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Network Browser v2.10.0 Released

It's been about two years since the last point release of Network Browser (although it goes get smaller bug fixes monthly), but since I had to go ahead and change out the primary library used for the in-app video player, I decided to go ahead and increment the version, as well as quickly discuss the plans for Network browser moving forward.

Users had been experiencing issues with the dark theme on the last update, and so this should now be fixed with this release.

On a more technical side, the app had been using the ExoPlayer library for the in-app video playback, but this was depreciated by Google and replaced with the "new" (although still largely the same) AndroidX Media player. In my testing, everything still seems to work as it did, but let me know if there are new media playback issues as a result of this change.

Moving forward, the 2.10.x series will be the last of the v2 line for Network Browser. I plan to do a complete rewrite of the application sometime this year, featuring a little more modern UI and better overall performance (don't worry, I will not do anything crazy). If you have any big ideas or suggestions on how to improve this app, this would be the time to let me know, as it will be easier to implement new things during the total rewrite then it would be to otherwise try to shoehorn them in later.

Anyway, that is about it for this release of Network Browser. Thank you everyone who uses and supports the app, and stay tuned for more good things to come in the months ahead!


Network Browser on Google Play:

Network Browser on Amazon:

Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
I downloaded from to my current version of FireTV Cube, and this version failed to launch. It only flashed for a second on screen and nothing after that. The previous version 2.9 can launch and connect to the SMB server but does not display the entries correctly. Only show white background and a couple of icons on screen, no text at all. Version 2.9 worked just fine on the previous of FireTV Cube.
Thank you for the report @cave I will research the issue.
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
This is how it looks like even after power cycle the device or "adb force-stop" the app,
I just uploaded a new build @cave v2.10.1, can you try it out and let me know if it works now?
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
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