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Hello guys.

A little problem regarding ice spawn, especially on maps like water world.
Ice are spawned even with lowest ice ratio settings, which may not be something good to see in tropical themed maps.

Hence I'd suggest a No Ice setting for the game editor, which disables ice-water ratio and all waters will be water without ice in certain worlds.
18d ago
First go to activate mod in main menu side bar to choose the mod you want to edit, and then go into the editor. Then here you are.
21d ago
Change log is written in the update notes text file.

26d ago
Just a simple list-out of tech ideas.

  • Low-G Hydroponics
    We can't just keep growing potatoes in the small and cramp greenhouses, right?
  • Basic Interplanetary Communications
    Our mission still depends on support from Earth. That's why we need a communication channel, to request new colonists and resupplies.
  • Low-G Construction
    Although we have convenient and simple prefabricated buildings, however they are not highly reliable. We need new ways of construction using cement and steel that can be achieved locally.
  • Microscale Manufacturing
    When building a large factory is too expensive and we don't have much manpower in our colony, then microscale manufacturing is the early solution to begin producing advanced supplies.
  • Soil Adaption
    Plant breeds that are adaptable to alien soil can bring even more green possibilities to your colony, in terms of agriculture (and gardening).
  • Atmospheric Gas Processing
    When different gases in the atmosphere are separated, they can be valuable industrial raw materials.
  • Colony Logistics
    Logistics and mass transit system is the bloodstream of a city. It is the same for a colony, you'll need a efficient transportation system to bring resources from afar to places where they are needed.
  • Alien Geology
    The richest minerals hides beneath the crust. Learn how to locate them and extract them safely.
  • Colony Community
    Community support is one of the needs for a us, to keep ourselves motivated on our tasks. Now we can begin with fulfilling the need a suitable place for community gatherings.
  • Crowdfunding
    If the colony needs more funds, crowdfunding is one of the good ways to do it, especially when you have good reputation among communities from Earth.
  • Systematic Research
    Reorganize research teams and facilitate research cooperation under a systematic way.
  • Frontier Engineering
    To get an outpost into running in a short time, we will need faster ways of construction (without sacrificing quality) for the key facilities.
  • Advanced Low-G Engineering
    It's time to elevate engineering to another level in all aspects - we need elevating quality, elevating durability, elevating efficiency and elevating building height.
27d ago

As the name tells, it don't contain some really good terrain objects XD
27d ago
Hello guys!

This is an idea to make the open map even more interesting.

And as told, MC2 happens much more earlier than MC1. We might have much less knowledge on the new frontiers afar. We won't have many highly adaptable technologies unless we study the new planet and create some technologies tailor-made for the colony.

Studying the planet is not just simple as soil and rocks, there are always something that has high value for inspection and studying, which are rare and different from normal things, I'd call that points/locations of interest.

(Test render of some objects....... that's really too many things here)

The points of interest can be a rock (with something hidden inside), can be some regolith of different compositions, can be some rare minerals, can be some old rover wreckages from space missions many years ago, can be a meteor crater, etc.

The points of interest can be identified by its blue glow (not the crystalline lol). These objects can be inspected by a new class of rover called Explorer Rover.

Upon inspection, the explored site might provide some bonuses, or nothing in return at all. Possible bonuses in my mind are, research, resources, underground resource deposits (if we have resource heatmap), discoveries that provides your colony with extra funds, etc.

That's what in my mind so far. What do you think regarding adding more exploration elements?
28d ago
This is actually the "microchip factory", if you don't know it yet.
28d ago
Don't mind the file name, rename it as you like.

The .vox file just in case someone wished to use MagicaVoxel to edit them
28d ago
#MyColony2 #VoxelPaint #VoxelModel #CommunityContents #MagicaVoxel #Scroll3D


Some months ago, inside the secret lab in the deep mountains.... Wait, wrong script.
Just a few monthes ago, our dev @bastecklein got hands onto creating a (sort of) next generation engine for upcoming games of Ape Apps. With some computer magic and pretty much hard efforts, the brand new engine Scroll3D was born, a new engine comes with elevation in terms of dimensions, from 2D to 3D.
The detailed story about creation of Scroll3D can be found in this post.

The currently under development My Colony 2 (MC2) is created using Scroll3D engine. So how it would look like? Here are some demonstrations from the recent in game footage.

Currently, the Scroll3D engine is capable of the followings, compared to the older Scroll2D engine:
  • More realistic light rendering.
  • Light emitting objects!
  • A better representation of height and elevation.
  • Diagonal movement of objects.
  • 3 dimensional details for objects.
You can see the 3D models are very blocky in shape. This style is called Voxel, which every model are built up block by block. In other words, you can say it is low pixel graphics but it is in 3D.
The reason bastecklein adopted this style is because voxel models are generally easy to make. This is a good thing for people who would like to contribute to the graphical designs of game objects in game development, or create mods for the games - that is also one of the major features of My Colony 2.

Games using Scroll3D engine, including My Colony 2, use .vpp files for object graphics in the game. So how you can create the voxel models?

Bastecklein has also created another app for creating voxel models in .vpp format - Voxel Paint.
This is a dedicated app for creating .vpp models for any Ape Apps games using Scroll3D engine. A simple and easy-to-use app, it allows you to create simple, small voxel models. More importantly, it is available on many platforms, from your desktop computer to your mobile devices.
You can try out the app a bit on the embed window above.

