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RE:Security and Crimes! MKIII!

2019-12-28 03:21:05
Here are the building ideas!

  • Patrol Post
    A small patrol station with a watchtower built on top of it. Hires 3 security staff and has a local security capacity of 40. Small coverage.
  • Patrol Brigade
    A very standard security building for a small colony. Hires 8 security staff and has a local security capacity of 120.
  • Small Detention Camp
    This is where the criminals are punished (in a simple manner), in a small colony. Hires 3 staff. Increases local security capacity of security buildings inside effect range by 8.
  • Security Station
    When your colony has more people moving in you’ll need a better security facility to maintain order. Hires 15 staff. Has a local security capacity of 275. Unlocks Regular class security staff.
  • Security Coordination Hub
    A small command structure for a small area of security. Increases service area by 2 and boosts security capacity by 8% of the security buildings in the effect area of this building.
  • Anti-Air Blaster Turret
    Increases 20 defensive power against pirate attacks.
  • Town Prison
    Increases security capacity of the security buildings by 18 inside its effect range.


  • Watchmound
    Just a small tower-shaped mound for a patrolbug to perform boring monitoring.
  • Patrolmound
    Where patrolbugs prepare themselves for regular patrols.
  • Pit of Isolation
    Naughty insectnoids are tossed into this deep pit and isolated from others. Loniness will let them know they have been doing wrong.

Alpha Draconians

  • E.Y.E. Module
    A small modular facility that houses and dispatches the E.Y.E. supervision drones.
  • Court of Punishments
    Where the regular punishments are made on those misbehavied, unloyal, and unrespectful to the arbitators.

League of Independent States exclusive buildings

  • Bounty Centre
    Set bounties on those criminals. Give the bounty hunters rum and money and they will bring you the criminals shortly. Don’t even need any security staffs.

Next time I’ll intorduce some possible security policies!

RE:Security and Crimes! MKIII!

2019-12-27 11:32:24
Now here comes the second part of the ideas.

Crimes Outbreak
This mechanism is actviated once your colony reaches 150 population.
Crimes will always take place at weak security spots where the location is not well covered or areas where the security capacity does not meet the demands, with the chance to occuar anytime.
A crime outbreak will damage buildings and causes money and resource loss. Depending on how weak the security is here, the impacts (and also the crime outbreak frequency) varies.
To prevent crime outbreaks, always make sure you have to get all buildings under operation range of security buildings, and make sure the region has sufficient security capacity to meet the demands, especially when the area has a large population, or having some buildings (such as banks) that requires extra protection, or some dangerous buildings that will spread negetive security influnce like casinos.

Pirate Raids
Pirates are always looking for some good targets to raid - especially the colonies without much defensive force.
Pirate attacks will not occuar before you have built a consulate type building for at least 1 hour gameplay time. Before the first pirate attack, the colony may have already have built up their own effective defensive force.
The first few raids are very easy to take care - Their power is always below 10. Pirates’ attack strength ascends after each unsuccessful raid (the colony performed a successful defense).
When your colony failed to defend, your colony will lose resources. Loss depends on the remainding pirate forces survived.
All pirate raid events generates injured colonists. There’s chance that colonists get killed in pirate raids.
Later when pirates are too strong to handle, consider hire more better security staffs or build special colony security buildings such as anti-air turrets and dome shield generators.

Next time I’ll introduce the building ideas for the security!

Security and Crimes! MKIII!

2019-12-26 11:43:47
H3110 guys!

Well, that’s exactly my 3rd version of my Security and Crimes ideas - with more fine and challenging ideas, and to follow @bastecklein’s path of development on the game.

Here we go!

Security System - Basic Mechanism
As @bastecklein have adopted another path of game development towards city building, the security buildings now has a service range, like other service type utilities.
Meanwhile, instead of the Security Points system from my previous version of this idea, now the security system consists of two parts:
Local Security Capacity and Defensive Force.

