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Hello guys!

I kind of having ideas of limiting the types of ships you can buy from a spacedock, by each spacedock are run by a single shipbuilding corporation. And each shipbuilding corporation provides different variety of ships.
Of course not all ships must come from a single shipyard. We can still have most types of the ships available to all while have some special ships exclusively products of the shipbuilding corporations.
Maybe exclusive upgrades too?
Shipyards of neutral cities would be free from influence of shipbuilding corporations.
Also, I'm coming up with mission idea related to these shipyards in my mind. Like, "borrowing" samples of a special ship just to be reverse engineered by another, and then you have another shipyard able to produce the ship you want, probably at cheaper cost. Of course, there can be consequences if you fail......

Alright, here are my ideas about some ship suppliers!

Red Satellite Drive Yards
Exclusive ships
  • Galactic Freight Heavy Hauler
    A long range cargo ship with better self defense capability.
Exclusive upgrades
  • Heavy Duty Hyperdrive Engine
    Requires more starship parts to assemble one for your ship, but it does make your ship much faster than common hyperdrive engines.
    Can only be upgraded once.
  • Fuel Storage Module
    Expands fuel tank capacity. Now you can save more space for cargo instead of fuel!
Martian Industries
Exclusive ships
  • Phobos Class Modular Transport
    It can be greatly modified by attaching lots of modules, making it a starship with versatile potentials.
    Can be upgraded up to 8 times!
Exclusive upgrades
  • Advanced Cargo Pod Module
    A more streamlined, lightweight but sturdy cargo pod module allows a ship to carry a heavier load of cargo without affecting ship performance too much.
  • Automatic Self Repair System
    "In case of emergency, break glass to initiate repair"
    Ship slowly repairs itself over time. Can only be upgraded once.

Beaconburg Arsenals
Exclusive upgrades
  • Sensor Scrambler
    Makes you invisible on sensor readers! Notes: It does not actually makes your ship not visible.
    Allows your ship to bypass blockade easier (higher success rate). Can only be upgraded once.
  • Rapid Escape System
    Additional navigation computer for rapid calculaion for an emergency short range hyperjump.
    Increased in-battle escape success rate. Can only be upgraded once.
  • Ion Beam Capacitor
    Normal attacks have a chance to disable enemy for a short duration.
Liberty Star Engineering
Exclusive ships
  • Hauler Carrier
    Is essentially a modified Galactic Freight Hauler, which it is repurposed into a carrier for asteroid mining operations and military.
  • Orca Corvette
    A small military vessel developed by LIS themselves to bypass treaties signed with United Earth.

Solaris Imperial Shipwharf
(pending icon)
Ruimtevaarder Guild
Exclusive upgrades
  • Sugarcane Microfarm Module
    Produce food right on your ship!

Draconi Royal Shipyards
Sigma Systems
3d ago
Oh-my-gosh, this update is really amazing!
5d ago
Red Satellite Drive Yards
The Red Satellite Drive Yards (RSDY) is an aerospace shipbuilding company from Earth which its history can be dated back to the great space race in the Old Earth Era. It is well known for its pragmatic design principles, reflected by a series of products with time-tested reliability and durability. It's products are widely utilized for civilian purposes as well as military duties, even some of their old products are still seen under service nowadays. The Galactic Freight Hauler series is the pinnacle of their ship designs, which they have been mass produced in hundreds every year, serving as backbones of many logistics fleets in United Earth.

It was an aerospace engineering institute established by Red Satellite Treaty Union, specially for specialists from member countries design and construct the spacecrafts for space colonization projects, providing the Union with large scale colonization fleets for the rivalry in the late Old Earth era space race. Its operations started form Tula, where it was first headquartered in 2032, later its aerospace facilities are also established in other member countries.

