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RE:Email changing

2018-10-15 21:19:17
Well send me an email ( with your new address and I will change it

RE:Working on a new game for Tokens

2018-10-15 21:13:37
Here is a bit of a preview on what I have so far

RE:Premium price gone up?

2018-10-15 20:34:25
If it is showing higher than the normal price in the app store, is is probably due to currency exchange rate changes, which are out of my hands (if you are not in the U.S.). All prices listed are in U.S. dollars.

Actually the rising dollar index over the last year is an issue that has resulted in lower sales and advertising revenues for a lot of app developers who have international users 😐

RE:MyColony Translation Group

2018-10-14 22:12:43
In case anybody is wondering, this is legit.

Antiquitas v1.19.0 Released

2018-10-12 22:15:03
I have just pushed out the v1.19.0 update to Antiquitas, which should be arriving on all platforms shortly.

This update contains all engine improvements from My Colony v0.73.0, including the fixes to LAN/WiFi based resource trading and messaging.

Much more to come, thanks for playing!

RE:My bissness empire suggestions

2018-10-12 18:19:20
Minetrain2002 said:Can you please add a way to take out loan manualy

Sure, I was planning to update the game next week anyway.

RE:website not updating

2018-10-11 14:18:25
Yeah, I haven't fixed it yet :-/

RE:declaring independence-regions

2018-10-11 14:18:07
Interesting, thanks for the report

RE:Windows Multiplayer. Please Help!!

2018-10-10 21:23:38
I submitted an update to MSFT (0.73.1) I do not know if it has been approved yet, but it should (I hope) resolve the issue.

RE:Region City Corruption: Can't Get Back into Cities

2018-10-09 22:15:24
So does this only ever happen on auto saves? Never when you choose to save manually?

RE:Windows Multiplayer. Please Help!!

2018-10-08 20:20:07
Also, make sure the Windows client is on 0.73.0, as LAN multiplayer was bugged in the previous release. Also, the LAN only works in offline games.

RE:Windows Multiplayer. Please Help!!

2018-10-08 20:16:17
DKMK100 said:Good Afternoon,

It appears the Windows LAN multiplayer is broken. I tested it with Apple devices (iPad, iPhone 5) and they connected just fine but they won't connect to windows. Can someone help me?? Please?!

Is this Windows Store edition, or Ape Apps Launcher/Native Client edition?


2018-10-08 20:14:52
csm0104 said:On my phone i can go to the trading place and send materials but i cant on my laptop. My friend plays on laptop and i cant send anything to him.

Yeah, the TCP networking was broken in the current release. It will be corrected in 1.19.0. Should be out by the end of this week.

Working on a new game for Tokens

2018-10-08 00:31:34
In the next week or so, an extremely early "beta" of a game I've been working on in my spare time will be hitting the Ape Apps Launcher and Ape Web Apps. This is a new single or multiplayer game that is sort of like my game Gone Rogue merged with Minecraft.

Essentially, you create a new world, and then you join it with an avatar you created using the My Tokens app. You start with a completely uncivilized world (no pre-built structures), and you have to gather natural resources and craft them into materials in order to build up your world.

The game is 2D top-down world view and controls like Gone Rogue, but a lot of the gameplay elements are like Minecraft. I plan to have random dungeons generated throughout the world using similar level generation algorithms as Gone Rogue, but the actual world is potentially infinitely big, as there is no set limit on how far you can walk, and new sections of world are generated as you go.

On the Web, the game is single player, and on the Ape Apps Launcher (and mobile devices, once released), it supports LAN multiplayer, or direct connect to another player over the internet, if you know their IP.

So anyway, it's just a simple(ish) little concept game at the moment. I've had the concept in my mind since I came out with My Tokens, but am only now deciding to throw it together. A lot of the base framework for the game is done, as well as the multiplayer code. I am just needing to add more resource stuff to mine and whatnot.

Anyway, I will probably release something beta in the next week or so. I am not going to dump a ton of time into the game, unless people like it, then I can dump more time into it πŸ™‚

Stay tuned for more!

RE:My Colony v0.73.0 Released

2018-10-05 21:38:21
Ijontychi said:you want music for a sci-fy game? then you need something like 70's prog-rock--- pink floyd, yes, ELP,...

Well I can't use anything with a restrictive copyright

RE:My Colony v0.73.0 Released

2018-10-05 21:37:43
BigMoTheDragon said:I seem to recall (many, many moons ago), that you originally were wanting a Command & Conquer-esq (Red Alert to be mote precise), type of game. The game engine for My Colony was only the starting point. As you've added and changed things in My Colony, I've measured them against that idea (C&C). Sooooo, looks like it's coming along quite nicely. BTW, C&C: Red Alert was my favorite game of all time. Back before EA got ahold of Westwood Studios and killed it, IMHO, with just stupid stuff and gameplay changes. I loved the Ant update to Red Alert, and as soon as bug came to My Colony, wellll hello there. XD Keep it up. Love the Simcity Meets C&C: Red Alert idea ( like idk, Godzilla Meets Bambi--lol).

