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It's been about two years since the last point release of Network Browser (although it goes get smaller bug fixes monthly), but since I had to go ahead and change out the primary library used for the in-app video player, I decided to go ahead and increment the version, as well as quickly discuss the plans for Network browser moving forward.

Users had been experiencing issues with the dark theme on the last update, and so this should now be fixed with this release.

On a more technical side, the app had been using the ExoPlayer library for the in-app video playback, but this was depreciated by Google and replaced with the "new" (although still largely the same) AndroidX Media player. In my testing, everything still seems to work as it did, but let me know if there are new media playback issues as a result of this change.

Moving forward, the 2.10.x series will be the last of the v2 line for Network Browser. I plan to do a complete rewrite of the application sometime this year, featuring a little more modern UI and better overall performance (don't worry, I will not do anything crazy). If you have any big ideas or suggestions on how to improve this app, this would be the time to let me know, as it will be easier to implement new things during the total rewrite then it would be to otherwise try to shoehorn them in later.

Anyway, that is about it for this release of Network Browser. Thank you everyone who uses and supports the app, and stay tuned for more good things to come in the months ahead!


Network Browser on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ape.apps.networkbrowser

Network Browser on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/mas/dl/android?p=com.ape.apps.networkbrowser

3mo ago
Network Browser v2.9.0 is available now, fixing several issues, updating the in-app video player, and also finally bringing full support for the light theme on TV devices (Android and FireTV).
If you have questions/comments/concerns or feature suggestions for the next release of Network Browser, just let me know! The app is updated at least monthly, so stay tuned for more and thanks for using Network Browser!


3y ago
The Network Browser v2.7.2 patch is being finalized and should be available for download on all platforms within the coming days. This update fixes a handful of bugs, and also adds a new option to Settings, allowing you to deliberately choose whether or not to use either Network Browser's internal video player, or a 3rd party system player such as VLC.

With the 3rd party option turned on (default on non-TV devices), Network Browser will first attempt to use an external video player. If Android returns that it cannot find a suitable player, it will automatically fall back on the internal Network Browser player.

That's all for today's patch. Keep letting me know what issues you find, as your feedback has been helping catch bugs and improve the app! And if you haven't tried Network Browser on Android yet (what's wrong with you?), you can find download links for Google Play and the Amazon App Store at the following website:


It works on Phone, Tablet and on TV devices. Enjoy!

5y ago
Network Browser has been updated to patch v2.7.1 and should be hitting all devices within the coming days. This is a minor security release, but also adds one small feature that has been often requested by users. Going forward, even if you do not have Helios File Manager installed, you can still perform basic file transfers between your network and your device. I only have two Android devices to test this on, but I can confirm it works on Android 7 and the upcoming Android Q. Give it a try, and if you experience issues, know that file transfers using Helios still work fine.

This only works for single file uploads and downloads. The new folder upload feature introduced in v2.7.0 still requires Helios, as there is no native built-in Android method for granting access to an entire directory from external storage. Given how the upcoming Android Q is making file access more restrictive vs. less, I do not expect this requirement to change in the future.

Helios still offers the best file transfer functionality with Network Browser, and the two apps work together seamlessly. But if you do not want the extra app installed on your system, and many users do not, you can now do basic transfers back and forth without using Helios.

As always, thanks for using Network Browser! Let me know what issues you have with the update, stay tuned for more, and if you do not have Network Browser yet for Android, check out download links for both Google Play and the Amazon Appstore here:

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5y ago


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