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2020-06-03 11:41:10

LIS troop sketches

RE:Unions and Worker strikes?

2020-05-24 23:24:53
colbya said:there was a impact when colonists strikes it caused massive deaths and no workers but Bast changed the game engine and it NO longer goes by single colonists and good ridence to that .
but you can still put in higher pay it has Little to no effect and when it did the game ran poorly way to much work even only counting 2000 colonists and slowed the game along with the death waves and other issues .
there are a few things that are going now and i miss them BUT the game runs so much better this way .
you use to be able to give a single colonists money in order to get them to stop striking but again the game no longer counts single colonists java script just cant keep up with that kind of computing

Use another logic dude, we already know what's after v1.0.0.

So of saying. When specific jobs (eg, unskilled) don't receive enough payroll, then a random percentage people from those jobs will be on strikes and refuse to work.
Just make it number based, not colonist specific.

RE:Some noobie advice

2020-05-20 12:56:16
I like these tips. (•ω•)👍🏻

Yet there's one more advise I can share.

Some resources should be used with care at early stages, ESPECIALLY ALUMINUM if you're playing as humans (United Earth and League of Independent States.)

Aluminum is in limited numbers from mineral deposits before you can build the alien-tech driven aluminum generators. Don't deplete your aluminium before able to produce alien artifacts, otherwise the game cannot proceed.

I mean, just use it carefully. You can use them for useful stuff such as advanced microchip factories and Uranium Enrichment Facilities, for your development needs.


2020-05-20 00:32:42
Whenever the mines are depleted on the map and there is no ore fracking operations you can capture, there are some buildings to help you survive.
United Earth has Supply Airdrop Area. Which airdrop pods containing supplies from the space will be dropped onto it and immediately processed into useable credits.
League of Independent States has Hacker Camps. Besides as a research building, it also provides a small stream of credits.
Alpha Draconians gains extra cash by killing enemy, which the ability is obtained by researching Head Bounty at High Frequency Node. (Bounty per killed enemy are the same, it won't varies by the type of the unit killed.)


2020-05-19 15:13:24
Hello commanders.

This post will integrate all of my previous ideas with refinement, plus some new ideas.
The ideas will be updated or added in the comments.


For the objects, the colour of the text represents the following factions.
  • United Earth (UE)
  • League of Independent States (LIS)
  • Alpha Draconians (AD)
  • Zolarg Empire (ZE)
  • Neutral

Gameplay Suggestions
  • Demolishing Buildings
    In case you don't need some of your own buildings.
  • Cancel queued productions
    In the game there's not yet any ways to cancel queue, which means inflexible financial management when you're running out of credits.
  • Area of effect damage
    You know currently we don't have a way to counter the swarming troopers besides producing lots of troopers. We need something explosive...
  • Garrisoning
    One of the classic features of C&C style RTS that will make urban warfare better!
  • Able to control buildings
    If some building is able to make research or has special actions, this is needed.
  • Make training queues building specific like in My Colony
    It is a bit difficult to manage units and unit productions if trained unit just pop up in a random barracks/factory. So I think this will make troop training process better.
  • Visible construction range
    This will help placing buildings without tapping somewhere else you cannot place building.
  • Power meter
    As the game's power mechanism is not yet complete, this is an necessary suggestion.
  • Researches
    Some research elements can change the tide of the war. This will make more amazing battles.
  • Superweapons
    Why not?

  • United Earth
    • Commonwealth Infantry (T1)
      United Earth's proud protectors of prosperity and order. These troopers are put under 3 years of various training before they come into services. With their full loyalty and strict discipline, they are one of your reliable soldiers on the battlefields.

      It is just renaming the in-game infantry.
    • Commonwealth Rocket Infantry (T1)
      Rocket Infantry Camp is one of the divisions of United Earth's military, where newbie troopers are being trained into anti-tank specialists at the battlefronts. Carrying BOAR launchers, they take out enemy vehicles and aircrafts. Best companions of infantries.

      It is just renaming the in-game rocket infantry.
    • Engineer (T2)
      Not all soldiers fight at the battlefronts. These nerdy engineers who complete their school at military universities are one of the examples. Anything about machines and computers are not a problem for these engineers, they are even able to modify alien machines.

      This thing is already in the game, but why not give them some descriptions as well.
      Can repair civilian building when garrisoned into.
    • Jetpack Infantry (T2)
      Jetpack infantries are adopted by United Earth military, due to their high mobility and aerial advantage over most units on the ground. Besides as an effective scout on battlefields with rough terrain, they can also make effective assaults on infantries.

      This thing is already in the game, but why not give them some descriptions as well.
      In addition, I want to give it a stealth detection ability.
    • Space Marines (T3)
      Elite of the elites. Space Marines Corps represents the United Earth's iron fist power, established since 2061. Entering the Space Marines Corps is definitely one of the dreams of United Earth soldiers - given the best training, able to use the high tech gadgets, paid with highest wages, and of course, chance to become hero like Sarge! Most of them are cladded with power armours, though some commandos do not to wear them.

