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Hey, I was thinking since there's no way to see how many contracts you have up for sale, how much money you made off of X contracts, or other trade related information.

It might be useful if there was an API were we could track these various things along side the live market prices.
6mo ago
Unfortunately you have to be a current verified NOZ member to benefit from this.
6y ago
Need resources? We can help!

* As long as you're a NOZ member ;)
6y ago
The games are still going on!

Many great prizes to be won!
6y ago
We have prizes to be won here @ NOZ!

Join our Discord to find out how to be apart of this!
6y ago

Let's make this Mini Empire into the largest!

Friendly community, 25% payroll assistance, helpful Federation, discord!

NOZ discord at:

Join Mini Empire! using the Charter code of: R98sxcgC
6y ago
Hello, when I get popups sometimes they don't go away after I click ok.
6y ago


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