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Hey @djkline can you do a backup of your project from the PDF posted above and attach the *.pds file here so that I can debug the issue? I probably need to patch PDF Document Scanner and release an update to fix it.
9d ago
I have just updated My Empire to v1.3.0, which should be rolling out to all platforms over the next few days. This update makes some minor improvements to the user interface, and fixes the bugs that were reported through the Ape Market console. Read on for more details!

Most of the pop-up build menus have been moved to full-height slide-out menus, as shown in the screenshot above. This looks a little better in my view but, more importantly, works a lot better on mobile devices, where the previous pop-up versions of the menus only allowed a single build option to be shown on the screen at once without scrolling.

More importantly, the iOS Edition of the game now properly supports the "notch" in iPhones. Before there were ugly white borders around the entire game, but it now fills the entire screen and applies proper padding to UI elements so that they are not covered in the notch. This should also work right in notched Android devices, although I did not have one of those available to me for testing, so let me know if you see an issue.

On the desktop, you can now change the camera mode with the right-click mouse button, so that dragging with the left-mouse down will do a camera pan, and dragging with the right-mouse down will do a camera rotate. Give it a try, you will see what I mean.

Finally, all Scroll3d engine updates and fixes from the latest builds of My Colony 2 have been applied to My Empire.

So anyway, that is all for today's My Empire update! If you want to download My Empire yourself, it is available on most platforms (including Steam), and you can find all download links here:

Thank you for playing My Empire!

#myempire #mycolony2
12d ago
You know I was thinking @tautaula , it might not be building because there is a 2 unit per-tile limit, and if there are already 2 units on a tile, it wont build until you move one
12d ago
Must be a bug, I will work on it!
13d ago
After a 6 year slumber, Forum Fiend is finally back, and has been updated to v1.4.0 and should be hitting all Android and Kindle Fire devices shortly! Huzzah!

Many Ape Apps users have only been around since the My Colony days and may not be aware of Forum Fiend, but it was once one of my top apps by far. Created all the way back in 2013 and born out of my even older Discussions mobile forum software, Forum Fiend utilized the (then) open-source Tapatalk API to allow users to browse their favorite online forum sites and communities on their phones, without having to go through the heavy nickel-and-dime official Tapatalk app itself.

Users loved Forum Fiend because it offered all of the features of Tapatalk without the big overhead and with a cleaner and easier to use interface. Of course, Tapatalk hated the competition so much that in early 2015 they close-sourced their API and had their lawyer send me a cease and desist order. So that was pretty much the end of Forum Fiend.

One feature Forum Fiend had that Tapatalk didn't was an optional WebView interface that allowed users to add non-Tapatalk supporting forums to the app as well, so they could keep absolutely everything in one place. This new release is featured around that WebView interface, and greatly expands it with new features that site owners can take advantage of if they choose to do so. Development information for site owners can be found on this thread.

The new Forum Fiend also contains special code for Ape Apps forum sites (specifically, the website you are looking at right now), making it a great way to view this website on your mobile device.

With many online forums now employing responsive designs, use of the Tapatalk API in 2021 no longer seems necessary. Still, Forum Fiend offers a great way for users to combine all of their forum websites into one place, and for forum owners to add some extra customization features to their sites.

14d ago
Site owners are able to customize how their forum or website looks and behaves when accessed under Forum Fiend. This is an overview on the customization options available to site owners and developers.

Firstly, if absolutely no site owner action is taken at all, Forum Fiend will still attempt to derive your site's name, icon, and theme color from the meta data of your website. These items are taken from your site's title tag, it's favicon, and the theme-color meta tag.

High-Level Configuration

The easiest way to customize a site under Forum Fiend, one which requires no development experience whatsoever, is to upload a forumfiend.json file to the root directory of your site. Any site that is accessed by a fair number of users through Forum Fiend should take the time to include this simple file. The forumfiend.json file allows you to set high level parameters for your site, as well as branding logos and theme customizations. Creating the file should take no more than a couple of minutes, and you can see a complete guide in the following thread:

Complete forumfiend.json Reference

Access Methods

Forum Fiend can display a forum using either the Tapatalk API or through a custom WebView interface. Tapatalk access is based on the outdated open source version of the Tapatalk API and is no longer maintained. If your forum already uses Tapatalk, it may work just fine under Forum Fiend, and you are encouraged to test it out to be sure. Note that the Tapatalk interface has not been updated since 2014 and will not be receiving support or updates in the future, as newer versions of the API are no longer open source.

The Forum Fiend WebView

Forum developers or site owners with JavaScript experience can further customize their site under Forum Fiend using the custom WebView API interface methods. Site owners who have Tapatalk installed on their system but prefer to use the custom WebView under Forum Fiend can do so by setting the disable_api to "1" in their forumfiend.json file.

