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Unable To Update Save

Hello, I am unable to update my save (Teflon Charter: hz22MAQlHN) when using the latest Executable.

On my end, it looks like the game saves, I get a successful message and all. But when I reload it, I am reset back to where I was.

If I try and load my colony via the browser or PWA, I get an Out Of Memory error, the task jumps up to about 8GB of RAM before it gets the error - 32GB Total installed RAM.

I believe this is due to the size of the Regional Colony. When I made the 650th or so city is when this problem started.
Hmm... tbh I don't know an easy fix for this
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
I see, that's understandable. Out of my own curiosity, do you know what the underlying issue is?

Thanks for looking into it,

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