Old Earth Space Race
As soon as it was established, various research had been carried out, developing the next generation aerospace vehicles for RSTU to catch up the newest technological development of the time. Several researches involved the rumored reverse-engineering of Jameson Hyperdrive Engine that provided RSTU the Tubolev Engine.
After several failed tests and redesigning, the first successful long range spacecraft of Red Satellite Drive Yards, Object-089 (Also known as "Siberian" Shuttle) was born in 2033.
Later China officially joined the Red Satellite Treaty Union, the Yards received a large addition of Chinese specialists. In less than an year, the first mass production models of spacecraft for the space race, the Xingzhou Class and Kiev Class long range colony/freighter spacecrafts, entered production stage in 2034. These spacecrafts (and its variants & improved models) formed the colonization fleet of the RSTU.
In the same year (2034), RSTU takeover the Lunar-44 Dockyards with their financial power, this was another important shipyard of the Red Satellite Drive Yards, which is their only major shipyard outside Earth.
The space race had been so fierce as it progress further, that space geopolitical situations became intense, RSTU ordered the Yards to design a ship to protect the orbits of the colonies (and to prevent rival proxy colony ships). Despite some internal controversies, the Nakovalnya Class Orbital Interceptor Corvette was designed and put into service in 2038. The corvette was vastly deployed in the RSTU colony airspace that rivals worried RSTU was going to take over their colonies by force, giving them the nickname of "Russia's space T-34".
Intensified sabotages from rivals also increase the need for establishing effective communication and intel network for enforcing tighter security control on RSTU colonies. In the earlier 2035 the KR Long Range Communications Relay Satellites were also developed by the Yards to meet the demands.
At the end of the Old Earth era, due to the Great Crisis, RSTU was dissolved in 2049, and the Yards was also temporarily disbanded at the same time, which this lasted until 2054.

United Earth Era
During the Earth Reunification War, the remnant engineers of the Yards once worked in harsh labor camps of Siberian warlords. These engineers were later liberated by United Earth Movement (predecessor of United Earth government) at the end Eastern Europe campaign in 2054, and the Red Satellite Drive Yards were back into business after the assets in Tula headquarters had been recovered by the engineers.
The Drive Yards did not receive major aerospace engineering projects, until United Earth began preparations for reinitializing the space colonization projects, looking for newer model of vessels for colonization fleets. In a public bidding for utility transport vessels Red Satellite Drive Yard's design was adopted, which the vessel is the Maximburg Class Medium Freighter/Lander Carrier that formed the early United Earth colonization fleets. Its later highly modifiable variants were also widely utilized by civilians for various economic purpose.
In 2059, Red Satellite Yards received a direct order from United Earth government, required to design a long range, versatile heavy duty freighter ship with large capacity, for future supply lines between outer space colonies. It was a big challenge for the Yards at the time, due to there was no ship of similar size had been built by anyone in the past, as well as some technological barriers. With several years of research for engineering breakthrough and many lab incidents during tests, the first model of the Galactic Freight Hauler was successfully developed in the late 2063, became the largest ship of United Earth of the time. It entered mass production stage in 2064 from their new shipyard in New Petergard, entering service in the same year.
In 2060, the Yards acquired land use patent for new major shipyards in colony of Zijing and New Petergard, both shipyards began construction in the same time.
In 2063, Zijing Shipyard finished construction and was put into operation.
In the later months same year, under the strong pressure from Corporate Industries, Red Satellite Drive Yards sold their Lunar-44 Dockyards to Corporate Industries under unfavorable terms, losing their major production facility that was planned for mass production of the Galactic Freight Hauler.
In 2064, The main complex of the New Petergard Orbital Shipyards finished construction. The Red Satellite Drive Yards transferred their headquarters to New Petergard afterwards, sold their old facility on Earth at the same time. The New Petergard Orbital Shipyard is the major production facility for the Galactic Freight Hauler series (and its associated spare components).
In 2066, the expansion for New Petergard Orbital Shipyards was completed. This headquarter shipyard began operating at full capacity for building aerospace vehicles developed by Red Satellite Drive Yards.