      Tier-3 shock troopers that uses plasma guns.
    • Marines Commando (T3)
      Experienced, outstanding marines will be promoted to commandos, which they will be put into military labs to receive another 3 years of training to master various difficult skills and have some bioengineering modifications on their body. Once they have completed the course, they are SUPERSOLDIERS.

      UE commando can terminate infantries quickly with their heavy machine gun, tough as a tank, and can instantly blow up enemy buildings and vehicles using dynamites upon close contact.
    • UE Harvester (T1)
      Supply lines that are too far away from the home world are hard to maintain. In this case, local resource extraction is the mean to make supplies cheaply. That's why these mining machines get some use on the battlefields.

    • ‘Hound URV-25’ Recon Rover (T1)
      These unmanmed vehicles are not a very new stuff to military even in the year of 2051. They can be remotely controlled, which they have greatly decreased unnecessary casualties during scouting tasks. Low cost and small size is also the reason it becomes popular. Now we can even install a machine gun on it, allowing it participating in combat tasks.

      I just simply give the rover a code name. BTW @bastecklein do you plan to give it stealth detectors? :)
    • ‘Ocelot’ Light Tank (T1)
      The ‘Ocelot’ series light tank has been inside UE arsenal for more than 10 years, as one of the standardized light tank due to their balanced combat ability and a reasonable manufacturing cost.

      Code name given.
    • ‘Tigerclaw’ battle Tank (T2)
      ‘Tigerclaw’ battle tank is the bigger cousin of ‘Ocelot’ light tanks. While shares the similar chassis design, this tank is mounted with a dual 83mm gun turret, which provided the tank with better firing efficiency and firepower. There are rumours about in the first deployment of these tanks, one tank can destroy 5 enemy tanks of similar classes by average before being destroyed.

      Rename the medium tank in the game and give it a code name.
    • ‘Jaguar’ Heavy Assault Tank (T3)
      Like its code name tells, ‘Jaguar’ heavy assault tank can quickly destroy enemies with its devastating firepower. Its 134mm plasma gun can penetrate any armour, while it has a portable regenerative shield for extra protection. They are one of the backbones in most tank formations.

      Heavy tank of the
    • ‘Thunderstorm’ Missile Tank (T2)
      ‘Thunderstorm’ is the new generation of self-propelled missile launchers in UE arsenal. This mobile missile battery has two modes. Artillery mode allows it to destroy enemy from a long range. Defender mode allows it to respond to threats from the air by launching volleys of missiles.

      Depends on your needs, you can switch between two modes quickly.
    • Striker UAV (T2)
      A full development of UAV (military drones) in recent years has successfully replaced manned aircrafts, which UAV comes in with a smaller size, lighter weight, and more capabilities in ground support missions. Striker UAVs are one of the variants developed, which carries a explosive missile for hit-and-run attacks.

      Light attack aircraft. Can target both land and air.
    • Attacker UAV (T2)
      Attacker UAV specialises heavy bombardment tasks, extra plated with sturdy armour for protection. Every liberty delivery includes 3 bombs for your foes!

      Bomber craft.
    • Gunner UAV (T3)
      Gunner UAV is a hovering heavy gunship. This heavy aircraft releases pulses of plasma shots that blasts enemies into ashes, while its heavily plated armour hull can withstand lots of punishments from anti-air weapons.

      Heavy aircraft that flies and fires slowly, but with a large ammunition capacity that allows continuously bombarding the enemies using the plasma gun. The plasma gun is also anti-air.
    • ‘Angler’ Patrol Boat
      Even though not much improvements has made on these old-fashioned speedboats, they are still effective defensive recon boats in UE arsenal. It is cheap, it is nimble, and its machine gun can respond light ship attacks.

      Here also gives a code name to the in-game patrol boats.
    • ‘Grizzly’ Amphibious Transport (T1)
      Amphibious transports has its most significant importance in beachhead landings during operations in oceanic planets.

      As well, give the in-game amphibious transport a code name.
    • ‘Aegis’ Escort Ship (T2)
      The seas can be as dangerous as on the land, ships may get attacked by aircrafts and submarines. ‘Aegis’ Escort Ships are hence built to protect the shores and the seas with flak guns and torpedo launchers.

      In addition, detects submarines. The big drawback of Aegis Escort Ship is it cannot attack land units.
    • ‘Tidebreaker’ Missile Cruiser (T3)
      Traditional battleships with large caliber guns are becoming obsolete in UE arsenal and are replaced by these more lightweight but stronger missile cruisers - the new generation backbone of the navy. Besides wielding higher accuracy than cannon artilleries, it can change firing modes for different situations, either the long range mode for hitting the enemies from a safe distance, or medium range mode for heavy firepower but at a reduced distance.

      Backbone warship.
  • League of Independent States
    • Militia (T1)
      These militias composes the majority of LIS infantry divisions, comes from various colonies of LIS. Though they lack professional training like soldiers of , their devotion to free the colonies from United Earth (and other autocratic sovereigns) is irreplaceable. Their motto: ‘The blood of the martyrs will water the seedlings of freedom’.

