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Can we please have an upgrade option for Aluminum road, for a lit version please???

Also how about a road management building of some kind where you can change other types of tiles, rather than only having the upgrade all, or delete all options.
3y ago
My UE and LIS maps run fine. But my zolarg map has massive amounts of lag on it, its almost unplayably laggy.
Its the smallest map as well! Anyone have any thoughts?
4y ago
Well like I said I was curious.
Anywho, finding it in the dark was a nightmare but I did! Flipping it back tho, that just crashed the browser.....
So I tried again and just sold it!
Works perfectly now :D
4y ago
I have the same. I think its a memory leakage issue with how chrome handles the game.
4y ago
Colony was working fine, but I then tried flipping the new megamart building, as I was curious why the option was there given that its not a "square" building. I did that and the screen sort of froze, I could move the mouse around and interact with things that were visible, but I couldn't move the map at all. I tried quitting and then reloading and now I'm just getting a black screen, but when I move my mouse around I get the building names come up in the bottom right corner, and if I click I get the interaction menu come up.

So, yeah game is kinda, well no its not kinda it is unplayable right now for me.

Latest Version of Chrome (using https://www.apewebapps.com/my-colony)
Windows 10 Pro
Intel i7 Hex
16Gb Ram
4y ago
when I make a save, and then close the game and open it up a few hours or days later, the save has regressed several hours from what it was when I saved.

I had a stack of things building, I saved with only a 4 left to finish, I've just loaded back up and theres over 30 still to be built!

Its like the game is rolling back my saves by a few hours everytime I start the game.

Latest Version of Chrome, running on Windows 10 Pro
4y ago
bastecklein said:Just made some changes to the web version of the game related to path finding. If you are having this issue on web, do a hard reload and play for a bit and let me know if it gets any better. It's sort of a stab in the dark, so don't get your hopes up. Mine still works, lol.

This has definitely done something!!
Just played for a while and all my bots seem to be behaving themselves now.
4y ago
The Technology "Diamond Mining" and thus the ability to build diamond miners isn't appearing on the Ice World.

According to the reference guide, you only need "Black Markets" and "Advanced Small Scale Construction"
I have both of those, but still no Diamond mining in my tech list.

Web (chrome)
Win10Pro with i5
4y ago
The option to upgrade the new blue residential complex into a tower like you can with the standard residential complex?
4y ago
I have this problem as well.
4y ago
Its almost like they wake up and go back to normal briefly when you leave and then return to the tab.
4y ago
Version 61.0.3163.79 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Windows 10 Pro - Version 1703 (OS Build 15063.502)
Intel Core i5-7500
12GB Ram
4y ago
My bots are broken as well. Ice World, Chrome, 64 Bit.
4y ago
AH. Thank you! Looks like I'm starting a new colony!
4y ago
Where do you even get Crystalline from!?!? I mean I see it in the import menu, but I have no storage for it, so where do you get it form!?
4y ago


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