Major Products
Galactic Freight Hauler (long range freighter ship) series (2064-)
The pinnacle of the pragmatic designs, the Galactic Freight Hauler series can definitely represent the quality engineering Red Satellite Drive Yards. For many years it flies in many supply lines and trade routes of United Earth, and are barely replaced by anything else form other aerospace shipbuilding corporations. Each of these ships has very long life expectancy of 50 years, even without frequent maintenance.
Earliest model has 780-ton capacity.
The current standard model is the 900-ton capacity freighter.
A heavier variant with 875-ton capacity, armed with military grade weapons, are built for military purpose and escorting dangerous personnel.
Nakovalnya Class Orbital Interceptor Corvette (2038-2045)
An old model of corvette built in the Old Earth era, when Red Satellite Drive Yards is still part of Red Satellite Treaty Union, also known as the rumored "Russia's Space T-34". Its purpose is to intercept unauthorized vessels "intruding" RSTU colony airspace, and are often armed with military grade autocannons. They were deployed in large numbers in RSTU colonies and locations with geopolitical conflicts.
Its production was terminated in 2045 as RSTU was dissolved under the Great Crisis, however, many of these corvettes are still used by some ex-RSTU colonies for self defense nowadays.
Kiev Class Long Range Passenger/Freighter Ship series (2034-2057)
The Kiev Class was the backbone multirole transport vessel in RSTU colonization fleets, and was one of the oldest ships from Red Satellite Drive Yards.
Later in early days of United Earth it have seen limited service, mainly repurposed as repair vessels for fixing the satellites and space elevator platforms in Earth orbit. They are later decommissioned as the newer model is available.
Xingzhou Class Long Range Passenger/Freighter Ship series (2034-2057)
Pretty much similar to Kiev Class in terms of general layout, but cannot be said as a direct variant of the Kiev Class. It was developed by Chinese specialists of the time, compared to Kiev Class, it is more dedicated to transport passengers and life-sustaining supplies. Was decommissioned at the same time as Kiev Class.
Maximburg Class Medium Freighter/Lander Carrier series (2058-2067)
The ship that replaced the Kiev Class and the Xingzhou Class in terms of purpose, and was one of the major vessels (Along with Shuttlepod MK1) participated in early United Earth space programs. Compared to its predecessors it was designed in more versatile manner, which, especially its later models, can be modified and repurposed easily for other needs, ranging from transporting landers and making supply runs, to satellite repairs and asteroid mining operations.
Its production was terminated in 2067 as the more advanced Phobos Class Modular Transport from Martian Industries rendered it obsolete.
25d ago
More faction ideas

Osaka Robotics which they are less reliant on population for achieving high productivity thanks to their vast deployment of robotics and advanced electronics. An ambitious project has been proposed by Osaka Robotics - to demonstrate further possibilities of automation in the new era by establishing successful colonies on Terra Nova.
Automation Support - Every colonies of Osaka Robotics has +20% ๐Ÿ”จ boost, rounded up.
Robotics Research Facility - Replaces University. +4 ๐Ÿงช and +2 ๐Ÿ”จ. Costs slightly higher than a University.
Automatic Farm - Replaces Hydroponic Farm. +50% ๐ŸŽ boost and +2 ๐ŸŽ. Costs slightly higher than a Hydroponic Farm.
Preferred victory types: Scientific victory.

Liliane Manors is a family business that gained high prestige and influence among high societies of Earth, from trading and supply chain of luxuries ranging from spices, jewelries to cosmetics and fashion. They wish to expend their success further by exploiting the high value resources in Terra Nova.
Prestigious Luxuries - Luxury resources worked by their colonies has extra yield of 1 civics.
Luxuries Market - Replaces Bank. Yields +3 ๐Ÿ’ฐ and +2 extra ๐Ÿ’ฐ per luxury resources worked by the colony.
High Society Clubhouse - Replaces News Station. Yields +2 ๐Ÿ› and +2 extra ๐Ÿ› per luxury resources worked by the colony.
Preferred victory types: Monopoly or Ideological victory.

1mo ago
More faction ideas.

