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maybe there can also be astronomy, which would allow to make better rovers providing farther and faster interstellar travel, more storage for resources and people, and more power production. It could also allow the mining or colonization of asteroids and commets. This would likely mean that research branches would have to intertwine though
I have said in some comments that it would be kind of cool to have a primitive faction or species. You know, bow and arrow, spears, things like that. And maybe their methods of interstellar travel can be more 'magical' or planets could have some kind of rare natural or ruinous teleport that the primitive species specializes in activating. I just mainly think that it could be a very different approach to what's been done so far in MC1 and that it could look good visually to have buildings and paths that look more natural and fit in more with the landscape.

As for direct enemies of this faction, possibly nature itself. No, I'm serious, hear me out. How cool would it be for a colony to actually be a less intelligent species of animals. The roads could be game trails, the buildings could be trees, burrows, and tools known to be made by animals such as primates and birds. This would be difficult to do, both of these, but with more input it might actually work.
honestly, I like the idea of rivers not actually existing. Buildings should still need space or a road near the enterance for colonists, and I think resources should be added to constructions the same way and speed as if a drone was building it. Also, maybe research can help to make construction faster
How about the ability to excavate, make weapons and ammo with, or for other purposes, use gunpowder/sulfer. Sulfur could be in a volcanic or geyser biome.

Maybe you can also implement different types of illnesses and medicines to heal them or reduce their negative effects such as opium and other common medicines. (Addictions possibly?)

Maybe there can also be types of insects and/or animal resources again such as fur, wool, bone, meat, and for insects there can be termite mud, chitin, poisons, and insects could even become pets or food sources. Obviously different insects would live in different areas. Which also makes me think there could be different kinds of wood too. And this would be for early game probably. Maybe you can make a more primitive civ too.

Sand. For glass which can be made into decor for sale, panes for construction, bottles for alcohol, and used as water storage maybe. Actually, water could be stored in bottles so that those bottles may be stored where water usually can't be, just a thought.

Granite, obsidion, and marble for sale or decorative construction or maybe obsidian could make weapons for the primitive civ

More agricultural resources such as hay/chaff, and fertilizer for optional increased food production or building upgrades.

Bamboo for the primitive civ

Gears (and other mechanical parts) for mechanical buildings, drones (if you decide to keep them), and certain advanced resources

Tungsten for buildings or drones that need to withstand major heat

Cement for construction

Another things is that they are off duty when walking from place to place. So the closer together your colonists' houses, jobs, entertainment, and education buildings are, the less walking they have to do and the more they can work
DillGuy9 said:New Earth Commonwealth is available. 6 active colonies and a population of 12,000. The payroll is 1000%. The tax rate is 25% but I am trying to lower it (can't find the option). Contains 2 Earthlike, 1 Lunar, 1 Sugarland, 1 Lava, and 1 Abandoned World. Hope this works.
I am under you now. I hope that you are able to help get me under the main thing. Too everyone else, I'm still going to look at your colonies to see if they are good too
Have you noticed that sometimes as you wonder why people are complaining about being tired of unhealthy, only a few colonists are walking like 100 tiles and effecting the entire system? There should be something where we can open up a menu and see the colonists that are complaining from the worst statistics to the most convenient. And for speed purposes, they should be organized according to the problems. Anne you should be able to click on them, see where they live and where they work, and change their job without them trying to stay where they are (at least, if the job doesn't have restriction on iq)
This game is meant to show the hardships and reality of leading a colony. If there was a fast forward button for america, would we still even live on Earth?
I actually was about to post the exact same idea. Why must we choose between more power and faster working?
The ore zapper just now became a thing
JaxxSilva said:Also, you should minimize how many you have, they will quickly lag your game if you have 100s that are mining constantly. Wood, clay, and ore really should be converted to auto production or purchased as early as possible.

Yes I am a slow builder because my colony is purely a game of patience. I would much rather have more than enough but take long to build than have just enough. Also, I always start my world's as medium sized to boost performance. Once I'm advanced enough to need less of the Rogers and am running out of space, i sell the unnecessary rovers and expand
I need a commonwealth with at least a 500℅ colonists assistance, preferably low but I will accept medium tax, it needs to be the union, and I want it to have at least 5 other people under it that are active and have high stats (i.e: at least 4,000-6,000 population). Even if you don't completely meat the standards, post your code and what standards you have set.
I agree. They could also do the same or something similar with the encyclopedia
There is a growing list of build options of my colony and it's taking longer and longer to find what you want. The build screen should be further organized. There should be something like this:
. Housing
c.power source
.colonial needs
-production (everything except housing)
-vehicles (or workers)
.raw material gather
.organic material gather
.special material gather
.building only

And you get the picture
The only thing that would make this way too hard is that, unless there's a way to make the buildings float, there is never going to be enough land to do everything. Other than that, it might, only might work
I don't know if there are emergency rovers or fire stations in the game yet but that could also be used to prevent fire
I completely agree. And it could lead us to their house, job, and even how they spend their money would be nice
Don't go overboard on making rovers unless you have an abundance or resources that make them. ( I.e: rovers in the beginning, only make like twenty because you will need the resources. And for large construction rovers and uranium rovers, don't have more than ten or twenty each unless your world is full of aluminum.

I have 100 ore miners, 100 gold miners, 25 aluminum miners, 25 uranium miners, 50 construction drones, 50 advanced construction drones, 25 mega construction rovers, 20 greenbots, 25 clay bots, and 25 wood bots. There is no need for more than this unless you have a very fast device and many resources.
Be sure you have enough power when upgrading solar panels to solar towers and enough storage when upgrading that.

Also be sure to watch your population and jobs that are open. Never let there be more people than there are jobs, or twice as many jobs as there are people.
It would be nice to have a new type of problem that can occur between colonists as added realism. Loneliness.

Think about it, colonists mailing other people (and spending money while doing it) by just giving it to a mail rover. And people working in a mail office or something like that using paper, which could be a new material made from wood, and putting it in a postal office to be bought by colonists.

There could also be cars in the game. They would be cheap and simple. As fast as a rover but can transport a colonist anywhere, or multiple colonists in a bus or van, without them getting tired.

This can lead to car washes and will cause more loneliness without them because they can't drive to other people's houses or the postal office. And there could be other buildings for community to join together like churches, party houses, maybe even just placing a simple bench by a park for two people to talk.


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