The Forum Fiend WebView has a user agent string of ForumViewerCore. Developers can check the user agent to determine if their site is being accessed under Forum Fiend. Some implementations may want to alter UI or Stylesheets based on the presence of Forum Fiend.

Forum Fiend will also add a global ForumViewerCoreInterface JavaScript object to your site for accessing WebView API methods. Thus, the presence of Forum Fiend can also be detected in JavaScript by checking for the existence of the window.ForumViewerCoreInterface object.

setProperty Interface

Forum Fiend will add a window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.setProperty(key,value) function to your website that will allow you to customize several aspects of the Forum Fiend interface. Below is a reference to things you can do with the setProperty function, as well as some code examples. All keys and values must be text strings.

User Account

To personalize your forum or site for your Forum Fiend users, you can display their logged account username and avatar on the main forum listing screen. Use the following two properties to set the user's details.

fvc-logged-usernameusername or "0" for not logged in
fvc-logged-avatarfull URL to avatar image file (png,jpg,gif supported) or "0" for no avatar

window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.setProperty("fvc-logged-username","little bobby");

Pagination Bar

Forum Fiend can provide a pagination bar at the bottom of the screen with controls for first/last/next/previous page. The following table lists the pagination related properties, followed by a code example.

fvc-show-pagination"true" or "false"
fvc-pagination-pagedispex: "5 of 10"
fvc-pagination-firsturl: ""
fvc-pagination-lasturl: ""
fvc-pagination-nexturl: ""
fvc-pagination-previousurl: ""

window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.setProperty("fvc-pagination-pagedisp","5 of 10");

Colors and Theme

There are several properties related to the appearance of the site under Forum Fiend.

fvc-themeTitle/Status Bar Colors, hex string
fvc-page-foregroundgeneral foreground (text) color, hex string
fvc-page-backgroundgeneral background color, hex string


Slide-Out Menu

The left-hand slide-out menu can be customized using the window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.addMenuItem(name,icon,url,color) function. The following lists the parameter values expected for the function.

nameThe name of the menu item. If set to "CLEARMENU" will reset all custom menu items.
iconabsolute url to a png icon for the menu item
urlabsolute url to navigate to when the menu item is selected
coloroptional hex color mask for the icon, or null

window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.addMenuItem("Latest Posts","","",null);
window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.addMenuItem("Exciting Section","","",null);

Application Toolbar

The top actionbar/toolbar of the Forum Fiend app can also be customized using the window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.addToolbarItem(name,url,icon,secondary) function.

nameThe name of the menu item. If set to "CLEARTOOLBAR" will reset all custom menu items.
urlabsolute url to navigate to when the menu item is selected
icona named icon, reference below, ex "back" or "chat"
secondaryboolean value, if true will force the toolbar item into the drop down menu

window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.addToolbarItem("New Post","","add",false);
window.ForumViewerCoreInterface.addToolbarItem("Sign Out","",null,true);

Named Icons

Here is a list of available named icons you can try out. These can be used for both Toolbar and Menu items, but toolbar items require a named icon (menu icons can be a URL).
15d ago
15d ago
Even with no API installed on their server at all, forum and website owners can utilize a forumfiend.json file to easily set up automatic configuration and customization parameters to control how their forum or website looks and behaves by default when run under Forum Fiend. Simply place file in the root of your website called forumfiend.json containing a valid formatted .json data object with any of the following parameters. All parameters are optional, and a complete example file is displayed at the bottom.

nameOverall name of the site or forum as it appears on the main Forum Fiend listing.
iconAn absolute URL to either a .png or .ico file that represents for forum or site.
bannerAn absolute URL to a .png file that represents a sidebar banner image for the site, suggested resolution of 300x150.
colorA valid hex color (ex. #ff0000) representing the overall theme color of the forum or site.
ff_chat_idName of a chat channel on Ape Chat to be used by this forum or site. If specified, a chat slide-out will appear with the specified chat channel. Using chat requires an Ape Apps account.
g_analyticsA Google Analytics id for tracking views and impressions when your site is accessed using Forum Fiend.
start_urlAn absolute URL that points to where Forum Fiend should open, could be the Forums section of your site.
disable_apiEither 1 or 0 (for yes/no). Default is 0. See details below.

Sample forumfiend.json file:
"name": "Epic Forums",
"icon": "",
"banner": "",
"color": "#f44336",
"ff_chat_id": "epicforums",
"g_analytics": "UA-XXXXXXXX",
"start_url": "",
"disable_api": "0"
disable_api Field Info

Forum Fiend was originally built around the open source Tapatalk API and was thus able to interface with any site that had the Tapatalk API installed. Sometime around 2014/2015, Tapatalk got some of that sweet, sweet venture capital money and stopped publishing public information related to their API, and even had their lawyers send Ape Apps a cease and desist request over Forum Fiend.

