate from one region city to another.

Next, this update is going to be "officially" called Crime Update - Part One. This first part will add all of the buildings necessary to protect your people from crime, but will not actually enable criminals, which will come in Part Two. This is to give colonies time to prepare for the engine change, to hopefully avoid some of the shock that was introduced with all of the engine changes from v1.0.0 and after.

Finally, I will be re-enabling Colonist Rendering which has been removed from the last few releases. Of course, since the game no longer has colonists in the same way that it used to, the render will be a simulation based on the stats of your colony, but it still adds something to the game to be able to see your people walking around.


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