Local Security Capacity
Each security building has a limited security power inside their range. Once the security demand exceeds the local security capacity of the building, the average security power in the service range of the building is weakened, and crime outbreaks will occuar more frequently.
To increase the building’s local security capacity, besides replacing the old one with a better one, you can also adjust security staff types in security policy.

There’re 3 classes of local security staffs. For each race, they have different names.
(blue for human staffs, orange for Zolarg’s, purple for Alpha Draconians’)
  • Militia/Patrolbug/E.Y.E.
    The most basic security staff. Has no security capacity boost yet having lowest maintenance costs.
  • Regular/Loyalty Guard/Overseer
    They are well-trained security staffs for the colony. Has a small boost on security capacity but you’ll need to pay them more wages.
  • SWAT/Royal Guard/Eliminator
    The best local security staffs you can hire - They are professional crime suppressors. Provides a large security capacity boost while they have a high maintenance cost.
The ratio of these classes of staffs affects the local security capacity of security buildings.

Defensive Power
You know what happens when pirates are approaching but you have nobody to protect your colony - Well. Your colony suffers damage and resource loss.
Each security staff is also counted as security power, but a higher class has a better defensive power.
1 def. power for each tier 1 security staff.
1.5 def. power for each tier 2 security staff.
2.5 def. power for each tier 3 security staff.
There’s one more tier of security staff, who doesn’t participate in the local security affairs but colony defense:
  • Consitutional Army/Unholy Legion/Destroyer
    Although they won’t participate in local security maintaining (except military suppressions), however they are reliable forces for protecting your colony against large scale attacks. Though it’s expensive to hire one.
These Tier 4 staffs are the strongest security force you can hire for a colony, but only available when your colony declared independence. Each of them has 4 defensive power.

More details about crimes and pirate attacks will be introduced later in the comments!

RE:New Frontiers, Vol1

2019-12-24 09:56:16
Hello Luker! (^ ^)

It sounds great to have a more detailed immigration control :3


2019-12-23 00:08:22
🤔 Okay I’ll change it.

Pandora → Druid


2019-12-22 13:28:50
H3110 guys!

Here comes my first idea of the Far Lands series:
NEW MAP - Druid!

Druid class planets are discovered to be beautiful deadly planets with the atmosphere filled with extreamly active biomass gases Druidene and inhabited with enormous beasts which can’t be found in elsewhere in the Galaxy. The gigantic plants on this planet would be a great scene for the explorers to see.

This map features 2 new resources:
  • Alien Beast (ab)
    Beasts in Druid class planets are very valuable. Primal and powerful, yet extremly rare. Besides serving as a extremly expensive pet, sometimes it serve as an instrument for torturing slaves in Alpha Draconian arenas... I think you’ll only able see this scene in the capital Alpha Draconis only. Recent researches showed that their meat and horns has high medical values.
  • Druidene (dru)
    This mysterious gasous biomass has a amazing property that can rewrite part of the plants’ gene and turn them into massive towering giants. Usage in agriculture is under experiment. The potential for creating bioweapons is recently examined by the Galactic Ministry of Research.

Total amount 5200 tons
  • 38% Druidene
  • 12% Breathables
  • 26% Greenhouse gases
  • 23% Non breathables
  • 1% Toxic
Having a high atmospheric pressure and insufficient breathable air than the standard amount, there’s more efforts need to be made on atmosphere when terraforming.
Warm atmospheric temperature.

Soil: Regolith type. Able to support megatrees. Neutral acidity.

Surface mineral deposits:
Mainly regolith deposits on the surface. Other minerals has a decent amount.

Terrain features:
  • There are Druidene Geysers providing a limited amount of Druidene. Can be collected by Druidene Rovers, Druidbugs and Pumpbots.
  • Megatrees EVERYWHERE!
  • Puddles of water can be found, but they are limited sources. You have to use water extractors and atmosphere condensers later.
  • Beast Settlements can be found. Poses security threats in a region. Hunterbots can clean them up and bring beasts back to colony safely. Cannot be manually razed.