Because of this, no further development has been made on the Tapatalk API interface for Forum Fiend, and the system is based around the last published open source edition of the API from around 2014. Therefore, the Tapatalk interface is no longer maintained or supported in Forum Fiend, and can not be guaranteed to work correctly on any install that is more recent than 2014.

Forum developers are encouraged to use the WebView interface (by setting disable_api to "1") and calling Forum Fiend's native features using the Javascript interface instead, which is documented elsewhere in this forum. If you still want your forum to use the Tapatalk interface, you can omit the disable_api field or set it to "0", but know that it has not been updated in a long time, is no longer receiving support or updates, and some features may not work properly. Please test your site in the app to verify.

Feel free to leave feedback/comments/suggestions on any features you would like to see added/improved/changed with the forumfiend.json interface.
15d ago
Is the scanner available on your system? It will only show scanners that are already setup/installed.
17d ago
I decided to put together a quick update for Epic Adventure today, and so v0.13.0 is now complete and should be hitting all platforms in the coming days. This update isn't huge, but I did add a couple of quick things.

First of all, there is are new Rocky Plains and Heavy Rocky Plains biomes, where you will find surface stone and a higher abundance of caves.

You may also notice another new item in the above screenshot, trees will now randomly drop Saplings which you can then plant to grow... new trees!

Finally, I added three additional new biomes the Sandy Plains, the Grassy Desert, and the straight up Desert!

Over the coming updates, these new biomes are going to be the source of a lot of new types of plants, animals, and other things that you cannot find in the grassy forest areas, so if you have suggestions on things you would like to see added to the desert biomes, let me know!

That is all for today's update. I didn't have a lot of time to work on it, so it's just a quick one this time, but I plan to update Epic Adventure on a fairly rapid basis going forward, so stay tuned because there is a lot more to come, and if you've never played Epic Adventure before, you can check it out here:

18d ago
The ledger may not load automatically when you open the app, @Rosco9mi
You might have to go to the File menu (on the Windows edition, it's just in the regular application menu on Android) and select Open Ledger.
19d ago
You probably weren't expecting back-to-back Death 3d updates this month, but that's what's happening as v1.16.0 has now been finalized and should be hitting all markets in the coming days! After the last update, I found myself in a Death 3d mood, and I've made a few improvements across the board. Let's take a look!

Firstly, a small change but one that I think looks a lot better, I have replaced the little "Key Required" popup toast at the bottom of the screen with a new message indicator in the top half of the screen.

This indication area will also alert you when you have found a secret as well as a few other things, but more on that later.

Secondly, the new Map Shop introduced in the last update is off to a reasonable start, with offerings from myself, @stupidsilentandas , @itsliseczeq , and @notnumberone , but two important features were missing. Firstly, downloaded maps were not showing up in the new Multiplayer game creation screen, and secondly, maps would not auto-update. Both of those are now fixed. The auto-update is especially good and very seamless. If you submit a map to the map shop, and later want to make changes, just edit the map in the editor again and choose to submit it to the shop again. The server will recognize that it is an update, and automatically update the map for people who have downloaded it the next time they are in-game.

Next up, I have never liked how Death 3d handled end-of-level events. On a custom map, your player just died, and on Campaign it just jumped straight to the next level. In v1.16.0, I have changed this by adding the new End of Level report!

This looks a bit nicer, and also lets you know if you've killed everyone and found all items/secrets.

Speaking of secrets, the map editor now allows you to deliberately specify an area as being secret. Just right-click on a tile and mark it as secret. In a coming update, I am going to allow you to set any wall tile as a door, so you can make secret passageways easier.

The map editor now also let's you define a trigger as being single-use only. I added this mainly for my Map Shop map called Deadhouse. There is a room where the lights are supposed to shut off when you enter while 3 enemies teleport in, but since the trigger kept activating over and over when you were standing on the tile, the lights just flashed on and off repeatedly. With the switch to a single-use trigger, the light stays off and the battle begins.

Finally, Deathmatch games now have killing sprees, sort of like in Unreal Tournament games. You can even get a M M M M MONSTER KILL, at least from a technical standpoint. I haven't had the skill to actually get one myself yet in testing.

Anyway, that is the lowdown on today's Death 3d update. In the coming weeks I am looking forward to completing the Pegasus campaign and moving on to Episode III - Death on Earth!

And if you haven't tried Death 3d yet, find it here:

19d ago
Today My Colony 1 has been updated to v1.14.0, which should be going out to all platforms over the coming days. There are a handful of bug fixes in this update, but the main change is that now users with the My Colony Progressive Web App (PWA) installed can choose to have the game save files onto the local filesystem instead of to the internal browser cache. Find this by selecting More Options -> Game Data -> Save File Location from the main title screen.
20d ago
@DogeLord I tried with the attached image and it worked. Are you trying to make just an empty world with either 100% land or 100% water?