Voxel Paint can work in conjunction with another popular, totally free open source software that is also for creating voxel models, MagicaVoxel. MagicaVoxel, compared to Voxel Paint, has more convenient and advanced tools that can help making of voxel models easier, especially when you're trying to create larger models that would take days to make on Voxel Paint. However, it is so far only available on PC devices.
This is their official website where you will find the latest download version, and their Github page:
Models created using MagicaVoxel is in format of .vox, this format cannot be used in My Colony 2, it requires conversion in Voxel Paint using the Import .vox file function and then save it as usable .vpp files.
This is a screenshot of the user interface.

At this moment, the standard unit of a tile in Scroll3D engine is 16×16 voxels. Hence, when you're creating voxel models, please set canvas size/base area parameters as multiples of 16 (16×16, 32×32, 48×48, etc.) for proper designs.

Any voxel models in .vpp format you have created can be submitted on the Ape Apps forums, which upon submission of the post/comment the .vpp model preview can be rendered.

Just a few hours before this post, My Colony 2 reached v0.2.0 with a few basic gameplay features implemented successfully. It is far from completion, and some buildings need better models. However, there is also plentiful of space for adding shiny new good stuff and refining the current details, this is where bastecklein will need more cool thoughts, amazing ideas and fine suggestions from us. Of course, better or new voxel models!

As always:
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
1mo ago
This is the updated version of all my voxel models including those simplified or reworked.

Has some new stuff along the way.
1mo ago
For example, this:
Into this:
1mo ago
Hello guys!

Recently, I'm feeling there are some needs for simplifying the shapes of voxel models.
I was thinking if we have a full screen of models with complicated shapes, it might be eye-pain to users.
So for user friendly purpose, I'm planning on extensive modifications on my voxel models.

The main parts will be simplifying and smoothing the shape of the voxel models.

Only voxel models from me will be modified.
1mo ago

The cloud traces generated by cursor path creates some terrain rendering problem over here.
1mo ago
Anything final is up to Bastecklein.
And as I usually say, the lores I've written are NOT CANON (the nature of my fan lores are just some my-own-version-additions, variants based on existing ones) so not to too-largely-and-negatively impact the actual gameplay or contents of the games. Either I'll mark it with fan lores tag or attach a warning regarding the contents.
Especially when many things are not set, it's neither a good time nor a good thing setting restrictions onto the plans.

And personally I think it's a good point leaving space for players' own imagination filling the gaps in the lores. Not everything must be defined officially, at the same time it is a story able fitting into the genre and the gameplay.
1mo ago
bastecklein said:Sorry I stole your spreadsheet @GeneralWadaling , but your work inspired me to add excel embedding into the forum lol

No big problems! It's also a good addition for embedding some documents into the forum.
Thanks for crediting :)
1mo ago
Hello guys!

A fan-made outlaw faction idea, probably for some comic relief purpose, lol.
Here, introducing the Twilight Syndicate!


The Twilight Syndicate's origin can be dated back to Earth Reunification War period. They were originally a group of mercenary known as Ronins, working for one of the Asian warlords, Clan Asahi. As the United Earth Movement pushes into Asia and wiped out many warlords, these mercenaries quickly deserted their not-so-profitable client and evaded the onslaught of United Earth Movement forces.
For a period of time after United Earth is established, they have been hiding in Japan as secret society, operating illegal businesses under the nose of United Earth. After many years competing influence with other mafias around the Pacific Ocean and annexed them, the core members of the mercenaries reorganized the entire secret society as Clan Twilight. This is the beginning of Twilight Syndicate.

Even when they are still on Earth they are already a very notorious group of outlaws. They were known for sabotaging government's plans and intel thefts. Besides, they are a large nuisance in East Coast of North America, broke into many local banks and hot dog shops, committed robbery and hot dog thefts. (wait, why hot dogs???)
So when they begin expanding into the space? It was since United Earth reinitialized the space colonization projects for a few years, harnessing the security loopholes of spaceports, they slip into colony shuttles, relocating themselves away from Earth to the colonies in Melete-68. With the development of space commuting methods and their unpredictable ways bypassing security and law enforcers, eventually they were everywhere in United Earth.
Their activities were even more unimaginabe since then. Instances like "opening a bank vault by knocking the vault door with a wooden stick", "walking past security thresholds without triggering alerts", "knocked out an entire squad of SWAT with just a baguette", "cargo of the ship replaced by big hot dogs", etc, occuars more frequently than usual. In just one to two years, they were regarded as one of the most dangerous outlaw organizations in United Earth.
Their connections with LIS begins at Human Civil War. The Twilight Syndicate provided a number of funds and resources to LIS before and after the Terra Nova Incident, including weapons, confidential intels, black market technologies and mercenaries. Their support was one of the reason for early LIS success in the war. Even after the war, LIS maintained limited cooperation with them, mainly smuggling necessary supplies across the blockades enforced by United Earth.
With everything begin developing in galactic scale in the new galactic era started by the colonization race among 4 major powers of the galaxy, the Twilight Syndicate is planning to expand their "business" into the further deep space, where it is always another wild west of massive opportunities (and profits). Recently, they are setting their eyes onto Alpha Draconians.....