Here may I introduce contents unlocked by this map.


  • Druidene Rover
    A specialized class of rover used to collect the highly active biomass Druidene, from natural Druidene geysers. Can build Druidene-related buildings.
  • Hunterbot
    Because of how valuable are those alien beasts and their dangerous existance around your colony, these large Hunterbots can ‘harvest’ beast settlements to bring you alien beasts and also cleaning them up for your colony’s safety.
  • Fencement
    A wooden facility for closing the beasts inside. Don’t worry, local wood is durable enough.
  • Druidene Gas Tank
    That’s a gas tank for storing Druidene.
  • Butchery
    A crude facility for turning beast into a decent amount of food.
  • Ranch
    This ranch breeds beasts and provides some storage for them. Consumes water and some food.
  • Beast Trade Depot
    A simpliest facility for managing trades related to these alien beasts. Slow, but yields lots of cash for a single production cycle.
  • Druid Planet Research Camp
    Druid class planets are still too new to the galaxy and there’s lots of things we haven’t discovered yet. This research facility makes use of alien beasts and Druidenes to produce research.
  • Megaplants Hydroponic Plantation
    This plantation grows plants under the influence of Druidene. Have you seen a pumpkin that is large as a car? Consumes water.
  • Cagehouse
    A more durable, larger facility for keeping beasts inside.
  • Druidene Pump
    This pump heads down to underground Druidene reserves and extract them.

(comments please :3)

THE FAR LANDS SERIES! - Introduction

2019-12-22 12:33:58
H3110 guys!

It’s me again - I’m Gen. Wadaling!

It has been a while I am away from My Colony...
Well that doesn’t matter.

Here comes my new series of ideas:

Beyond the centre of the Galaxy, is there a new world at the far borders of the galaxy?
Can it be desolate lands?
Or even,
New civilizations?

What new possibilities, opportunities and dangers it will bring to us? That’s up to our brave conquerors (and colonists) to discover.

May the infinity be with you.

In this series, it’ll include:

And there’s more to discover!

  • Introduction COMPLETED
    (Exactly this post)
  • New Map - The Druid CURRENTLY UNDER WORK
  • The Metallic Planet and the Ancientbots Pending...
    (The post not yet published)

    And there’s more posts I’ll put onto the forum! Stay tuned for the updates!


2019-12-20 04:30:26
H3110 guys! Here comes my ideas, as promised!

Instead of calculating terraforming using atmosphere production only, the terrafroming is now determined by multiple aspects.
  • Atmospheric pressure
    Gas pressure can be deadly. Too much pressure you'll be squashed, too little pressure your body bursts. So maintaining a good pressure of atmosphere is crucial.
    Atmospheric pressure is calculated in KG, sum of all types of atmospheric gas. Each race requires a different liveable pressure range.
  • Atmosphere type
    Like humans needs OXYGEN, you'll need to turn the atmosphere breathable for your colonists to breathe.
    Atmosphere may compose of different types of gases:
    • Breathable gases
      The key type of gas to a successful terraforming.
    • Unbreathable gases
      Harmless, but you don't want it because it is useless.
    • Alien toxic gases
      Make sure it's amount is always below 2.5% of total gas amount. Otherwise people without pressure suits (policy) can die quickly. Some industries or terrain features may produce them.
    • Pollutants
      Gases produced by industries. reaching over 10% may cause health crisis.
    • Greenhouse gases
      You will need lots of them if your planet has no gas - They can reduce normal planet heat loss. However too much your planet will become a big oven. You know the rest.
    Each type of gases is first calculated in KG and then converted into percentage.
  • Planetary heat
    No heat, no life. Heat is the energy you'll need to terraform the planet.
    Factors of heat gain:
    • Industries
      Your major heat supplier.
    • Heating facilities
      Secondary heat suppliers, but one can be way efficient than a single industrial building.
    Factors of heat loss:
    • Natural heat loss
      Over time your planet will loss heat by itself.
    • Greenhouse gases
      Greenhouse gases can reduce normal heat loss of the planet.
    • Cooling facilities
      Manual cooling facilities.
    • Industries
      Some of the crystalline-related productions will absorb heat.