      LIS basic infantry that uses old-fashioned rifles to fight. Cheap to train, but relatively weak on battlefields.
    • Grenadier (T1)
      Grenadiers are basically militias who utilises explosives, which their grenades are effective destroying combat vehicles and buildings.

      Anti-vehicle infantry.
    • Hacker (T2)
      Not all systems can be hacked and taken over remotely, in this situation you'll need field operations. That's what these hackers are hired for, they infiltrate a building, hack into its systems, and put it under LIS's control.

      LIS equivalent of engineer, but it cannot repair buildings.
    • Saboteur (T2)
      Disruption warfare is one of the tactics of LIS, aimed to bring down normal operations of the enemy. The saboteurs do the dirty job, they sneak into the enemy's base under the help of optical stealth generators, they can steal credits from enemy silos and refineries, they can turn down generators, facilities and even weapon systems.

      Infiltrator. Stealthed all the time. Consumed when entering enemy building.
    • Laser Trooper (T2)
      Laser is one of the affordable yet powerful choice of weapons. Under years of development, LIS is capable creating devices that launches a hypercharged beam of laser capable to cut through thick alloy composite armour, even in a long range. Leading to the birth of Laser Trooper Division, it further proven LIS has independent military capability to protect themselves, and set more colonies free from United Earth.

      Shock troopers. Has a decent reload speed. Excels taking down aircrafts and tanks.
    • Blue Cross (T3)
      Blue Cross are the elite marksman of LIS military. They hide in shadows where bare eyes cannot see. They can take down armoured Space Marines effortlessly. Even drivers inside the vehicles can be killed only using one shot.

      LIS commando unit. Stealthed if stationary. Also detects stealth. If the target is a vehicle, it may turn the vehicle into a neutral, captureable status, which a UE engineer, a LIS hacker, a Zolarg missionary or a Draconian hyjacker can capture the husk to convert it to own faction.
    • ‘Marauder’ Attack Jeep (T1)
      Attack jeeps are modified from old jeep designs, they have missile pods installed on the top. The high horsepower engines remains their high mobility. When they encounter the enemy, they'll unleash a volley of rockets, devastating enemy light vehicles and aircrafts. LIS usually utilizing it for a guerilla warfare.

      Anti-vehicle anti-air light vehicle.
    • LIS Harvester (T1)
      Though they are assembled using second handed components and husks from black markets and chop shops, they still work in the same way as it should be, which its standard can compete that of United Earth's version.

      Equivalent of UE harvesters.
    • Scorch Tank (T2)
      Even though in this era, flamethrowers are still very effective destroying fortified defenses. With the improved composition of fuel used by these Scorch Tanks, almost anything can be reduced to ashes. Burn baby burn!

      Anti-infantry anti-building tank. Clears out enemy garrisons in buildings.
    • ‘Hunter’ Cruiser Tank (T2)
      Like the code name tells, it hunts for preys. These tanks utilizes strong firepower and high mobility in most terrains to destroy enemy tanks quickly at their weak spots. Though its armour is not very reliable at all.

      Battle tank of LIS.
    • ‘Lancer’ Beam Tank (T3)
      Beam cannons on these experimental beam tanks are not ordinary as you expects, its beam can vaporise anything within seconds. The beam tank not only having a strong firepower, it can switch between modes - At mobile mode it is a strong battle tank. At deployed mode, it has doubled firepower and increased firing range.

      Heavy assault vehicle of LIS.
    • ‘Rat’ Light Self-propelled Howitzer (T2)
      Cheap-to-go artillery vehicle used by LIS for siege and fire support tasks. Though it is an artillery, it can mobilize quickly for quick response.

      LIS artillery.
    • ‘Sparrow’ Patrol Copter (T1)
      These patrol aircrafts are the eyes of LIS military in the air, they effectively searching for enemies, even those hidden in somewhere not noticed by others will not be able to escape from their sensors.

      Recon aircraft. It is armed with an anti-infantry machine gun. Detects stealth. (This aircraft does not occupy aircraft landing pads.)
    • ‘Red Hawk’ Fighter Jet (T2)
      Conventional aircraft for surface support operations and enemy aircraft interception. The coaxial machine gun and the missile pods would help them manage most enemies in the battlefields.

      All-purpose fighter jet.
    • ‘Piranha' Waterbike (T1)
      ‘Piranha’ waterbikes swifts like wind, specialised raiding enemy ships using rockets. A squad of these waterbikes can be unstoppable.

      Hit-and-run light ambush vessel.
    • ‘Salmon’ Transport Submarine (T1)
      These small submarines are specialized for crossing the seas secretly, carrying an assault team inside.

      Troops may embark on or evacuate from the submarine when the submarine is surfaced. When submerged, only anti-stealth units and torpedo weapons can detect them. Detects submarines.
    • ‘Swordfish’ Corvette (T2)
      These simple corvettes composes most of the naval forces of LIS. A pair of powerful ship gun will blast enemies into the skies.