The Twilight Clan formed the core of this organization. They are highest ranked members, boss of the bosses. The Clan Master is the leader of his/her clan and the entire Twilight Syndicate.
Below the Twilight Clan, are the Gang-bosses. Each Gangboss leads their branch of gangs. While must remain loyalty and respect to the Twilight Clan and required to pay part of their "profits", they are given a high extent of freedom, able to freely manage their minions as they wanted unless the Clan has further orders. Each of their gang branches are unique from each other, so don't be surprised about the large contrasts. But generally all these gangs uses similar ranks systems.
There can be competition, often the hostile ones, occuars between the Gangbosses, often results in one gang annexing another. Unless harming the long term interest of the Twilight Clan, the Twilight Clan generally tolerates these bloody internal conflicts.
While most members of the Twilight Syndicate would be managed by Gangbosses and the Twilight Clan, there are some members that are independent from their direct control, which they are called the "Exceptionals". The "Exceptionals" are often exceptional specialists with high value to the Twilight Syndicate, such as masterminds, veteran mercenaries and notorious hackers. They have the least restriction in the organization and heavily paid by the Twilight Syndicate for important jobs, however, they don't have right to involve into decisions of the Twilight Clan.

<Major Activities>
They have been notorious for the following illegal activities:
  • Piracy
    Many pirates in United Earth operates under the flag of Twilight Syndicate. Have been serious nuisance to developing colonies, cargo ships and merchants in peripheral regions of United Earth.
  • Smuggling
    Besides illegally smuggle goods and supplies across United Earth borders to LIS, they also distributes contraband in their operating, including weapons, protected resources, dangerous chemicals and illegal labor.
  • Intelligence Thefts
    Twilight Syndicate has been known for intel thefts for many years. Victims includes government institutions, large corporations and even military bodies like United Earth Space Marines. They are responsible for many cases of leaking of confidential information and revealing scandals "from unreliable sources".
  • Artifact Thefts and Counterfeit
    Ancient artifacts are one of the most valuable assets in the Galaxy. Recently they begin stealing ancient artifacts from museums and research institutions and sell these artifacts (or counterfeit version) back at a more expensive prise.
  • Blackmailing
    One of their old tricks.
Their major presence is mainly in United Earth and LIS.

<Core value?>
There are many theories about the core value of Twilight Syndicate. Some said they are anarchists, some see them as freeman, some argued they are just profit orientated like other capitalists. If only look into the motto of the Twilight Clan, that might be their official core value: "The sun of the evil imperialism shall set." That might partly explains why large corporations and United Earth government bodies often become their victims - The Twilight Syndicate see them as imperialists whom try to control everything.
Sometimes what they do can be contradictory to their core value, though. In some cases, if they are well paid, they might be willing to help the major powers competing for galactic supremacy a bit.

Not a well made one, but hopefully it is at least readable.
1mo ago
Hello guys!
Some times ago I was thinking about minor civilizations and other races in the galaxy. One of the things in my mind is an aquatic civilization. Taking a bit reference from the legendary Atlantis, this gave me an idea - The Atlanians.

National Emblem: The Moon Aqua and the Trident of Balance

The Atlanians have a very long history, longer than that of Humans, but not old as Alpha Draconians. Their civilization was born some millenniums after the disappearance of the Ancients, on a planet in the Blue Clusters lying just at the rim of the central Galaxy.
Originally, the Atlanians were just fishes in the deep ocean, only dwells in the deep abysses of this oceanic planet. There's a myth telling how Atlanians touched the lands and the air of their planet for the first time:
A fish look at "The Walls", wondered how would the world above the ocean would look like. He swim upper and upper, trying to reach the top of "The Walls". As he reached the borderline between the skies and the ocean, he jumped out from the water with his all efforts. He passed over.
When he wake up, he saw the world above the ocean. He saw the land above "The Walls", he saw a new world, he saw a rising sun on the horizons. When he tried to move, he found out his body was not the same as before - fins becomes limbs, tail becomes legs. In the air, he hears a wisper from the god - A gift for the curious fish.

Still, in human perspectives, it is a result of evolution. There are fossil records found that resembles intermediate of primitive aquatic creatures and Atlanians.

In a very long time of Atlanian history, Atlanians organizes themselves as kingdoms since their civilization begin to form.
Atlanians are relatively peaceful when compared to other mainstream civilizations in the galaxy. Some said peace is their nature, but more (non-Atlanian) people believe their peace is a result of culture and history. Rarely they have conflicts within or with other civilizations in their history, but still, one of the wars has taken a big part forming their ideology of peace, balance and coexistence. This legend is recorded in their ancient literature:
The war between the Kings spread across the world, the seas are no longer clear as Aquamarine, it is corrupted in bloodbath. A young man, hoped to stop the Kings' rampage, set on his journey to the Moon Aqua, wish to know the way to restore harmony between the Kingdoms......
......After the Trials of the Ocean Gods, he finally reaches the answer he looks for - The Balance. His vision for a harmonious world is clear. The Trident of Balance responds to his will, granting him the power to restore his world, to save his world from chaos.
He spread the words of peace across the world, he shared his vision to the Kings. The Kings, figuring out the destruction have done to the world, eventually withdraw their weapons. They kneeled to the young man, asked the young man to show the path to redeem their sins.
The young man showed them the way of harmony, peace and mercy instead of punishments. He said, Balance is the key for a better world.