Edelweiss Defense Collective by @itsLiseczeq, the idea is an highly defensive faction that plays the style of "glorious isolation"
Edelweiss Defense Collective is formed by a group of small colonies who wished to protect themselves from any forms of external interference, with the ultimate aim to create an isolated utopia among the stars. To protect the interest of the Collective colonies in Terra Nova, although unwillingly, the Collective eventually decided to get involved into the rivalry to colonize the planet.
Fortified Headquarters - Capital city of the Collective starts with city walls.
Fortress - Replaces Military Base. Provides more city HP than Military Base and has extra benefit of +2 ๐Ÿ› yield. More expensive than a military base.
White Beret - Replaces Infantry. Has superior defense strength.
Preferred victory types: Ideological victory

Martian Industries is an corporation that pioneered the industrialization of early United Earth colonies on Mars, especially with great experiences with resource extraction operations. Their next step is to expend their business further into other colonies, with the project on Terra Nova being the most heavily invested by various stakeholders.
Efficient Resource Extraction - Strategic resource yields of Martian Industries colonies are doubled.
Raw Materials Market - Replaces Bank. +2 ๐Ÿ’ฐ. 20% value of total ๐Ÿ”จ of the colony contributes to extra yields of ๐Ÿ’ฐ.
Industrial Research Labs - Replaces University. +3 ๐Ÿงช. 40% value of total ๐Ÿ”จ of the colony contributes to extra yields of ๐Ÿงช.
Preferred victory types: Monopoly

1mo ago
Updated models of HQs and minor city centers.

United Earth's HQ design has been edited "slightly".
Added designs for Twilight Syndicate.

All voxel models can be found in this .zip.

1mo ago
Some custom faction icons. Hopefully they
Red Satellite Drive Yards
Brotherhood of Polaris
FutureTech Inc.
Twilight Syndicate

A question tho, would every faction have their own version of "outposts" (non-capital-city cities)?
1mo ago

I'm coming up with new HQ designs.

From left to right:
United Earth, LIS, Corporate Industries, Galactic Freight, FutureTech inc., Red Satellite Drive Yards and Brotherhood of Polaris respectively.

Feel free to give them new colors whenever needed, and here's the relevant HQ models packed into a .zip.
1mo ago
And probably rough ideas for other factions
(If the settings is after the Old Earth era)

Red Satellite Drive Yards is the legacy of the Red Satellite Treaty Union (RSTU) of the late Old Earth era. Currently as one of the major spacecraft manufacturing corporation of United Earth, producing countless affordable yet durable spacecrafts for various purposes. Yet with the growing monopoly of Corporate Industries, they urgently need resources to survive and prevent the worst - Terra Nova provides them an opportunity.

Brotherhood of Polaris is a rugged religious organization that witnessed events since the end of the Old Earth era. Due to its origins from third-world countries, currently they are dedicated to provide material and spiritual support to developing colonies with various difficulties. The Brotherhood hoped to create an successful example in Terra Nova where monopoly race has been fierce.

FutureTech Inc. is a research institution that seeks for scientific breakthroughs through studying different phenomenons in space and various planets owning many new research outposts on the frontiers. Recently they have discovered that Terra Nova would be the best location for conducting astronomical researches that would fulfill their mission that was incomplete since the Old Earth era.

Plus victory types ideas:
Total Domination Victory is achieved by wiping out other rivals by military conquest.
Monopoly Victory is achieved by finishing (buying) the colony patent.
Ideological Victory is achieved by completing the civics tree.
Scientific Breakthrough Victory is achieved by building the space telescope.
1mo ago
bastecklein said:Also @GeneralWadaling - did you have ideas regarding the different factions posted somewhere? I see you have TS, PT, NGE, AK, but I do not remember what they stand for.

They represents:
Twilight Syndicate (TS),
Pharan Tribes (PT),
Neo Galactic Empire (NGE),
and Atlanian Kingdoms (AK) respectively.

Twilight Syndicate is an organization that secretly running many illegal operations, you can say that is an criminal group. The main feature is oriental architecture.

Pharan Tribes was designed to be an alien civilization that witnessed the vanishing of the Ancients, but their civilization had been declining for many years in millenniums of internal conflicts. Not quite related, but their HQ design could be something for Brotherhood of Polaris.

Neo Galactic Empire is basically related to the Galactic Emperor in MC1 (That one in AD gift message). But it is far from official establishment, if the time setting is before the Human Civil War/LIS War. So this faction is not involved lol.