      LIS warship.
    • ‘Stingray’ Nuclear Submarine (T3)
      As the backbone of LIS navy, these submarines has high combat capabilities. While sneaking in the seas, they sink the enemies without being noticed. When they surface, they launch volleys of missiles that bombards the enemies miles away.

      Backbone warship of LIS. Stealthed when submerged. When surfaced, the missiles can also attack air units. Detects submarines.
  • Alpha Draconians
    • Extractor Drone (T1)
      Whenever you are seeing mineral fields are disappearing in an weird way, there might be stealthed Alpha Draconian mining drones digging them. Stealth device protects extractor drone in most cases.

      Alpha Draconian harvester unit. It is rather an ‘infantry’ more than a vehicle. Detects stealth.
    • Sentry Drone (T1)
      Besides on battlefields, sentry drones can be also seen in prison camps and slave camps, or in riots. The minigun equipped on them shreds the flesh of any living things.

      Basic ‘infantry’ of Alpha Draconians.
    • Ambusher Drone (T1)
      Harnessing the powerful ion beams and being stealthed when standing by, no vehicle can stand for more than few seconds when swarmed by them.

      Anti-vehicle 'infantry’ of Alpha Draconians. Stealthed when idle.
    • Hijacker Drone (T2)
      Hijacking devices on this drone are able to take over a facility within seconds, especially useful in battlefields. It also has minimal armaments for self protection against patrols.

      Equivalent of engineers and hackers.
    • Executioner Droid (T3)
      Executioner Droids are superior combat droids that their combat capabilities can be compared to a commando, only one can be assigned to one Alpha Draconian warlord. They are also the only droids given with a personnel teleporting device, which helps them bypass the defense line safely and launch sudden attack on the enemy's weakest spot, or evade from most dangerous situations.

      The droid can teleport itself at any explored location of the map. Armed with a beam gun that continuously damages enemy.
    • Modular Combat Hovercraft (T1)
      A hovering small bunker that obtains armaments from drones that it consumes. Uses anti-infantry minigun when no drones inside.

      Each MCH can only receive one drones for armament upgrade. Recieving a Sentry will obtain a double minigun turret. Recieving an Ambusher will change the main weapon into a stronger beam gun. Recieving a Extractor will give it a stationary stealth generator. Recieving a Hijacker will obtain an EMP emitter that unmobilizes the target enemy. Drones who have entered will not return, due to components being assimilated. Amphibious.
    • Piercer Hovertank (T2)
      Piercer hovertank uses a fully flexible autocannon as a weapon with two firing modes. Tank cannon mode attacks land units, while flak mode attacks air units.

      Anti-vehicle or anti-air battle tank. Amphibious.
    • Monitor Hovertank (T3)
      A new class of artillery researched by Alpha Draconian engineers, which it is installed onto a modified, stable hovertank chassis.
    • Devastator Hovertank (T2)
      Alpha Draconians has make use of their advantage of owning major ether reservoirs, leads to this infantry devastating weapon under use, at the cost of breaking 133 galactic military regulations.

      Anti-infantry vehicle. Clears out garrisons in buildings.
    • Dominator Hovermech (T3)
      Dominator Hovermech, the steel behemoth of the battlefield. Its beam-emitting eyes can stare anything to death.

      Heavy warmech.
    • Judge Gunship (T1)
      A nimble, light jet propelled gunship carrying proton launchers.

      Gunship aircraft.
    • Eliminator Saucer (T3)
      One of the ultimate destruction weapon of Alpha Draconians. The saucer unleashes a super powerful destruction beam when flies above enemies. Nothing will survive under its strong fire.

      Bomber aircraft with extremely low mobility.
  • Zolarg Empire
    • Swarmers (T1)
      Unity is the power - that's the motto of the entire Insectoid race. That is especially reflected on these swarmers, make up of various insectoid workers.

      Melee squad. Quick and cheap to train, extremely dangerous in a group, though they generally has a weak toughness
    • Rangerbug (T1)
      Insectoid militias that uses a primitive hand cannon to fight against enemies, which they are common local defense forces in Zolarg Empire.

      Ranged anti-vehicle infantry of Zolarg Empire. Can be switched to stationary mode (flak mode) that changes their attacking target from land to air.
    • Martyr (T2)
      These martyrs are suicide bombers, faithed and determined fighters of the Zolarg Empire. Fires of explosion will purify everything!

      Suicide bomber infantry. A large group can breach heavy fortifications if given appropriate support.
    • Missionary (T1)
      These religious missionaries will make way for Zolarg Empire - Influence buildings through devine powers... Somehow works.

      Equivalent of engineer, hacker and hijacker. Can heal infantries inside the same garrisoned buildings.
    • Apostle (T2)
      Apostles are usually the leaders of Zolarg militias, who ‘delivers the divine message from the Emperor’, fortifying the morale of the fellow brothers. Besides boosting morale, it also provides adequate firepower, from their heavy machine gun.

      Heavy infantry. It rides a beetle.
    • Awakened (T3)
      The insectoid warriors that have awakened their power controlling energy flow surrounding their body. They can release energy blasts from their hands, or unleash deadly melee attacks.