Their peaceful ideologies impacted their history a lot which has promoted the prosperity and stability of their civilization. Several generations later, they begin marching into the space and established many colonies, and eventually new kingdoms, in the Blue Clusters. All these kingdoms collectively formed a confederate to maintain their common vision of their harmonious civilization - the Confederate of Atlanian Kingdoms.
Due to their neutrality, and their relative powerful strength as a minor civilization in the Galaxy, they seldom have problems facing diplomatic or military pressure from any other nations, their civilization remained very peaceful for many years while remained cooperation with many other nations and civilizations. However, the recent invasion by the New Galactic Empire is the turning point in their history which their peaceful stance is not being respected. Fearing it would become the demise of their civilization, they accepted the offers of Alpha Draconians for a cooperation against the aggression of the New Galactic Empire, first time breaking their neutrality.

Since the birth of their civilization, the Blue Clusters is the home for these Atlanians. Besides the Blue Clusters, they also have many colonies across the Galaxy, mainly on aquatic planets.
  • <Blue Clusters>
    The homeworld of Atlanians, the cradle of Atlanian Kingdoms. This region contains numerous oceanic and aquatic planets which makes comfortable homes for these ocean-dwelling people. It is the political capital and cultural center of this civilization. Has the name of Blue Clusters as the stars in this region emit distinctive blue lights.
  • <Selene System>
    This is the economic center of Atlanian Kingdoms. This place has been an important trading port due to its location, it borders United Earth, Alpha Draconians and Blue Clusters. Many colonies of Atlanian Kingdoms are located here.
  • <Anthea System>
    One of the major exclaves of Atlanian Kingdoms, an encalve located inside United Earth. Regarded as one of the best locations for tropical vacations - there are some beautiful tropical planets in this system.
  • <Larisa Enclaves>
    A cluster of Atlanian exclaves are located in the neutral Larisa Stars region.

<Political Structure>
As a confederate, Atlanian Kingdoms are composed of many member kingdoms of Atlanian origins, which includes those in Blue Clusters and their exclaves.
The Assembly of Kings is the legislation and executive institution of the Atlanian Kingdoms, each meeting hold at regular intervals of 10 years and usually lasts around a month. A meeting begins with every kingdom reporting their overall situation and welcome new kings and queens if there is any. And then the kingdoms will discuss any submitted issues of Atlanian importance (such as external trade and diplomacy), making decisions on collective principle, by those kingdoms who are considered involved into.
If not considering the collective policies, each kingdoms are governed on their own without common restrictions. The constitutional structure might varies from kingdom to kingdom as each might has their own roles, however in every kingdom, the King or the Queen is the representative and the highest leader of his or her kingdom.

Culturally, Atlanians are well known not only because of their pacifism, but they are well mannered, they have pursuit of sophistication and perfection, and especially their unique artistic values. When you look into their architecture, you won't feel a large contrast, but they combine pretty well into the atmosphere and the surrounding environment, in the same time they are amazing with fine details. When you look into their outfits, they might look simple, but actually created with many fine details, while it is comfortable to wear and durable. That's the art of Atlanians: Extraordinary, but in a harmonious, non-aggressive way that makes you feel comfortable.

Many technologies used in Atlanian Kingdoms are directly or derived from those of United Earth and Alpha Draconian origins, acquired from trading agreements. Yet Atlanians are not without their unique wisdom, especially they are the largest aquatic civilization in the galaxy - a master of aquatic technologies. Their technologies are not limited by oceans, they can be used on land and space and are highly adaptable to many environments, except those extreme. Most importantly, they are environmentally friendly. :)

A large proportion of Atlanian economy is driven by external trades, mainly between United Earth and Alpha Draconians.
Domestically, they have some unique industries.
One of their famous industries is fish herding, they breed fishes in a natural way but still supported by their technologies to achieve high yield. The fish meat produced are in high quality, and you can get the most original taste of it compared to the GM fishes which is common in United Earth. The silk produced by a deep sea dwelling Silk-cod is a good material for making fine sheets of fabric.
Another of their unique industries is the deep sea quarrying, one of the major supplier of the beautiful but rare Atlanian Yellow Marble in the Galaxy. These marbles are primarily for constructions in Atlanian cities.

Atlanian military was never used for invading others, purely for self-defense. The majority of their military are garrisons on the planets, while the remaining are mobile response forces operating in Blue Clusters or in the exclaves of Atlanian Kingdoms.
Their military focuses on quality over quantity. This is reflected by their strict military standards - to be enlisted as a soldier, first you'll need to spend 5 years in military academy learning combat skills, martial arts, military doctrines and basic tactics. And then you'll face your first test. Once you've passed the test, you'll have to spend another 10 years mastering your techniques and all relevant knowledge as a soldier in practical scenarios. And then comes the last test. Failing any one of the tests, you'll start over. Despite the low pass rate of the tests, every successfully enlisted soldier are the finest who can take on many enemies with ease. These soldiers are highly respected in the society.
Their combat vehicles does not require many people to operate, sometimes one pilot is enough to run a tank. Often Atlanian combat vehicles are tailor-made for the pilot, which the pilot can optimally make use of their strengths. However this also means it totally depends on the skills of the pilot.
Moreover, Atlanians is an amphibious race. Their adaptability in both dry land and water makes them even more versatile in battles, they are indeed a formidable force to be reckoned with.

