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RE:Zombie Survival Game

2020-09-20 21:19:50
Interesting. So it's a post-apocalypse deal, and you are trying to build a city but are surrounded by zombies? Or is city building not a part of it?

RE:Thanks for Great games =)

2020-09-20 21:18:01

EP4 - 2020 Summer Release Roundup

2020-09-17 19:49:58
In this earth-shattering edition of the Ape Show, host Brandon Stecklein goes over some of the new releases that Ape Apps came out with during the summer of 2020.

Antiquitas v1.28.0 Released

2020-09-17 11:10:15
Today I am putting the finishing touches on Antiquitas v1.28.0 and pushing it out to all platforms, and this probably the most significant update to the game since it first came out. As I was playing Antiquitas the other day, I thought ya know, gee. Why don't I just port the My Colony online server over to Antiquitas? So, that's what I did, and now we have Antiquitas: The Online Update!

If you are familiar with My Colony, the online experience for Antiquitas will be familiar to you. You are now able to start a new city in online mode, under the tutelage of another real life online player whose city has gained independence. That player will be able to help you get started and grow your civilization. Online global chat is also now enabled in the game, allowing players to communicate and help each other while they play.

The three Docks structures in the game have gained online resource trading capabilities. Building the docks will unlock the global online resource marketplace, where you can buy and sell resources with other players.

Every online city will also now gain it's own city website, located at Right now the website is loaded with My Colony references, as I basically just copied the My Colony website and made some conversions to support Antiquitas, but the site will be updated within the coming days.

Since the online feature does copy a lot of code from My Colony, I may have missed some My Colony references in the game, so let me know if you find things that are out of place.

Anyway, since there was so much code copy/pasting to get online working, I consider it somewhat experimental in this update, and the next update will clean up anything that is amiss. That said, I don't really expect a lot of problems, since the online code has been pretty well hashed out over a long history of My Colony updates, but we will see what happens.

So go ahead and give Antiquitas online a try, and stay tuned for more to come!

Antiquitas Going Online

2020-09-15 21:47:13
So today I decided to experiment with porting the My Colony multiplayer server over to Antiquitas, since the two games share much of the same code. You can test the new features in the current online beta build of the game:

It may be a bit buggy or it may just work great, so please if you play Antiquitas, try out the beta and let me know if it has any issues before I make this live! There are no charters on the server yet, so the first players to independence will pretty much be running the online for this game at the beginning.

In addition, the three civ's Docks structure (docks, gaulish docks, and egyptian docks) now all serve as "GBT" style trading centers.

Anyway, check it out and thanks for your help!

My Colony v1.9.0 Released

2020-09-15 14:33:57
Today I have pushed out a minor update to My Colony, v1.9.0, which should be hitting all platforms over the coming days. This update moves the API endpoint to a new server (no change required on the part of players), fixes a couple of bugs, and makes some minor tweaks.

Wood and Crystalline production has been added to the Helium Nanomine.

Also, I have lowered the working age and raised the retirement age a bit.

That's it for today, enjoy!

RE:Helium Nanomine and a couple other human suggestions

2020-09-15 13:35:12
To be added in v1.9.0

RE:Ez Database - Page 2

2020-09-12 20:53:45
@ColdCaseResearchGroup to delete a column, you can right click on it and select "drop column." On a touch screen, a long-press should do the same thing.

And yes, I have considered an image type field.

Preparing the last dungeon area

2020-09-10 20:16:52


RE: Alien High: Marbles?

2020-09-10 20:16:14
You need to find the sling shot

RE:My Colony Website Moving

2020-09-10 15:50:47
Eventually @Ansom older versions will not be able to connect, that is correct. The old API will remain live for a few months after the switch though, to give everybody a chance to migrate.

RE:Local Windows Client not working

2020-09-10 12:58:55
Also can you test and see if the Ape Apps Launcher program works?

RE:Local Windows Client not working

2020-09-10 12:57:47
Hey @Stecat94 can you look in the Documents folder in your computer and see if there is a file called something like my-colony-v1.8.0-error.log

It may also be in the Documents/My Colony folder

RE:EZ Register

2020-09-09 18:19:41
@craigslein not presently, but I can add that in the next update

RE:My Colony Website Moving

2020-09-09 17:56:21
@Sobeirannovaocc none of the release notes, screenshots or uploaded texture mods have been moved yet. I am going to do all of that last since it will take the longest, and I only want to move the files one time.

My Colony Website Moving

2020-09-09 15:09:42
There are some changes coming soon to the My Colony website that will impact individual colonial/regional websites as well as the public My Colony API. Beginning with the release of My Colony v1.9.0, all API calls are being migrated to a new subdomain, and the current My Colony website is moving as well.

The change is as follows:

Current Location:
New Location:

Essentially, all URLs should remain the same, except for the www is changing to mc1. The current My Colony public api will remain at the current location for a few weeks, but will then be going offline, so all API calls should be moved to the mc1 subdomain.

The current primary www domain is going to be reworked as a portal to all My Colony Universe games, including Colony Wars, Colonial Tycoon, Death 3d, My Starship, Deimos, End of the Earth, High Noon, Sarge, and the upcoming My Colony 2. This will include not only information on all of the above titles, but also extensive backstory/lore information on the entire universe and all of the characters, presented in a Wiki style format. The new mc1 subdomain is primarily going to be used to hold colony websites and texture mods for MC1.

RE:Colony Charter code Issue!

2020-09-09 14:07:37
Should be fixed now @cathymeow

RE:Colony Charter code used by someone else?

2020-09-05 20:19:02
Should be working now @cathymeow

RE:I've lost premium!0

2020-09-02 14:00:04
alexh said:I paid for premium ages ago and at the moment my colony doesn't think I paid for it. Sometimes, I refresh on my account webpage and it 'remembers' again and then it's fine on my phone. I bought it for my son so if I log out on my phone and he logs in on his tablet, it never recognises the premium upgrade has been paid. Could you have a look at this as I would rather have my phone back and my son plays the game on his tablet! Thank you!

Should be good to go now.

RE:My region and another colony have the exact same commonwealth code pls help

2020-08-24 12:51:51
XxKubxX said:I have a region but whenever someone else tries to join my commonwealth it says perth is not independant (Name of the colony which shares a code) so I looked it up and found we have the same code so no one can join my common wealth. My code is: 74qqYZR6

Pls help @bastecklein



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