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Possible new species/factions

#1 2020-08-01 04:23:52
I have said in some comments that it would be kind of cool to have a primitive faction or species. You know, bow and arrow, spears, things like that. And maybe their methods of interstellar travel can be more 'magical' or planets could have some kind of rare natural or ruinous teleport that the primitive species specializes in activating. I just mainly think that it could be a very different approach to what's been done so far in MC1 and that it could look good visually to have buildings and paths that look more natural and fit in more with the landscape.

As for direct enemies of this faction, possibly nature itself. No, I'm serious, hear me out. How cool would it be for a colony to actually be a less intelligent species of animals. The roads could be game trails, the buildings could be trees, burrows, and tools known to be made by animals such as primates and birds. This would be difficult to do, both of these, but with more input it might actually work.
#2 2020-08-01 04:41:48
The first one sounds like natives.
Indeed, some colonization might need to deal with these possibly more primitive dwellers.

For the second one about nature stuff, I am having the similar concept. For red (mars-like) planets I might suggest red rockworms and scorpiobsters (scorpion+lobsters lol) and stuff.
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