<Other facts about Atlanians>
  • Atlanians has one special biological feature is their large variance in size, possibly due to environmental factors. While average Atlanians are at the size close to average humans, some of the Atlanians, especially those dwells in the deep ocean, can grow larger than a whale when mature. These large Atlanians are called Leviathans.
  • Atlanians has 2 respiratory systems, one being gills, another being lungs.
  • Atlanian Kingdoms remains politically independent even is in "temporary affiliation" with Alpha Draconians.

Hopefully you like this idea!
1mo ago
Hello guys!

When you're playing My Colony 1, you might sometimes receive a message that offers you AD-watching rewards.
The provider of the message is exactly the Galactic Empire, a NPC faction.
When I was thinking about what is the Galactic Empire, one of my question in my mind is, in My Colony Universe, do we have any civilization that was once in galactic scale? The thing popped up right inside my brain was the Ancients who might once had a thriving galactic-wide civilization.
So I tried to link up something between the Ancients (which there are not much canon lores related to them at this moment) and the Galactic Empire (which almost nothing we can know). After some time of messy combination and weird brain-o-chemical reactions, the idea was ended up turned into one thing - the New Galactic Empire.

Here, I'm going to introduce my thoughts about this never-explained faction.

Linkage with the Ancients? (Historical Origins)
Here I won't make too much assumptions here, but one of my most possible explanations in my mind is: They have an ambition to rebuild this fallen civilization. Or even further: Remnants or the direct descendants of the Ancients.

When they have possibly been established?
Probably leave that as a mystery. However, in my older post about my version of My Colony Universe timeline, I had made an assumption of when they begin active and known to the galaxy. Probably the time shortly after the Human Civil War when the entire Galaxy is still in a mess, they decided to take the opportunity and begin expanding their sphere of influence.

Their aim?
Primarily rebuild the legacies of the past, the galaxy-spanning Ancients civilization.
For this aim, they might have the following objectives:
  • Retrieving once lost technologies from ancient artifacts.
  • Strengthen their overall national strength and expand sphere of influence.
  • Achieve galactic control through diplomatic and military means.
  • Strengthen galactic control through economic, political and cultural ways.

Sphere of Influence (in Galactic Colonization Race Era/MC1 era)?
Their overall influence is still unknown due to their low-profile activity.
The identified regions of influence are most concentrated in the central region of the Galaxy.
  • Center of Galaxy
    It was once under Alpha Draconian control. The area is known for high abundance of ancient city remains that contains countless ancient artifacts of powerful technologies, including those most rare.
    On the other hand, the location was the political capital of the Ancients civilization.
    The profile of this region has make it a strategic location of New Galactic Empire.
  • Civilizations bonded with ancient religions
    There are a number of civilizations remains bonds to ancient religions worshiping the Ancients civilizations. As the New Galactic Empire rises, they declared loyalty to their "living deities", except the Pharan Tribes.
  • Ex-Draconian Colonies
    The absence of Draconian Overlord after the Midnight Coup in Alpha Draconia had caused a nationwide political crisis. During the time the throne was empty, unable to maintain political control the peripheral colonies, these colonies broke away from Alpha Draconians. Some of them are independent and some of them joined the New Galactic Empire.
The New Galactic Empire mainly spreads its influence through propagandizing in disguise of popular culture, commercial advertisements and religious preaching. On the other hand, when necessary, using their army might to 'persuade' their target, or even launching a secret invasion.

Political Structure
The Emperor is the supreme leader and the religious leader of the New Galactic Empire, having the absolute power to alter any decision of the Empire.
The Masters, or the Apostles of the Emperor, are the second-in-order in terms of political power. They are chosen by the Emperor himself, their roles are primarily assistants and advisors of the Emperor, secondarily as the manager of the Empire. Every Master controls a variety of assets depending on their talents, abilities and personalities.
The Inquisitors are the religious officers of the New Galactic Empire, which does not goes under control of any Masters, but directly responsible to the Emperor himself. Despite they have far less executive powers, they play a key part maintaining the relations between the Empire and its subjects.
Member states and colonies of the New Galactic Empire are subjects of Emperor and assets of the Masters. They must remain absolute loyalty to the Emperor, and fulfill any demands of the Empire when called to. Most of them remain limited autonomy, but that's very situational as it depends on their ruling Master.

The New Galactic Empire is capable unleashing the full potential of advanced ancient technologies left by the Ancients, much further than what Alpha Draconians are capable of. Giving some examples: Altering mass and structure of atoms and subatomic particles. Precise teleportation. Pure energy control. Interdimensional interaction. Even the New Galactic Empire have not retrieved all of these technologies yet, these technologies are powerful enough to alter the entire galaxy in no time.
However, these technologies are too complicated to be handled by any ordinary person. Mastering the use of these technologies would be extremely difficult and demanding, first you must have the patience to learn everything about these technologies, second you have to be intelligent enough to process these information into your own knowledge and abilities, and then you need extreme multitasking skills to wield these technologies practically.
The Emperor himself is an expert of these ancient technologies, which he is capable of wielding the power of almost all ancient artifacts without ease. Over the Galaxy, there is no other genius can achieve the same level of mastery like him.