Also, what platform are you trying this on (web,android,windows,etc)?
22d ago
It has already been submitted @stupidsilentandas
As to when it gets app store approval, that is out of my hands
23d ago
Greetings all, and welcome to another My Colony 2 version bump! This release features a handful of engine improvements, as well as new content and features related to the Water World!

Yes, you may notice from the screenshot above that bridges are now a thing in My Colony 2, and they may be.... buggy... Go ahead and test them out though. Truth be told, bridges were way harder to implement than I was anticipating. To build a bridge, you need to specify a start point and an end point. The start and end must be on land, and the middle must be over water. Do all of that, and you should be good to go. I set the bridge cost for super cheap just for testing purposes, but you can believe that the price will be going up in the next update!

Anyway, I know it's been a few weeks since the last MC2 bump. I have been attempting to catch up on other projects, and plus now that it is spring time, I have had a lot of work to do with the house (you homeowners out there will know what I am talking about).

Regardless, work on MC2 continues, so keep the feedback, suggestions, artwork, and more coming! Thanks for your support and thanks for playing My Colony 2!

23d ago
You have to convert it to black+white after the scan right now, there is no way to preset the corrections at the moment.
25d ago
Today I am putting the finishing touches on Death 3d v0.15.0, which comes with some exciting new changes and updates!

First of all, e2m6 - Engineering has been added to the Pegasus campaign.

In this level, you must fight your way through the Galactic Freight Pegasus' main engineering deck.

Next, an exciting new feature has been added to the game - the Map Shop! The built-in level editor has a new menu option Submit to Map Shop, which will allow you to upload your custom map to the Ape Apps server. The map will then be available to download for all users in the new Map Shop browser that is available in the also new and redesigned Play Game screen.

You can make updates to your map and submit them to the Map Shop too, and eventually players' downloaded maps will auto-update. I just forgot to add that part in when I was finalizing the release, but custom map auto-updating will be functional in the next update. I have added the first map to the map shop, Lunar Outpost, which features a Galactic Freight piracy assault on a United Earth lunar base. The map also demonstrates some NPC scripting if you can locate the hidden scientist.

Moving on, the Map Editor now let's you embed custom map tile textures into your maps!

You can add as many custom textures to your map as you like, although they will obviously increase the file size of your map. Custom textures can be used anywhere a regular texture is used, and maps with custom textures are supported in the new Map Shop as well.

The Map Editor has also gained to features for NPC characters. You can now select the weapon that an NPC is holding (or make them completely unarmed). Pairing the custom NPC weapon with the NPC script event to turn the NPC into an enemy, you can now effectively customize the weapon of any enemy (as previously requested by @stupidsilentandas ). I will probably add the custom weapon option directly to enemies at some point, I just haven't gotten to it yet.

NPC's also have a new script action, Explode. This is a ridiculous action that, as the name suggests, causes the NPC to spontaneously explode, gibbing his body and causing damage to nearby players. I am thinking of making an "NPC Funhouse" map for the Map Shop that demonstrates some of the things you can do to the poor NPC characters in the game.

Additionally, you can now add custom text dialog to NPC scripts, allowing you to add an element of story and dialog to your custom maps.

The map editor now lets you set any wall tile to "offset" (or half size). You can find the option by right-clicking on a wall tile on the map.

Finally, there is now spawn/teleport fragging. If you spawn or teleport on top of another player or enemy, they will instantly die in brutal fashion.

Anyway, that is it for today's Death 3d update. I plan on adding a lot more over the coming months, as well as a lot more custom maps to the Map Shop. I will also be further expanding the Map Shop by adding feedback and ratings, so map creators can look at how many people have tried their map and view their feedback. I also want to add multiplayer to the current "single player" game modes, so that you can do a co-op campaign or custom map. I also want to greatly expand NPC scripting, because I have a cool idea for a new game based on the Death 3d engine that takes place again in the My Colony Universe, but plays as a continuous story driven game like Half Life.

And of course, if you haven't played Death 3d yet, you can get it right now on the Ape Market or through the various app stores:

25d ago
Yes, you need to sign into both with your Ape Apps account. Then from your diary, go to the menu, (File on desktop), Diary Settings, Cloud Sync.
26d ago
That is actually a performance option in Engine Settings, @Igor

This is the nature of drawing structures larger than 1x1 on a 2d isometric world in single chunks. The images have to be broken into smaller pieces and drawn based on their distance from the "camera," but doing that reduces performance, so it is disabled by default on a phone. You can turn it on in Engine Settings using this option:

1mo ago


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