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Some sort of massive governmental building I've wanted to make.
This big boi is 7*7.

For the name, no need to stick to how I name the file, since I'm not sure how to name it as well kekw

Hopefully it is decent!
8mo ago
whoops I've dropped it in a wrong section!!
8mo ago

Some sort of massive governmental building I've wanted to make.
This big boi is 7*7.

For the name, no need to stick to how I name the file, since I'm not sure how to name it as well kekw

Hopefully it is decent!
8mo ago
If ever anyone is interested in modifying my redesigns for other things feel free to take my entire stocks in the .zip.
9mo ago
BTW before replacing the old ones with newer ones
I suggest extract the old models in case my models are bad and players asked to have old version back.
9mo ago
Lots of buildings are reworked. The .zip included only reworked designs, as well as some of my own additions that could be used for something.

Remarks: buildings with wall color #00ffff supports custom colors
9mo ago
Hell yeah, now it looks much better!
9mo ago
Just to finish the collection of world configurations in MC2.

9mo ago
In short, while trying not making the game more difficult, some buildings has numerical value attributes (the effect is applied settlement wide) that contributes to QoL factors, which when the sum is enough to supply certain proportions of population, it adds happiness rating.
9mo ago
Remarks, if possible, the QoL elements should be made moddable, for gradual implementation of other elements and player customization
9mo ago
Hello again!

Looking back into the commercial and entertainment buildings in MC1, most of them are pretty much optional, since they can be simply replaced by buildings that can churn out billions of money and entertains large masses of people respectively.

As a result, you get pretty plain colonies dominated by very few variety of buildings at the end. This can be a boring sight, to both player themselves and the colonists.

Hence today, I'm presenting my rough idea of start considering colonist quality of life in terms of variety.

By that, I do not mean introducing more classes of "service demands". To keep things relatively simple, and not to complicate the gameplay, the diversity elements has nothing to do and do not share the same mechanics with the 4 existing service satisfaction rating (entertainment, education, health and security), hence not a factor of administrative approval ratings of a settlement, and no coverage mechanics is considered - the diversity elements applies settlement-wide directly.

Now into the details - First, what is a QoL element?
All people of a society have different wants and needs, even a person's demands or wishes can span across multiple aspects of life. What makes a society successful is not just valued by its capability utilizing resources, but also how its people benefits from the fruits of their hard and honest work.
Each QoL element represents an aspect that caters higher needs and improves quality of life of colonists. Below are all the ideas in my mind:
  • Homeland Contact
    Some colonists are more comfortable when keep in touch with things they are familiar with, like older social network and family of distant homelands they come from. Some communication infrastructures can satisfy such needs, and if possible, establish interstellar mail and delivery services greatly helps.
    Certain Earth-themed decorations also provides minor improvements of this aspect.
  • Social
    What makes a comfortable and forward-going society is a society that people keep socialized and connected that they can support each other. A place large enough for gatherings is just what you need to begin.
  • Relaxation
    At times colonists not only need to rest their body, but their strained minds as well. They need a place to clam down and pacify themselves. Having parks and meditation space are the most effective, but many non-vigorous recreational activities such as exercises and grabbing a booze will do the trick as well.
    Certain decorations also provides minor improvements of this aspect.
  • Dinning
    Ever getting enough of plain standard rations that your tongue simply rejects it? Then it's time to improve your meals with higher standard cuisines!
  • Environmental Comfort
    Simply plain steel plates and concretes everywhere can be depressing. What about some refurnishing to make the colony more beautiful and appealing?
    All decorative buildings improve environmental comfort.
  • Housing Comfort
    Home sweet home!
    More advanced housing, particularly those more luxurious, or with high level of automation that smart systems are installed, provides higher housing comfort.
  • Games
    From excitement from competitive events to alternative experiences form simulations, they all can diversify a colonist's life experience and provide happiness from achievement.
  • Luxuries
    The highest standards of life imaginable or even beyond imagination.
  • Commodities Access
    A good flow of commodities, goods and services in local market can effectively take care the smaller demands of colonists.
  • Information
    Questions, confusions and lack of options troubles people. Not all directly have the answers, but one can always provide them the ways to find a solution - letting the information flow.
    All education buildings provides some information flow. However, a powerful public media infrastructure provides the largest flow of information that can satisfy the colonists' curiosity.
  • Spiritual Support
    Beliefs, faith, religion or even simple psychologist services caters spiritual needs of colonists, which at desperate times, can keep them from depression of dangerous levels.