The New Galactic Empire does not have a universally standardized military. Every branch of military, called a Legion, usually goes under the command of a Master, managed in different styles and doctrines according to the commanding Master's preference and personality. This leads to a wide variety of specializations in New Galactic Empire military.
There are still something in common among each Legion, especially the wide utilization of ancient technologies.

Running any ambitious plans requires very large amount of resources. To make sure a stable supply of resources, each city and colony of the New Galactic Empire are required to provide resources they produce or import at regular intervals, in return for funding support and advanced technologies.
The resources paid by the colonies and cities are mainly redistributed to Masters, who are responsible for executing the Emperor's plans.
Usually the cities and colonies remain having autonomy on microscopic economic decisions, unless the ruling Master has their own idea of "economy".

Culture and Religion
The most representative culture in the New Galactic Empire is their worship of the Emperor. Especially some religious member states of the New Galactic Empire fanatically regard their Emperor as an all-powerful deity.

That's what I have in my mind. Not a perfect ones, but should at least give a concept.
If you have your own ideas, I'd like to hear it too since it might complement each other.
1mo ago
Introducing the most compact way of construction!

Click to expand section.
1mo ago
Alright, some unit ideas.

The most basic and the cheapest combat unit on land. Can capture buildings.
Advantage: Their cheap cost makes them a expansible force if you have multiple base producing them. Cheapest choice for capturing cities.
Weakness: basically weak to everything. What you can expect for this price?

Heavy Infantry
A better type of infantry which are equipped with heavier weaponry, which they can counter tanks and even low flying aircrafts. Can capture buildings.
Advantage: A relatively cost efficient defensive unit, works even better when in forests and hilly high grounds.
Weakness: They are quite slow, makes them vulnerable to artillery. And actually will lose head-on with other more powerful combat units like MBT.

Scout vehicles has good mobility on most of the terrains that are excellent for harnessing slow enemies, and especially efficient when skirmishing infantries. They have the best vision range in fog of war.
Advanatage: Their high mobility on land is suitble for chasing slow and weak enemies. In fog of war, they act as spotters for artilleries or reveal ambushes in forests or hills.
Weakness: Well, weak firepower and armor.

APC (Armored Personnel Carrier)
APCs primarily has 2 roles. First, they can resupply your units. Second, they act as a transport for infantries. Equipped with machine gun, they can defend against infantries a bit.
Advantage: Act as a convenient, mobile (but limited) resupply station for your advancing forces. Their ability to transport infantries can compensate the generally slow mobility of infantries and helps the infantries reaching important locations ASAP.
Weakness: Almost no firepower. Only carries limited supplies for resupplying, which once depleted, it has to return to a base to refill. Also, if the APC is destroyed, so as the infantries inside.

Light Tank
These gasoline cowboys are good at taking down most types of units, except those bigger and heavier.
Advantage: Average performance, suitable in many combat scenarios.
Weakness: Low sight range and poor mobility in forests and hills makes them vulnerable to well-placed ambushes and artilleries. Still has underwhelming firepower compared to MBT. Moreover, vulnerable to airstrikes as they have no anti air capabilities.

MBT (Main Battle Tank)
The all-round MBT are the backbone of your land forces.
Advantage: Better than Light Tanks.
Weakness: Similar to light tanks, with slightly worse mobility.

Superheavy, behemoth sized units that dominates the land. With superior firepower and armor, only heavy weapons can deal considerable damage to them.
Advantage: Suppresses everything on land.
Weakness: Very slow movement which makes them a good target practice for artillery units. Aircrafts, especially bombers, is a lethal threat to these behemoths. Also, they are very expensive and least cost efficient. Also eats up a lot of fuel, it will require constant refuel.

Light Artillery
Basic land fire support unit that can attack enemies without fear of retaliation.
Advantage: Can safely engage enemies at range.
Weakness: Extremely fragile. Cannot fire and move in the same turn. Cannot fire at close range. Carries only few ammunition and requires resupply after a few barrages.

Heavy Artillery
Advanced fire support unit that packs more firepower than the standard ones.
Advantage: Superior range and concentrated firepower.
Weakness: Same as its standard counterpart. Carries very few ammunition which it requires frequent supply.

Anti Air
Self propelled standard anti air weapons on land that can provide close range anti air protection for land units, as well engaging land units when needed.
Advantage: Can engage almost everything. A key part protecting your advancing forces if your enemy has air advantage.
Weakness: They are only effective against infantries and aircrafts. Also, can only attack at close range.

Heavy Anti Air
Heavy mobile anti air weapons that can engage aircrafts at long range, a good defensive anti air weapon for important positions.
Advantage: A dedicated ranged anti air weapon for taking down aircrafts and especially lethal to high flying aircrafts like bombers.
Weakness: As said, a dedicated anti air weapon, they cannot engage land units. Like artilleries they cannot fire and move in the same turn. Doesn't carry much ammunition on its own.

You can say it is a flying tank. Excellent for attacking enemies behind the line.
Advantage: Flying properties gives it excellent mobility to attack enemies in forests and mountains. Also act as a cheap scouting aircraft.
Weakness: Despite an excellent skirmisher with flying advantage, they are very vulnerable to anti air weapons. Heavy infantries also pose a problem to gunships. High fuel usage, crashes when out of fuel.