Atlanian Kingdoms is an aquatic alien civilization that keeps itself far away from conflicts under their neutrality and pacifist policy. You can say, Switzerland but that is alien version. I'm sure they won't interfere the business between humans, so you can neglect this faction. The architecture is Roman-Greek styled.
1mo ago
I'm here just for explaining the history related to why you can't "select" colonists.
Previously each colonist has stats and can be clicked, however as this makes the game extremely laggy on mobile devices (since stats of each colonists has to be considered every second, which means you'll have a sh*tton of entities running in the game, especially in late game you'll have more colonists than imagined), "clickable" colonists and colonists stats was removed around v1.0.0 something by the dev.

Yet, if you wish the colonists in current version with something more than just aesthetics, you can give some ideas.
2mo ago
Kind of having an idea on what city can look like, although not the best solution.

Basically, small buildings "spawns" around the city center according to its extent of development.

These 3 city centers could be example for capital city city centre, or high level city.


I also have other designs, but most of them, you know, are from non-human civilizations (including Zolarg Empire and Alpha Draconians.....)

2mo ago
Some questions:

1. Will all factions follows the same tech tree?
2. Will we have more ways to victory besides total domination?
3. Will we have more types of terrain improvements, like mines and more?

Look forward to see this game becoming real! :)
2mo ago
Civilian units voxel models ideas

2mo ago
Here are some voxel model ideas of units. Need not to use them all, since there's always better (plans and) designs than mine lol

some images for preview here, click to see

2mo ago
And probably the yields:
Civics would be the way to expand the political territory of colonies, functionally identical to Culture in My Empire.
Food, Money, Productivity and Research, would be more or less the same as from My Empire.
2mo ago
For military units, I do have some suggestions.....
click here to see

The class of unit that forms the backbone of every military forces.
Security Forces
The most basic component for colony self-defense.
Standard infantry with improved offensive capabilities.
Mechanized Infantry
Infantries with support of armored vehicles enhancing their strategic mobility and offensive firepower.
Heavy Infantry
Infantries equipped with heavy weapons for a more defensive approach.
Airmobile Infantry
By harnessing airborne advantage using helicopters and VTOL vehicles, it is easily the best type of assault troops.

The crucial component for offensive. Often has higher mobility and firepower than infantries.
Armored Car/Recon Rover
It's a quite affordable option for establishing a mechanized force, although not the most efficient.
The badass armored fighting vehicles.
MBT (Main Battle Tank)
In case diplomacy fails, bring in the 125mm caliber "liberty delivery"!

Indirect Fire Units (Artillery)
Fire support units crucial for some hard-hitting firepower.
Motorized Artillery
Simple mortars or rocket launchers mounted onto a truck, or a half-track.
Heavy Artillery
Improved artillery for bombardment of longer range.
Theatre Defense System
Artillery specially designed for obliterating aerospace units.
Ballistic Missile
One-off long range firepower that are effective against all types of units (including aerospace units).
Tactical Nuke
Nuclear launch detected

Aerospace Units
Theater defense systems can destroy aerospace units easily, but aerospace units has the advantage of operations generally not restricted by terrain.
Orbital Strike Satellite
Global defense initiated
Aerospace transport.
Aerospace fighter
Aerospace unit primarily for defending airspace. Can attack non-aerospace units if needed.

Naval Units
This one can be quite situational, depending on whether there is a sea on the map.
Patrol Boat
Lightly armored and lightly armed naval melee unit.
Patrol boat with a bigger gun capable of indirect fire.
Backbone for a formal navy.
Large battle vessel with powerful long range weapons.
Ship-sinking specialist.
TDS Cruiser
Naval version of theater defense system.
Self explanatory. A naval transport.

2mo ago
Hello @bastecklein!

Would like to let you know that new voxel models are available here.

Not the best designs, but hope you like it.

As always the update notes is in the .txt file.

Uranium miner has been edited.

This is a quite.... makeshift construction lol

Education building.

Probably for rocketry stuff. We'll need fuels for rockets anyways :P

A bigger house.

You can say, a more expensive version of tundra micromines.
2mo ago
Hmmm........ Then some of the suggested features has to be cut. Indeed I've asked for too much things in a game made using a simple engine
A much more simple one might also work lol

2mo ago
I would suggest you deploy your lander near (but not too far away from ores too) gold deposit clusters.
Maybe you'll need to explore around a bit.
This strategy might help.

Might be a good idea if we add gold mines and ore mines from MC1.
2mo ago


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