Yes, I am slowly preparing the engine to be able to support RA2 style RTS gameplay.

RE:Change to Native Desktop Apps

2018-10-04 22:01:57
It would convert installed apps automatically.

My Colony v0.73.0 Released

2018-10-04 21:36:57
So I have just finalized work on My Colony v0.73.0, which should be arriving to all platforms over the coming days! So let's take a look at what is new in this release.

First of all, I started toying with adding a musical soundtrack to the game. I am finding it difficult to find music for the game, tbh. It was a lot easier for Antiquitas, because of the ancient theme of the game. For My Colony, I tried to find some sci-fi type stuff, but I don't know. I will probably be tweaking with the songs, adding and removing some, over the coming updates. As I prepare My Colony for Steam, I want it to have a soundtrack fleshed out and ready for the first release. And remember, if you do not like the music, you can always turn it on or off in the Engine Settings menu.

And as I mentioned in the last paragraph, My Colony will indeed be coming to Steam soon. I released Antiquitas on Steam first, as sort of a canary in the coal mine, to test the waters and see how hard it would be to release the game, versus what the potential payoff would be. It turns out that adapting the current Native Client for Steam was (almost) trivial, and so far the reception seems to be positive, so My Colony will be coming to the Steam platform for sure. I want to take the next couple of My Colony updates to polish a couple of things (including the Music), and get the Reptilians fleshed out a little bit more, and then I will start on the Steam edition of the game. It will probably be live on Steam by mid-November, but I will let you all know for sure as I get further along.

Speaking of Steam, I have to throw in a quick plug for Antiquitas here. If you haven't checked it out, please consider getting Antiquitas on Steam (and leaving a good review afterwards)! It is cheap, and it goes a long way towards helping Ape Apps and funding the development of My Colony (Antiquitas too, obviously) and maintaining the online servers. I don't think I'm speaking out of line when I say that both of these games provide massive gameplay for the price (especially considering most people pay $0!), and they both keep getting updates on a regular basis, so any help you can give is greatly appreciated! But don't worry, I still appreciate the many players who pay nothing at all πŸ™‚

Moving on, there were a lot of bugs fixed in this update, the biggest one being related to offline/local/LAN multiplayer. It actually was completely broken in the last update, so it has been improved greatly! I didn't even know it was dead until I submitted Antiquitas to the Steam marketplace, and it was rejected for claiming it had offline multiplayer, and the multiplayer didn't even work πŸ˜• oops!

Next, I addressed an issue where colonies who were experiencing Rioting or Anarchy conditions would constantly spam their commonwealths with notifications. This should be corrected now, but let me know if it isn't.

There was also a change in how colonists deaths were reported. If colonists start dying off left and right, you will no longer get a screen full of notifications, as there is now a cooldown timer for how often "Colonist has Died" notifications can appear.

Next, I have changed the Galactic Emperor video ads for premium users. In fact, they no longer exist for premium users. Instead, if you have Premium, the Galactic Emperor will now just give you the gift, no ad watching required. Someone in the forums pointed out that buying premium should remove all ads entirely, and I agreed to this sentiment.

I have also made a fairly significant change to the engine, which will not be noticed at first, but will be important later on. Each Vehicle and Building in the game is now assigned to a "Player." Obviously right now, the game only has one player (You), so this doesn't really mean anything. The game now also keeps track of Resources, Utilities, and Unlocked Techs on a per-player basis. I will let you all use your imaginations (for now) as to what this all means.

Ok, so now it wouldn't be a My Colony update without some new structures, so let's go over the new Reptilian content that was added in this update. The Reptilians get two much needed (in my opinion) structures, the Crystalline Laser Drill and the Bug Saw.

The Crystalline Laser Drill is a Water generating structure, but it also randomly extracts a few other resources, like Uranium, Clay and Diamonds.

The Bug Saw is a new Food generation structure, which chops up poor Insectoids into food, and also creates Ant Paste, which was pretty hard to get before.

Finally, I just wanted to give you all an update on the Android bugs that have been killing My Colony on Google Play. The good news is the crash rate has been brought all the way down to the 2%(ish) range, which is a significant drop from the 10% range. Google Play says that the "Bad Behavior Threshold" for a game is something like 1.06%, so maybe I can get below that number at some point and they can un-blacklist the game. Who knows? I know the current 2% includes many users who are still on older versions of the game, so it is possible that the "dark days" for My Colony on Android are drawing to an end. I can only hope. As always, if you are on Android and getting a lot of force close errors, let me know in the comments to this article, as the bug reports provided by the Play Store are essentially useless.