High altitude air superiority aircraft.
Advantage: Ultimate solution to maintain control of the skies, prevent enemies providing air support.
Weakness: Limited purpose. Also, vulnerable to anti air weapons on land which they cannot engage. Crashes when out of fuel.

Heavy ground attack craft that flies on high altitudes.
Advantage: Excellent air unit for destroying land units like tanks.
Weakness: All anti air weapons, especially fighters. Crashes when out of fuel.

Airborne Transport
A low flying transport that can airlift infantries.
Advantage: Though slower than APC on flat grounds, however, airborne transports can operate in forests and hills without ease.
Weakness: They are defendless. Anti air, and heavy infantries will be especially a threat. Like other aircrafts, crashes when out of fuel.

Speedboats / NCV(Naval Combat Vehicle)
You can say they are infantries on the seas. They are capable of capturing buildings in the seas such as oil platforms.
Advantage: A cheap naval scout and the only type of unit that can capture offshore sites (if not considering Hydronauts of Atlanian Kingdoms). It can also engage units at range (still quite short though) using their mortar, good for harnessing enemies on the coasts.
Weakness: Just like infantries, they are weak grunts.

Raider Ship
Raiders are ships equipped with naval torpedoes (can be torpedo ships or submarines) that are threats to any ships but destroyers.
Advantage: A good counter to enemy cruisers and speedboats, an offensive naval vessel.
Weakness: Destroyers and aircrafts. Also, cannot engage land units.

A class of naval vessel that act as escorts for a fleet.
Advantage: It can protect the expensive cruisers and aircraft carriers against airstrikes and raider ships. On the other hand, it can engage weaker naval units.
Weakness: Cannot engage land units and not a match for powerful cruisers.

Backbone of a naval fleet and also a good fire support unit.
Advantage: Has the best range and firepower among all naval units, and also one of the only naval units able to attack enemies on the land.
Weakness: Raider ships. Expensive. High fuel usage and only carries few ammunition will require its operations supported by supply ships.

A naval vessel that act as a platform for air operations on the seas. Carriers can carry aircrafts and resupply them.
Advantage: Extends aircraft operation range on the seas since carriers can resupply them. On the other hand, the aircraft it carries can provide air support in naval battles or coastal assaults.
Weakness: Raider ships can basically one-shot them. Carrier is not armed for countering naval or land threats. High fuel usage.

Transport Ship
A naval vessel for transporting land units across the waters.
Advantage: Able to transport every type of land units.
Weakness: The ship is defendless.

Supply ship
A cargo ship that carries supplies for your navy.
Advantage: This can extend the operation range of your navy since the supply ship can keep your combat vessels fueled and ready for battle.
Weakness: Unarmed.

United Earth

Elite infantries of United Earth Space Marines which are excellent assault infantries. Can capture cities.
Advantage: Advanced infantry which they can survive and operate in most situations, which they have mobility similar to standard infantries and firepower better than heavy infantries. They can raid enemy buildings in the core of combat.
Weakness: Primarily, tanks and artilleries.

Heavy Tank
A more expensive alternative of a MBT which packs more firepower and has better armor.
Advantage: Besides having the advantages of a MBT and being more powerful, it can defend itself against gunships.
Weakness: Same as other tanks. On the other hand, more expensive than MBTs and less powerful than Titans.

League of Independent States

A special class of infantry capable of ranged attack, and with good recon capabilities in forests and hills. Can eliminate infantries without ease. Can capture buildings.
Advantage: Unlike artilleries they can fire and move in the same turn, makes them a flexible unit. Excellent infantry killers.
Weakness: All combat vehicles, and enemies at close range. Marksman are very fragile.

Tank Destroyer
A light vehicle capable to deal impressive damage on tanks and even Titans.
Advantage: Extreme damage vs combat vehicles and can deal serious damage to Titans, a relatively cost efficient counter to these heavy units.
Weakness: Effective to nothing other than tanks. Weak armor also limits their performance.

Zolarg Empire

Zolarg special infantries that has outstanding mobility compared to other infantries. Can capture buildings.
Advantage: Its mobility helps capturing distant important sites quickly or used for quick response and can be produced at reasonable price.
Weakness: Only slightly stronger than basic infantries, they are still too weak when compared to other units.

Subterranean Tank
A special light tank that can use a special movement mode. It is capable of relocating itself to another location, which can ignore terrain and enemy blockades.
Advantage: The relocate ability gives it alternative paths of movement which enemy blockades or terrains cannot slow it down.
Weakness: Same as light tank. Relocate ability has lower effective range than its own normal movement range. Also, cannot attack in the same turn after relocation, which might risk them under enemy fire. Uses a lot of fuel when using relocation ability.

Alpha Draconians

Repair Probe
Field support unit that can heal/repair friendly units adjacent to them.
Advantage: Provides repairs outside bases.
Weakness: Unarmed.

Mobile Teleport Beacon
Replacement of APC for Alpha Draconians that can teleport an adjacent friendly unit to next to HQ or another teleport beacon every turn.
Advantage: Provides extreme mobility for your forces.
Weakness: Unarmed. Also, teleported units cannot do anything after teleportation.