      Shock troopers of Zolarg Empire. Detects stealth.
    • Redeemer (T3)
      The redeemers are insectoid warriors with mastered supernatural powers. Besides able to attack like awakened, it also has a ability to brainwash a small group of enemy, permanently turning them to own side.

      Zolarg commando. Detects stealth.
    • Attack Rollercraft
      (Notes: Insectoids call wheeled vehicles ‘rollercrafts’.)
      These highly mobile attack rollers are manned with a driver and a grenadier, which explosives mixed with sticky ant paste are tossed to enemies at close range for most destructive effect.

      Anti-infantry vehicle. Can temporarily unmobilizes enemies blasted by explosives.
    • Landship (T1)
      Zolarg Landships are primitive tanks, wielding high toughness from thick armour (and a decently strong main cannon). It is also a effective infantry transport on land.

      Anti-vehicle tank. Can carry up to 8 infantries.
    • Siege Landship (T2)
      A heavier version of landship. It is not just tougher, its cannon can fire more than one type of ammunition - Cannonballs focuses on countering tanks and destroying fortifications from a long distance, while napalm will set fire that scorches the infantries.

      Note that it does not do anything carrying infantries. Napalm can clear out garrisons in buildings.
    • Boarding Party (T1)
      Boarding parties of Zolarg Empire are not just terrible in the space but also equally terrible on the seas. Their ship will quickly ram onto yours and the boarding party will soon tear your ship into useless scraps.

      Navy melee ship. It is also a troop transport, can carry up to 8 infantries.
    • Ironclad (T2)
      A rather modernized warship of Zolarg Empire. Slow, but has devastating ship cannons.

      Ranged melee ship.
    • Bumblebee Squad (T2)
      A flying group of winged Insectoids, with a duty to throw bombs onto enemy army, or sometimes aircrafts.

      The only Insectoid airforce unit.

  • UAV Control Tower (UE aircraft factory) (4 aircraft capacity)
  • Experimental Tech Centre (Tier-3 tech building)
  • Flak Pillbox (UE anti-air defense)
  • Torpedo Platform (UE heavy naval defense)
  • Plasma Cannon (UE heavy defense)
  • Propaganda Centre (UE combat support/research building)
  • Space Uplink (UE superweapon)
  • LIS Command Lander (LIS command centre)
  • Encampment (LIS barracks)
  • LIS Ore Refinery
  • Burner Generator (LIS power generator)
  • Garage (LIS vehicle factory)
  • Seaport (LIS naval yard)
  • Black Market (LIS Tier-2 tech)
  • Data Bank (LIS Tier-3 tech)
  • Bunker (LIS basic land defense, garrisonable)
  • Gunner turret (LIS basic anti-infantry anti-air defense)
  • Hacker Camp (LIS combat support/research building)
  • Airfield (LIS aircraft factory) (4 aircraft slots)
  • Laser Tower (LIS heavy defense)
  • Sea Sentry (LIS naval defense gun platform)
  • Missile Silo (LIS superweapon)
  • Depot (LIS silo)
  • Microreactor (AD power generator)
  • Central Command Hub (AD command centre)
  • Drone Pad (AD barracks)
  • Raw Material Teleporter (Refinery)
  • Launcher Node (AD basic defense)
  • Offshore Launcher Node (AD naval defense)
  • Stargate (AD vehicle & aircraft factory)
  • High Frequency Node (AD Tier-2 tech)
  • Conquest Center (AD Tier-3 tech)
  • Secret Operation Centre (AD combat support/research building)
  • Stealth Field Generator (AD special defense)
  • Ether Storm Generator (AD superweapon)
  • Home Mound (ZE command centre)
  • Forge (ZE refinery)
  • Outpost Mound (ZE barracks & basic anti-infantry defense)
  • Rangerbug Burrow (ZE anti-air defense)
  • Stockpile (ZE silo)
  • Landship Workshop (ZE vehicle factory)
  • Drydocks (ZE naval yard)
  • Command Post (ZE Tier-2 tech)
  • Shrine of Destiny (ZE Tier-3 tech)
  • War Academy (ZE combat support/research building)
  • Temple of Doom (ZE superweapon)

Ideas on Government UI

2020-05-17 11:42:10
Hello guys.

Here is something I wanna suggest for the Government UI.

I wish to change the colonist concerns in the from of a list.

So what will be on the list?
Here are some examples.

Clinics and hospitals are flooded with patients. Some patients even not able to queue for a doctor.

Absence of healthcare has put some areas under a risk of outbreak.

Serious health crisis in the colony! We urgently need response!

A rising crime rate reflects inadequate security forces.

Some areas are not protected.

Troublemakers are putting the colony into chaos!

What do you think?

RE:Map Specific Survival Utilies?

2020-05-12 13:14:20
Here’s another survival utility.

Also features some Alpha Draconian buildings.

Needed in: Lost World planet.
The Lost World planets are highly contaminated by a variety of biotoxic contaminants from ether streams, and the contaminants can stick onto objects easily. If untreated, colonists might bring the contaminants with their objects inside the airtight rooms, eventually creating a deadly chamber that kills the colonists when the contaminants are released.
Even though the contaminants can be seperated from the objects using household scrubbers, the contaminants must be drained and put under further treatment using specialised utilities, otherwise the contaminants would still cause long-term health threats to the colonists.