Ok everyone, so that is it for today's My Colony update! Let me know what issues you run into, and stay tuned because there is a lot more to come!

RE:People dying ... or not?

2018-10-04 18:31:20
I am guessing they are dying, but being replenished pretty rapidly. In Antiquitas, each house acts as a citizen generator, so once you have a lot of houses, the population can regrow pretty quick.

I can make those popups less frequent/annoying though

Change to Native Desktop Apps

2018-10-01 18:49:03
I am considering changing the way the Native Client apps for all games are packaged, including the Ape Apps Launcher, by getting rid of the installers and just having the users launch the program by clicking on the icon, the way the Linux versions of the programs currently work. Auto Updating will continue to work, there will just not be a setup program that automatically places everything in your "Program Files" directory and makes desktop shortcut icons.

The reason for doing this is that it will allow me to build all of the client apps from one machine, instead of having to use a Windows, Mac, and Linux machine to build for each respective platform, which takes a lot more time.

Before making such a change though, I wanted to see if there would be objection from the community/users. The change would break the auto-update for the current Windows edition of all of the programs, but it would be a one-time break. The recommended course of action would be to uninstall the current versions when it comes time to download one of the non-setup based updates.

Note that this change only applies to the non-Steam versions of these applications.

RE:Antiquitas Goes Live on Steam Today

2018-10-01 18:35:18
colbya said:nice pyramid you even remembered the cap stones ala it was white
really nice as well as the Spinx now if i can just talk you into the colossus for rome then you would have all the major old world wonders for said civilizations .
really the pyramid you out done your self could you just immangeif the stones had not been taken off.

Thanks, but I cannot take the credit, as @jova did the artwork on the Pyramid and Sphinx!

RE:Alien high error

2018-10-01 13:15:07
This is what it shows when you reach an area that has not been scripted yet

RE:Antiquitas Goes Live on Steam Today

2018-10-01 13:14:22
Thanks @colbya good to see you again

RE:Game won't start after installation

2018-10-01 00:01:26
Just curious, if you try the x86 version, does it start?

RE:cant start new colony online

2018-09-30 18:51:24
you are getting hit with every bug in the book i think

Antiquitas Goes Live on Steam Today

2018-09-29 15:56:16
A few weeks ago, I announced that Antiquitas would be coming to Steam, and today it has officially arrived! You can download Antiquitas on Steam today from the following page:

This is my first ever game to be released on Steam, so check it out, show your support, and let me know what you think! If it goes over well, I will be bringing My Colony to the platform next. I just want to make sure that it will be worth the trouble first, based on the reception of Antiquitas, since they do charge $100 per game that you want to list on the Steam platform.

Remember that if you do buy Antiquitas on Steam, once you sign into the game using your Ape Apps Account, you will get unlocked access to Premium on all supported platforms, which for Antiquitas, is pretty much any device that you have. This does not go the other way around though (if you already bough Premium, it does not unlock the game on Steam), but if you have already purchased the game in the past, you don't even need the Steam client, as you can get either the Native Client from the Ape Market, or just play the game on the Ape Apps Launcher.

That said, if you do buy it on Steam (or buy it again because you just love the game that much and it's cheap πŸ™‚), please leave a good review for it on the Steam marketplace, to help give the game a good launch out of the gate!

Thanks to everyone for their support, and thank you for playing Antiquitas!

RE:IQ decay in less than 1 sec

2018-09-27 15:12:27
Did you recently get a lot of new colonists?

RE:Statistics broken

2018-09-27 15:12:00
What is your approval rate?

That graph is not saying that 67% of your people are homeless. That is a graph that represents the people who are angry in your colony, why they are angry. If you only had 3 angry people and 2 were homeless, it would say 67%.

RE:Wrong building info (nΒΊ of workers and production).

2018-09-27 15:10:04
Well you have to realize if you are trying to micromanage production and individual workers, it is impossible on colonies with population over 2000, as all worker and production data is simulated (for performance reasons). When you click on a building, the game creates a bunch of new colonists in order to be able to show you something on the stats page. Those colonists are later destroyed again. The engine will only run 2000 real colonists at a time.

RE:Reporting of Suspicious Commonwealths.

2018-09-25 15:52:24
dfv123 said:Did you get a reply? If so, can you tell us what it was?

Still no reply. If I do not hear after a few days I am just going to ban the whole account outright and remove the colonies.