2019-12-19 05:33:46
H3110 guys!

For long, I have seen many people argued about the logics of the terraforming system.
Especially the atmosphere based terraforming logic. That does not really terraform the planet by simply dumping some atmosphere in. Meanwhile air pollutants should not be counted as 'atmosphere suitable for terraforming' - nobody wants to breathe in a dirty atmosphere! In addition, the game seems not classifying the unbreathable extraterrestrial gas and breathables...

So here, I'll introduce my new terraforming gameplay ideas to make it logical, more reasonable, and challenging!

If you have ideas too, feel free to comment below :3

My first batch of ideas will be posted in the comments soon!

RE:WILDLIFE & ECOLOGY! (+ Terraforming rework)

2019-12-18 10:29:03
@Amorphus I have just updated the post with terrafroming contents. Have a look (^ ^)

RE:Major Changes Coming to My Colony v1.0.0

2019-12-18 05:36:48
How'll be the open events go? :3

ECOLOGY! (+ Terraforming rework)

2019-12-16 08:22:52
H3110 guys! :3

When looking at your planet, no matter on what planets, you might feel your colony is somehow, lifeless.
I do mean, even with trees, something is missing on your plot of land...
Meanwhile some developed colonies - While the colonists suffering from the factory smokes and dust, inside their heart, do they want something green and lively?
Or, colony commanders. Do you want new challenges fighting between the nature and your brave conquest?

Here, I have come over with something new inside my mind -

    Ecology would be the new challenge to be introduced to the players, you have to manage your balance between natural environment and your colony development. Ecology is activated once you have reached terraforming stage 3 (vegetation stage, which you unlocks trees), and this will gradually becoming the concerns of your colonists.
    Ecology is evaluated as the follows:
    • Carbon Emission
      This is a very classic evaluation factor. Once you have unlocked ecology, industries and colonists begins generating carbon emissions. Mind that carbon emissions accumulates over time. Once you have reached a certain extent of accumulation, here comes Mr. Global Warming, and you know the rest of these...
      You can lower the net carbon emission through atmosphere scrubbers and plantations such as sugarcanes and trees.
    • Nature Reservations
      Nature reservations means how much greening or nature objects you have kept inside the colony. This includes (non- hostile) alien lives, trees, lawns, greened buildings, e.t.c. The more you reserved, the more your colonists satisfied with the environment.
      Zoos also counts into nature reservations.
      Green dome doesn't count.
    • Pollution
      Everybody knows what's pollution, right?
      Pollution is counted by trashes.
    The ecology rating can be counted by:
    Nature Reservation Points (NRP) - Carbon Emission Points (CEP) - Trash amount
    Let's say, the terraforming system needs re-design.
    The 'atmosphere' in the game is not specific enough, it can actually also referring to alien unbreathable atmosphere.
    Adding earth atmosphere onto the existing atmosphere seems not a wise concept too. It may cause atmosphere overpressure.
    This time, I'll show you my ideas that will bring a more logical terraforming system.
    • First, the atmosphere is removed from a member of resources.
    • Terraforming will be determined by Planet Type. Each planet will require different extent of terraforming to unlock new items.
    • Terraforming is divided into different parts and are counted by various Terraforming Points (TP).
      • Temperature (degree Celsius). Increased by colony activities, volcanoes, geysers and AtmoHeaters. Decreased by AtmoChillers and ice. Heat production is multiplied by carbon footprints but can be reduced by natural water bodies or artificial one.
      • Atmosphere Pressure (kg). Increased by AtmoGenerators. Decreased by AtmoPumps and Atmosphere Condensers.
      • Atmosphere gas (%). Alien gas can be removed using AtmoPumps or converted into Breathable Gas using Atmoconvertors. AtmoScrubbers and AtmoFilters removes pollutants. Atmosphere Condensers removes any type of gas slowly.
      • Soil condition (%). Once the atmosphere can support microbe activities, you can begin improve soil using Bacteria Farms.