  • Contaminant Vent
    A simple pump is used to drain the contaminants away from household scrubbers, and then left inside underground chambers for decaying into a safely-disposable form.
  • Contaminant Neutralization Plant
    Through some chemical neutralization processes, the contaminants are reducd into compacted trash that are safe for disposal.
  • Janitor Hive
    Janitors are assigned to clean the contaminated objects and locations, and then launch the barreled contaminant out of the colony using a cannon.
  • Scrubbing Centre
    Scrubbing Centre provides more decontamination services. Contaminants from various cleaning operations are collected, and processed into ant paste. Don’t worry, the ant paste produced is not toxic.
  • Contaminant Processing Centre
    The contaminants from Lost World planets are indeed deadly. But these contaminants do have some military values, so the contaminants from various scrubbers are collected here, and then processed into biochemical weapons. Those biochemical weapons worth a lot of money if sold in Alpha Draconia, the capital of Alpha Draconians.

New civ? - Antiquitas

2020-05-12 11:10:43
Hello guys.

Though I know Antiquitas aren’t very popular as My Colony, but there’s an civilization I can suggest.

During the Roman Empire, there’s also another glorious Empire on the far Eastern lands.
It’s the Han Empire of China.

So your opinions towards this?

RE:New civ? - Antiquitas

2020-05-12 11:10:16
Sorry I posted it in a wrong

The actual post is here

RE:Increase Builder Speed

2020-05-11 22:40:46
Hey, that leads to a new idea - WHY NOT WE CAN PRODUCE PRE-GROUPED UNITS.

RE:Corruption Gameplay

2020-05-11 06:55:32
Here, are the ideas of buildings that increases the Corruption Threshold Value by a massive amount.

  • Insitution of Corruption Investigation
    Corruption corrodes the society. So for the continuation of prosperity and the society itself, a insitution like this one is needed.
  • Independent Inspectors
    Inspectors are hired from here to investigate potential cases of corruption. These inspectors have no linkage with the government and upholds fairness, you can trust their reports.
  • Temple of Probity Guardians
    Greed is a sin, and the sin is especially harmful to the communal society of the Insectoids. The Probity Guardians will manage punishing those corrupted. While it also promote moral principals to the public.
  • Overseer’s Office
    The Overseers specialise inspection of corruption on Arbiters, to prevent their power overrunning the Draconian lords.

Corruption Gameplay

2020-05-11 05:18:55
Hello guys.

Corruption of the insitutions and governance systems is always a challenge in real life.
This would bring us a new gameplay for My Colony - Corruption and Reform.

It won’t get very complicated in terms of concept.

Corruption generation depends on how many politicians/arbiters in your colony. The more politicians/arbiters in your colony, the faster corruption rises.
Arbiters generates more corruption than politcians.
Corruption Threshold Value is the ‘amount’ of Corruption you can ‘hold’, it prevents corruption causing major troubles to your colony. Once exceeding the value, your colony will begin losing resources, especially money that losses at a higher rate.
Most government buildings provides additional Corruption Threshold Value.

To bring down Corruption value, you can use some anti-corruption acts, available at capitol and consulates (and equivalents from other civilizations).
The first way is launching Structural Refrom. This way consumes civics. Reduces all corruption at once, but civic cost is multiplied in the next use.
Another act, available earlier, is the Position Replacement. It requies more civics than the first one, but it does not have a multiplier, the cost only depends on how corrupt the colony is.
If you have a sufficient number of security staffs in the colony, there’s one more action you can do - Wipeout Operation. Costs much less civics to take down corruption, but with a consequence, a random number of colonists will be deported away.

Hopefully you’ll like this idea!

RE:My Colony Shadow Banned on Google Play?

2020-05-09 23:52:15



RE:My Colony Shadow Banned on Google Play?

2020-05-09 23:51:02
At the moment the game is still standing on the search list
(Notes: For some reason the game name is translated in my region when I see it on Google Play, it already happened before v1.5.0)


Map Specific Survival Utilies?

2020-05-09 14:10:30
Hello guys!

Map-specific service utilities have been mentioned for couples of times in the past.
They can make a good challenge for the game on specific maps.

So today, with this post, I’ll make a recall on this idea and introduce my thoughts as well.

Survival utilities would be similar to services like healthcare and security, but they’re on a higher priority, as the utilities are required for SURVIVAL on certain planets! A lack of these utilities will cause a serious health problem, eventually causing deaths.
The reason I don’t prefer modes like power and bandwidth is because I want a special emphasis on COVERAGE RANGE. Like heating systems on tundra planets cannot reach too far as there’ll be heat loss over distance and exposure to coldness. It’s not reasonable for me to have the buildings deactviated for insufficency of these utilities, as building should run without those utilities, when terraforming is complete, or on other types of planets.
The demands for the survival utilities not just comes from the residential areas, but also workplaces. So number of workers in workplaces also counted as demands for these utilities.
In addition the demands will last permanently long per colonist, unlike healthcare and education.

