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Hi Bastecklein,

I don't know if putting a cap on how many managers or upgrades on a business would be the solution because the investments in upgrades or managers are exponentially.

The main problem, I think, is that the revenues after upgrading or managers aren't balanced: if you need to make an investment in a business model, you need to return the money within a logic/normal timespan.

Take the Cargo Ship:
at 2 upgrade and 1 managers you have 1724 est.$/day.
After third upgrade of 348.000: 2059 est.$/day. Return of investment at 34 months (2,8 years)
After fourth upgrade of 504.600: 2415 est.$/day. Return of investment at 47 months (3,9 years)
After fifth upgrade of 731.670: 2788 est$/day: Return of investment at 65 months (5,4 years)
After sixth upgrade of 1.060.922: 3172 est. $/day. Return of investment at 92 months (7,7 years)
At this point it's cheaper to buy a manager at 1.035.000: 3359 est.$/day. Return of investment: 184 months (15 years)

At this point you can conclude that investing (more) in this business isn't worth it, because the return time goes straight up and given that the time in the game passes by days. Unless there is a breaking point in which the revenue goes exponentially up too. This you see after upgrading your lawn service: if you upgrade to level 15, the return time of your first 12 managers is less than a day.

This I noticed at most businesses.


bastecklein said:Well they are all balanced as the point of purchase. I think what I need to do is put a cap on how many managers you can hire at each business, and how many times each business can level up.
6y ago
Just like Kaymcray, I received a free premium key. Thanks for that !

I also wonder how the game is balanced. I noticed also that the lawn service business is the most lucrative: upgrade to 13 and 12 managers gives an income of 15K without much investment. So a have a lot of those ! The last investment was the was the cargo ship which cost 1,2M and it has a basic revenue of only 1K ?

I also bought and upgrades mini golf course, pumpkin patch, taxi service tow service and i can upgrade them barely over 1K monthly income after a lot of investing..

Maybe I too miss the clue of this game?
6y ago
Same here, with the repair costs is my money fund in decline..
6y ago
Good question, are there bots or something that do repairs automatically so we don't have to pay for it?
6y ago


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