RE:Colony Specialists!

2019-12-14 08:42:33
Some LIS exclusive Specialists:
  • Space Mercenary
    • Smuggling - GBT trades costs 50% less civics. However, the 50% of amount of that 50% civics saved will become the additional commission cost, in money.
    • Piracy - Unlocks Pirateer’s Depot, a more powerful yet cheaper fusion of Starport and Shipyard. All Pirateer’s Depots are automatically razed when you remove Mercenary from specialist slots.
  • Militia Officier
    • Neighbourhood Patrol - A colonist will require 0.5 security demand instead of 1.
    • Compulsory Militia Training - Every 1 population is counted as 1 defensive power but also requires a maintainence of $2 per minute.
  • Ambassador of Liberty
    • Live Free or Die - (Motto of the League of Independent States) All colonist happiness is increased by 10%, but unfavouring policies (needs definition) recieves larger unhappiness penality.
    • Code of Liberty & Justice - Decreases crime rate by 10%. Also unlocks the building Court of Liberty, no matter this specialist is hired or not.

RE:Colony Specialists!

2019-12-14 02:33:31
Some ideas for Zolarg specialists:
  • The Sage
    • Observative Learning - Every research building produces +5 research per production cycle.
    • Collective Intelligence - Every 1 population produces 1 research every 5 minute.
  • The Council of Elders
    • Coordinated Discussion - Production rate of civics is 5% faster.
    • Divine Law of Elders - Civic buildings also produces some antaura.
  • Queen of the Fertile Lands
    • The Good Harvest - Food and Sugar production is boosted by 15%.
    • Hive Architect - Mounds and Unholy Mounds provides 25% more housing.
  • Communal Union of the Worker Bugs
    • Production Standards - All productions, excluding civics, research ,money and antaura, are 5% faster.
    • Labour Brigades - All buildings requires 15% less worker to operate.

RE:Colonist Lifecycle Changes for v1.0.0

2019-12-14 00:58:38
Finally childbirth and not movin’ in & out!

And we can also consider a policy - birth control (such as 2-child policy), if you want to limit the birth rate.

Colony Specialists!

2019-12-13 05:56:29
H3110 guys!

That’s an idea that have just flashed in my mind.
What if, we can hire someone to boost the colony development?
That may not be a very refined idea, but I’d like to introduce it here (^ ^)

Here comes the:

The Specialists is a special class of colonists. They don’t count into the overall population, but they are counted into the Specialist Slots.

Let’s begin with the Specialist Slots, which defines how many specialists you may own. The Specialist Slots are provided by consulates and capitols, in my prototype ideas. A higher level consulate/capitol can provide more Specialist Slots.
You can hire (if vacent slot available) or replace (when there’s no vacent slots) specialists anytime, but they cost civics to hire and maintain.

Now let’s introduce my ideas about the Specialists!
(remarks: the second trait of the specialists requires upgrades.)
  • Quest Keeper
    • Accomplishment Presentation - Increase score awards for every accomplished Quests by 5%.
    • Quest Negotiator - You can switch a quest to another random one. Once per day.
  • Innovation Engineer
    • Semiauto Production Line - Production rate of industrial resources increase by 5%.
    • Factory Designer - Cost for construction of resource buildings is 15% cheaper.
  • Welfare Officier
    • Social Affairist - Colony happiness is increased by 5%.
    • Charity Campaign - Unhappiness caused by low wages and poverty is decreasesd by 10%.
  • Colonial Foreman
    • Overseer - Production rate of resources is increased by 5%.
    • Industry Logistics - All buildings with jobs provided provides 2 more jobs. Maximum efficiency of the buildings is increased by 15% (does not affect buildings that requires no workers).
  • Economist
    • Currency Policy - Economy buildings produces 30 more money per production cycle.
    • Economy Stimulation - Money production of all buildings are increased by 5%.
  • Taxation Officier
    • Tax Conversion - When taxing your colonists, tax yields is increased by 10%.
    • Property Tax - All buildings produces 10 surplus money per minute.