For the buildings, the colour of the names represents different races as follows: Human and Insectoids.

Here supposes all buildings have the same service range.

So let’s have this as example of Survival Utilities.
<Heating System>
Utility needed in: Tundra Planet
In such sub-zero coldness, even common heaters can’t do much warming up the shelters. So here, you must have stronger heat sources to make sure your colonists won’t froze to death.

Heating Provider:
  • Simple Steam Cycler
    There’re simple appratus you can recycle heat from generators and furnances, to boil water to steam, the steam are piped to the indoor radiators, and then cooled steam are cycled back to collect heat again. Not much it can do as it works in a rather primitive way.

    Heating serves at most 10 colonists.
    Uses 5 power.
    Size 1×1
  • Small Heat Hub
    A heat distribution device in a smaller scale. It has got an independent heater for heating up the externally-insulated heat pipes, which the pipes are connected to the vents of homes and workplaces.

    Upgrde of Simple Steam Cycler.
    Heating serves 30 colonists.
    Uses 10 power.
    Size 1×1.
  • Heat Hub
    A standard heat hub that can keep the entire town not so chilly. A powerful heater is used for keeping the heat distribution network hot enough.

    Heating serves 200 colonists.
    Uses 80 power.
    Size 2×2.
  • Nuclearthermal Hub
    The electrical heater is replaced by a nuclear-powered ones. Just for a tiny amount of uranium to fuel it up, it’ll bring the neccessary warmth for many.

    Upgrade of Heat Hub.
    Heating serves 1800 colonists.
    Uses 10 power.
    Consumes uranium.
    Size 2×2.
  • Warmstone Hearth
    In an old fashioned way of Insectoids, stones with high heat capacity are heated up inside the fiery hot hearth that burns sugar directly, and then the stones are distributed to everybody as primitive personnel hand-warmers.

    Heating serves 20 colonists.
    Burns sugar slowly.
    Size 1×1.
  • Hot Tower
    A powerful burner that keep the indoors of a mound warm enough when fueled with sugar.

    Upgrade of Warmstone Hearth.
    Heating serves 250 colonists.
    Burns sugar.
    Size 1×1.
  • Hotmound
    The Hotmound is a essential heating facility for a tundra Insectoid colony and also a good place for a relaxing hot bath after long shifts.

    Heating serves 900 colonists.
    Entertainment serves 30 colonists.
    Uses 80 power.
    Size 2×2.


2020-05-09 10:34:54
Hello @bastecklein !

I'm having an idea to have a civilization game in a My Colony fashion.

The perspectives will no longer be on one planet anymore, we're putting it into the galaxy.

It's kind of like My Starships game, except what you control is a superpower in the galaxy instead of a ship.
Players will play as one of the four major civilizations - United Earth, League of Independent States, Zolarg Empire and Alpha Draconians.
Like civilization games, we develop cities (planets), conduct researches, advance to the new era, explore the galaxy, and conquer new systems.

Except... You can only settle new cities on new planets.
And only three structures you can build in the open space: Extraction Outpost (on resource fields like gas reservoirs and asteroid fields), Spacestation (for defensive, sentry and fleet supply use) and Starbase (advanced Spacestation).

Resources are also featured in the game... AS USUAL!
City yields:
  • Food 🌽 - for local population growth.
  • Production ⚙️ - Industrial productions which are needed in all kinds of constructions locally.
  • Credits 💰 - For maintaining some districts and all military of your empire. If you wanna shorten the construction time to one turn, this is also where you'll use them.
  • Civics 🏛️ - Expands political territory in the space, as well as accumulated for implementing empire-wide policies.
  • Research ⚗️ - What else a document of knowledge can do except creating innovations for your empire?
  • Stability 🚩 - You'll always want your planets to be stable and riot-less.
  • Energy ⚡ - Some advanced districts needs energy to keep running.

The next thing to introduce is the combat system.
Combats has two types. One being starship battle, another one being ground battle (on planet).
The former one would be (supposed) the most common battles you may encounter. The later one only occurs when you bring troopers to invade the planet.
To take over a planet, the fleet battle must be won first. If the fleet battle is won, troopers will deal with ground forces - that's the ground battle. If defender planet loses both battles, the planet will change hands. Of course, some districts are destroyed and some resisting population will die in the takeover.
If you only bring starships to intrude a planet, after winning the fleet battle, the planet will only get blockaded (trade route blocked), and the starships can only bombard the planet when told to. Bombardment kills population, and also have chance to kill ground forces and destroy districts on the planet.
Some defensive structures helps repel invasions. For example, global shield reduces bombardment efficiency, ground defense networks boosts defending troopers' ability, minefields and GSW (Ground-to-Space-Weapons) damages enemy bombarding ships as well as weakening incoming ground attacks.

Now let's talk about another gameplay concept - Empire-wide policies.
Policies costs accumulated civics to implement. They'll provide buffs, instead of unlocking items.
Such as, Free Thoughts policy provides extra 0.5 Research yields per 1M population, and Militias policy boosts ground defense by 10% per 5M population.