Next, how do QoL elements works?
Every building yields scores of the life quality aspects they are relevant to, for the settlement they are located. Every colonist also generates demands of every element in their home settlement by 1 point each.
The satisfaction rate of one aspect is calculated by
[ Score yielded by all relevant buildings in the settlement / Number of colonists in the settlement ] * 100%
Then satisfaction level of an aspect is defined based on the percentage value of the satisfaction rate.
For rate below 50%, it is considered Unsatisfied.
For rate >= 50%, it is considered Poorly Satisfied.
For rate >= 70%, it is considered Moderately Satisfied.
For rate >= 85%, it is considered Well-Satisfied.

Each element will provide Happiness bonuses based on the satisfaction level, which will be explained in the coming section.

Then what do QoL element affects?
QoL elements affects happiness score of a settlement.
Before explaining the QoL elements' actual effects I'll first explain my idea of Colonist Happiness.

Colonist Happiness is a quantitative value which is affected by administrative approval ratings and QoL satisfaction.
My proposed formula:
[ 100 + Happiness score from all QoL level ratings - Plain negative Happiness score factors ] * Approval rate percentage * Harsh policy multiplier
All settlements begins with base happiness score of 100.
Approval rating is a direct multiplier to all other elements - the changes in approval rating can greatly affect the result happiness score.
To prevent protests and riots, the result happiness score should be maintained above 100.
Every QoL element with at least Poorly Satisfied adds happiness score.
Taxation policies - higher the tax rate, the more happiness is negatively affected. It is a plain negative value factor.
Harsh policies like rationing, martial law and overwork policy applies lower-than-100% multiplier to happiness rating, so use these policies sparingly.

By satisfaction level, a QoL element yields the following happiness score:
Unsatisfied - Yields no score.
Poorly Satisfied - +5 happiness score.
Moderately Satisfied - +10 happiness score.
Well-Satisfied - +20 happiness score.
remarks: It's rough value without considering other factors and hence it may not be balanced.

How would the QoL diversity (and happiness) mechanics helps with the gameplay? Most important of all, it encourages players to construct buildings (particularly decorations) and resources (that are without large demand and just sitting in stockpiles) normally won't be used. Of course, the new demands arise from QoL needs for raising happiness rating may also give rise to some building ideas. Ultimately this helps with expanding diversity, which can make colonies flying with colors instead of only few buildings.
On the other hand, the QoL elements can pave way as an element for tourism, which the QoL factors or happiness ratings can be attractiveness factor that defines your tourism revenue - a possible way to make tourism more powerful to be a considerable source of income again compared to that in MC1.

This concludes my ideas this time. Hopefully you'll find something useful in my ideas!
9mo ago
Hello guys!

So several have past, MC2 have grown in terms of contents and its community. Many ideas to expand diversity of MC2 arises, though most of them carries some form of legacies from MC1.

By that, I'm reviewing the aspect of resources form MC1 and let's see if they can get some form of improvement and better organization before they get implemented into MC2.
Certain resources from MC1 is kinda...... weird, either they are not general enough to represent some aspects of commodities, or limited in purpose and utilization because of the narrow concept. Most of the resources in question I'll mention today are relevant to non-heavy industries, which will require some conceptual rebranding - for wider representation that possibly allows more buildings ideas, or reduce the redundancy of certain resources (if they are) by integration.

Pottery, in many ways, reflects the aspects of common customer goods especially home necessities which expanded examples can include furniture, utensils (which pottery themselves are) and decorations of different materials.
By pottery I don't think it can well represent that aspect alone. Home necessities, may it be decorative or utility, are not limited to earthwares, those can be made of plastic, steel, wood, etc, and in sci-fi genres of My Colony they can be even made of advanced materials we haven't think of yet. Ohh, yes, don't forget carpets (though cloth resource represented it already. But cloth is not our resource of interest today, since cloth itself has no problems).
My idea is perhaps an integrated resource called Common Wares. By that it not just includes pottery itself, but also other commodities that fits the general furnishing, consumer goods and necessities purpose for home, your office and public facilities.