Teleport Beacon Boat
Replacement of transport ship for Alpha Draconians that can teleport an adjacent friendly unit next to own HQ or another teleport beacon every turn.
Advantage: Provides extreme mobility for your forces.
Weakness: Same as the mobile teleport beacon.

Heavy Fighter
Replacement of gunships and bombers which is capable attacking all types of units, a multirole attack craft.
Advantage: Versatile and nimble. Cheaper than bomber as an heavy ground attack craft.
Weakness: Anti air units. Although has better firepower than a gunship, however, not powerful as a bomber. Also would likely lose a dogfight with air superiority fighters.

P.S. Teleport beacon unit can teleport another teleport beacon unit.
P.S. In every teleportation, only the teleporting beacon will end its turn. The destination beacon is not affected. Even when the beacon has finished its turn, it can still be used as a destination point.

Atlanian Kingdoms

Amphibious infantries that combines the role of speedboats and infantries. Can capture buildings.
Advantage: Amphibious. Can transverse over waters without transport ships, gives them versatility, as well ability to capture offshore buildings.
Weakness: Cannot ranged attack like speedboats, and only slightly stronger than basic infantries.

Leviathan Knight
Exclusive Titan of Atlanian Kingdoms which has amphibious combat capabilities.
Advantage: Amphibious combat capabilities. Does not use fuel.
Weakness: Same as other Titans. Also, it is slightly weaker than other land based Titans.

Pharan Tribes

Templar Guard
A special type of heavy infantry that can withstand lots of punishments. Can capture buildings.
Advantage: High toughness can be used to hold the line, block enemies or divert enemy attacks.
Weakness: Slow moving. Cannot move and attack in the same turn.

A suicide bomber automaton.
Advantage: deals damage of 30% ratio of health to adjacent enemies, regardless of unit type.
Weakness: Fragile. If it is destroyed before able to detonate, it will be definitely a waste.

Twilight Syndicate

A specialist that sabotages enemy facilities for extra credits for your disposal.
Advantage: Provides potential, instant extra credits if your enemy left their facilities unguarded and your thieves can sabotage them. Sabotages facilities becomes neutral.
Weakness: Unarmed. Would be a risky investment, as return is not guaranteed.

Stealth Tank
A special light tank that can cloak itself for surprise attacks.
Advantage: When stealth mode is on, enemy cannot see the stealth tank unless an enemy unit is next to the stealth tank.
Weakness: Stealthed tanks can be revealed by adjacent enemies, making them vulnerable to enemy attacks. Stealth mode also uses up more fuel per turn, eventually the stealth mode will be force-deactivated when fuel of the stealth tank is depleted.

P.S. The Stealth Mode of Stealth Tank can be deactivated on player's command for fuel-efficient needs.

New Galactic Empire (W.I.P)
[This faction will have a very different arsenal. Except basic infantries, heavy infantries, APC, supply ships and Titan, almost everything is replaced by the followings.]

Blitz Golem
A Front-line battle mech derived from unknown technologies.
Advantage: It is basically a tougher version of light tanks that they generally have enhanced endurance on the battlefields. Besides, unlike tanks they can cross mountainous terrains.
Weakness: Only excels wiping out infantries and light vehicles and not impressive in terms of dealing damage to anything heavier than light tanks. Vulnerable to artillery fire and airstrike. High fuel usage.

Centurion Golem
A main battle mech derived from unknown technologies, using a reverse engineered railgun of United Earth origins.
Advantage: Almost same as Blitz Golem, but excels anti-vehicle combat. Also able to defend itself from gunship attacks.
Weakness: Weapons are not effective against infantries. Vulnerable to artillery fire. High fuel usage.

Beholder Golem
A Fire support mech derived from unknown technologies.
Advantage: A type of light artillery with very stable mobility over all types of terrains, giving them more tactical mobility than other conventional light artilleries. Also provides ranged anti air cover, making them all-in-one support unit.
Weakness: Just like artilleries. Also, high fuel usage.

Farseer Golem
Heavy artillery platform derived from unknown technologies, carrying reverse engineered Alpha Draconian Proton Obelisk.
Advantage: Besides having superior range like heavy artilleries, like Beholder Golem they have stable mobility over all types of terrain.
Weakness: Minimum range. Vulnerable to airstrikes. High fuel usage.

Relocatable Invasion Transport (RIT)
A teleport transport derived from unknown technologies, which seemed to be beyond what the Ancients had created.
Advantage: It is capable of carrying all types of land units. With its long range relocation ability that can set destination to any type of terrain, it is definitely a very mobile strategic transport.
Weakness: Unarmed. Can only move by relocation. Cannot relocate and unload units in the same turn. Relocation destination cannot be inside fog of war. High fuel usage.

Sky-blight Golem
A Flying mech derived from unknown technologies.
Advantage: A heavy multirole aircraft which is capable of delivering heavy damage to both aircrafts and land units.
Weakness: Slow mobility and expensive. Crashes when out of fuel.

Kraken Golem
A naval combat machine derived from unknown technologies and a bit of mythology.
Advantage: Very mobile and hard-hitting naval unit. They can even deal considerable damage to low flying aircrafts.
Weakness: Expensive, not ranged, unable to attack land units that limits its purpose as a naval superiority unit. Also vulnerable to bombers.

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