My ideas will end here, and hopefully this can bring you some help expanding Ape Apps game collections, or just simply helps!

RE:The Lore of the My Colony Universe

2020-05-08 02:33:57

We have 4 major civilizations in My Colony universe.
Just wanna ask. Will there be any minor civilizations? 🤔

(If defining minor civilizations as those having influence that only covers a planet or just a small system)

Random Events?

2020-05-07 01:17:05
Hello guys.

It may be a good idea to bring your colony some more challenges, as well as opportunities with random events, though it is not the first time this idea has been suggested.

So here I would like to share my ideas.

In the game you'll encounter a random event periodically, like 4-in-game-monthes interval you'll receive a pop-up.
Usually the event will bring you immediate effects, or a long term effect that lasts no longer than 4-in-game-monthes.
To secure development of the early colonies some events requires specific building(s) or atmosphere level, trash, planet type to trigger. And some events can be prevented by specific buildings.
Some of the events will require your decision, in this case you can choose the outcome of the event.

Here are some of my ideas.
  • Food spoilage
    Some problem occurred in our food storages, causing [loss] units of our food are spoiled.

    The loss is equal to 20% of food you have.

    Prevented by:
    • Quantum Food Storage
    • Subterranean Food Storage
    • Gravitational Compression Warehouse
    • Quantum Supply Pile
    • Unholy Pit of Stuff
    • Unholy Tower of Stuff
    • Advanced Materials Silo
    • Near-Infinite Materials Silo
  • Storm
    A storm have just struck our colony. Our buildings are damaged.

    All buildings' condition -10%.

    Triggered by:
    • Planet atmosphere ≥ 1000000
  • Plague Outbreak
    A massive outbreak in our colony has caused [deaths] colonists died and [sicks] colonists gravely ill. Expect a increase of workloads on medical facilities.

    Death rate is 1% of all colonists you have and sick rate is the rest of 15% colonists you have. Rounded down.
    Medical demands increases by 30% for 2-in-game-monthes.

    Prevented by:
    • Advanced Medical Research Center
    • Ant Paste Rejuvenation Clinic
    • Bloodletting Station
  • Enlightment
    A enlightment movement has boosted our science output!

    Science output doubled for 2-in-game-monthes.
  • Innovation
    A smart engineer in our colony have created innovations which the concepts can inspire our own scientists or we can sell the patent for profit.
    Which way you would like to make use of the patent?

    Instantly provides a sum of money (based on number of techs you have) or a sum of research (that worthes 50% cost of the most expensive tech researchable at the moment.)

More event ideas might be added soon!

RE:Public Transit and Decorative Vehicles Coming to v1.5.0

2020-05-07 00:01:13
I'm suggesting the public transit also boosts the commute range of the residential buildings.
It means, they can cover further workplaces.

Some building ideas

2020-05-06 10:24:20
Just simply some building ideas.

The colour of the texts represents the civilization it belongs to, as follows: Humans (both United Earth and LIS), United Earth, LIS, Zolarg (Insectoids) and Alpha Draconians (Reptilians).

  • Aquaculture Well
    A vertical facility built into the sea to plant aquatic plants for food and raising up the fishes, in a self-sustaining system.
  • Food Replicator
    This machine will process almost all inedibles into delicious food for many. While your people will never know is what their meals are made of...

    Kind of, mixing trash, atmosphere and a smaller amount of ant pastes to make food. Terrible but deals with food for many cheaply.
  • Cobalt-Dyeing Den
    The blue cobalt mineral itself is a perfect dye, and also one of the important ingredients for Draconian purple dyes. Draconian Dyeing artistians works here to process clothes with cobalt dyes selling them to galactic markets or guests - and of course, 90% of the profit goes to the Draconian lords.

    Consumes cloth and cobalt, producing money and provides tourism.
  • War Arsenal
    As a warlike civilization, waging expandition wars isn't an easy task. So as to support the endless demands for weapons, heavy subsidies are used as providing incentives building arsenals, where the ingredients are processed to various weapon components that will be directly teleported to the interstellar war supply distribution centres.
  • Temple of the Enlightened
    Be faithed. Be blessed. Be enlightened. The Temple of Enlightment is not just a place to worship the unholy powers, but also enlightens worshippers using knowledge.

    Provides entertainment and (a few) education, produces antaura.
    Serves as an upgrade for the Shrine of Mystics.
  • Goldhenge of Culture
    The Goldhenge marked the revival of Insectoid culture. This is where you'll be able to hear wonderful pieces naturalism music, and seeing theatres telling the myths and stories of the ancient Insectoids.

    Entertainment building.
  • Nanoprocessor Cluster
    The nanoprocessor cluster make use of nanites to build a complex yet ultra-efficient bandwidth networks!
  • Superdrive proxy database
    One of the state-of-the-art proxy tech device of LIS, the proxy it generates is able to cover the entire colony, while providing enormous bandwidth network for stealth operations and civilian use.


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