Paintings, very obviously, reflects certain fine or some form of HIGH-END artistic creations (usually physical), which the aspect should not be limited to just paintings - In some ways just paintings is not suitable despite painting is still the most common form of art today IRL. In many ways we actually have forgotten some even very traditional artistic creations that can end up as high-end goods, like sculptures, fine potteries (those very beautiful ones separated from common, plain potteries), rugs with fine embroideries and calligraphy. More modern "art" can include some more modern ones like unique animated gadgets and other stuff you may imagine that are tailor made into fancy items.
I haven't think of a way to generalize them with some catchy title, so for now I'll leave it as it is.

Toys - represents games and non-food entertainment goods - perhaps one of the most underused resource in MC1 due to itself (and particularly its icon too) pretty much mostly refers to very traditional toys for kids by the definition in the game, it pretty much limits direct imagination and somewhat make some of the buildings like Playhouse, awkwardly child-themed where these places also serves adults.
In more modern aspects, where entertainment has expanded and evolved to new forms, new definition might be needed to represent these playthings. It requires no renaming though, include some modern gadgets and wider examples into the concept of toys beyond children playthings and refurnish its resource icon would suffice.
So change its icon to what? Simply less pieces of Lego, and try add something like a joystick or a ball. If someone thinks portable game consoles can be included as "toy", perhaps that too.
As a result, with expanded concepts and more possible fabrication recipes for toys, and finally allowing toys for more proper uses without becoming an awkward sight in the colony.

Wool - basically raw fibers that can be made into woven textiles. It's weird to see why it is not generalized as Raw Fibers to include other raw textile materials like linen, industrial hemp, raw animal silk, and even mineral wool. On alien planets I believe there can be more sources of raw textile fibers, which we can use them without need to create another new redundant resource that serves identical purpose while allows greater imagination.

Rum could have been a resource in question of revamping needs, but since it canonically becomes the most common type of liquor in the MC1 galaxy, I guess this part can't be touched then.

So here's my kinda messy ideas regarding some resources that might pass onto from MC1 and MC2, and their needs for revamping. Hopefully this can make resource more generalized for greater diversity of industries.
10mo ago
Simply because the current outpost looks too bulky and the fact that the deployed outpost is unmanned and fully automatic, I've updated the designs.

Perhaps this can be used to update the one in Terra Nova as well.

10mo ago
Now I do see potential for some creativity and even telling some misc stories based on My Colony Universe!

I've perhaps immediately came up with an idea of what I can do with the maker lol
Though it is right now a perhaps thing and haven't take a good shape, here are my rough and quick drafts.

In the heat of Human Civil War, LIS forces are advancing towards the heart of United Earth - the planet Earth. You'll take perspective of a soldier of United Earth, participating in the battles of Solar System Defense Campaign and witnessing the course of the largest war in Human history.

To say where I could start the story, perhaps beginning with you're on a troop ship - under the transfer order the unit you belongs to is on the way redeploying near Solar System.
Yet the journey isn't smooth and clam as you wished to be - the convoy is intercepted by a LIS dispatchment on course and your troop ship is being hijacked by a LIS boarding party from a shuttle.

Since I only have very limited image making capabilities perhaps graphically I'll replace many of the stuff with pixel sprites (which I'm kinda proficient with it) and voxel scenes.
11mo ago
Architecture1134 said:I will expand more what spamdude is saying. Specifically, Spice was an (mostly) successful suggestion that the developer (bastecklein) added to the game. I created that suggestion, and Bast stated Spice originated from My Starship. As of today in the GBT (referenced from the GNN), Spice is an very expensive, exotic resource found only and exported from the Spice World. And those are your details.

Thanks for the info, lol 👍

Though instead of how spice got into the game, I'm more interested in the properties of spice in My Colony Universe - the thing about how we define what it is and its purpose.

For now I'm assuming the spice in MC2 is either a reference to Dune's Spice Melange, or the narcotics mentioned in Star Wars. Though I believe we should make spice different from those spice from the two mentioned sci-fi pieces, to make our "spice" more unique.
11mo ago
The visual bug mentioned earlier
11mo ago

Back to one or two years ago, the "spice" first appeared in My Starship as one of the commodities you can trade, with no detailed info about this resource.
And more recently, we have "spice world" map and "spice" resource as additions in My Colony 2.

As "spice" is taking more appearance in My Colony associated games, here I would like to know the terminologies or at least the concept of what these "spices" are.
11mo ago
Nice! Love this update!

A quick bug report though, Destroyer have its model missing and is just air in-game
11mo ago


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