More specialist ideas will come soon!


2019-12-13 04:47:49
The awards part will let Bast to deal-with-it :D
He’s the one who’s the most familier of how the game runs in a balanced way

Comments please! I’d love to have any feedbacks.

RE:anti independence movement

2019-12-12 13:22:06
Independence war... That’s inside LIS’s history :3

The concept is good; and of course, there is always space for further refining and imorovements.


2019-12-11 11:32:35

Here introduces the types of quests you will encounter!

  • Delivery
    Export a specific amount of resources to Galactic Empire (not the commonwealth) via export facilities.
    • Deliver 5000 microchips to Galactic Empire.
    • Deliver 30000 alien artifacts to Galactic Empire.
    • Deliver 500 food, 3000 sugar and 1000 water to Galactic Empire.
  • Purchase
    Buy a specific total amount of resource. GBT not included.
    • Purchase 50000 aluminum.
    • Purchase 300 alien relics.
    • Purchase 1000000 food.
  • Policy
    Conduct the policy specified by the quest.
    • Tax your colonists once.
    • Deport 20 colonists.
    • Adjust the salaries of Botanists.
  • Trade
    Conduct a specific amount of trades on Galactic Board of Trade (GBT).
    • Conduct any trades that values at least $50000.
    • Put on sale contracts of 50000 units of any resource.
    • Put on any request contracts.
  • Production
    Reaching a specific production rate of resource.
    • Reach 100 surplus power.
    • Reach 5000 microchips per minute.
    • Reach 3000 surplus water per minute.
  • Construction
    Construct or dismantle the required building.
    • Build Large Residential Complex.
    • Dismantle any building.
    • Build 30 decorations.
  • Accumulation
    Accumulate a specific amount of a resource in your storage.
    • Have >300000000 money in your treasury.
    • Have >500 alien relics in your inventory.
    • Have >40000 water in your inventory.
  • Treasury
    Earn or spend money through specific ways.
    • Earn $100000 trough any source.
    • Spend $50000000.
    • Earn $50000 from taxations.
  • Population
    Something related to population growth.
    • Reach 1M population.
    • Immigrate 50 insectnoids. (Insectnoids won’t recieve immigration quests as they don’t do any immigrations)


2019-12-11 08:26:46

Simple things here, I am introducing my ideas about competition types.

Quests of the Galactic Empire - Daily Quests
Like what Bast have suggested so far, the Galactic Empire delivers a list of quests for your colony to accomplish daily. Don't worry about quests which you're not able to accomplish, the quests will be given according to the colony's ability unlocked and capabilities. Finishing the quests adds marks to your colony on the regular leaderboards (which will reset monthly). In addition to active open events, the finished daily quests also adds score on the event leaderboards.

Emperor's Orders - Delivery Race
Events such as the Imperial Birthday and Galactic Crusade provides you a endless and ever-updating list of delivery quests to do - Try to gather the resource required and load the delivery to the Empire!

The Imperial Project - Export Race
In events such as Imperial Nuclear Arsenal Project and 30-Day Chipper Project, the Empire will ask you to export one kind of specific resource to the Empire as many as you can. The more you exports, the higher score you get!

Imperial Expansion Campaign - Colonization Race
The Empire calls for colonization on a specific type of planet! Extra quests are provided to colonies with an specific planet type. The score calculation is based on finished quests on those planets.


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