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The new bombers are cool! :D
16d ago
Hello guys!

The new air units movement mechanic is excellent and it makes the air units movement much smoother, and the aircraft turning is running great as well! Thanks for these additions @bastecklein! :D

Alright, to the topic today: Something about bombers.
The recently added Bomber Drone is indeed a powerful, with sufficient numbers it can severely damage a base (IF the base has little anti-air defenses - please note that missile defenses can still cripple a bomber squadron with ease :p).
I have some thoughts after tried them in a skirmish game.

Bomber resupply issue
I love that bombers return to drone pads themselves for refill and repair when their bombs are depleted, but when there isn't enough pads to resupply all returning bombers at the same time, some bombers just sit on empty ground and does not go to refill.
Currently I don't see any convenient mechanic that sends bomber to refill ammo (unless I have missed something), other than trigger that indirectly by sending them out again.
To improve the bomber resupplying mechanic, I would like to suggest adding a manually triggered command that forces bomber (or any unit with limited ammunitions) return and resupply; or read bomber action moving to any friendly refill pad as refill command.

Bomber cannot bomb enemy units effectively
So far enemy units cannot be precisely targeted by attack/move command, which kinda makes bombers a bit limited in use other than demolishing buildings (usually suicidal as moderate anti air defenses is very likely present as well).
Maybe allow bombers to attack while moving (like tanks does) can put bombers to better use, allowing them to provide close air support in heat of battle as well.
Although this suggestion might lead to problems in naval combat, which navy has no mobile anti air protection other than jetpack infantries.

Hopefully these feedbacks will help improving the newly added bomber mechanics!
16d ago
A nice map, my laptop might not able to handle that much AI players though XD
2mo ago
srsly lol you're not the dev, then why you say "will be implemented" lol
2mo ago

Here are my ideas about LIS.

  • LIS Lander
    Lander used by LIS, the core building for a LIS base. Although LIS uses pretty outdated model of landers, LIS engineers still managed to carry out some modernization modifications including install makeshift flight boosters on these landers to have similar redeploy capability as the current model used by United Earth military.
  • LIS Barracks
    These easy-to-assemble tents are used to store weapons and supplies for LIS infantries.
  • Watchtower
    Though somewhat lacking in durability compared to sandbag pillboxes, it has slightly superior range.
  • Submarine Docks
    A naval base where submarines and light ships of LIS are parked and prepared.
  • Torpedo Platform
    A floating platform with a torpedo launcher that is effective to heavy ships, but with drawback that it has slow reload and it can only attack naval units.
  • Black Market Tent
    Tier 2 tech building. A small tent that houses a black market contractor and stashes of smuggled weapons of different variety.
  • Helipad
    Landing pad for supporting LIS VTOL aircrafts and helicopters.
  • Missile Tower
    Advanced base defense. A defensive tower fortified with concrete slabs that contains missile launchers for responding enemy armored assault and air raids.
  • Operations Center (Ops Center)
    Tier 3 tech building. A fortified command post where LIS officers coordinates LIS forces to perform advanced tactics and request requisition of advanced LIS weaponry.

  • Grenadier
    LIS troops equipped with grenades. Effective against infantries, buildings and light vehicles.
  • Flamethrower
    The napalm used by these flamethrower infantries are special mix from black markets that are dangerously volatile and it can reduce most buildings and groups infantries to ashes in matter of seconds.
  • Elite Sniper
    Snipers armed with heavy anti material rifles that are capable firing penetration rounds effective to both infantry and even tanks.
  • Armored Car
    The multipurpose light vehicle fielded by LIS forces. It is a combination of recon rover and APC, but it is neither fast as former nor sturdy as later. Can carry 3 infantries.
  • Heavy Tank
    Based on stolen blueprints, these LIS assault tanks features superior firepower than and similar armor as the United Earth medium tanks, but slightly slower.
  • Missile Launcher
    Multipurpose medium fire support vehicle used by LIS. It is equipped with anti tank rocket that is somewhat effective against tanks. It is also able to fire anti air missile for protecting LIS tank column from airborne threats.
  • Beam Tank
    Advanced artillery vehicle developed by LIS notorious for its long range. Although it is said to be a tank it is actually not quite armored - the batteries for recharging beam weapon is too heavy for the chassis and this forces LIS engineers reducing armor weight in finalized design.
  • Gunboat / Attack Boat
    These gunboats are armed with anti air missile to escort LIS fleet of submarines from airborne attacks. The missiles can also be used against surface targets if needed, although not very effective due to long reload.
  • Submarine
    Submarine warfare strategy is adopted by LIS to maintain naval control and deter enemy ships from providing support along the coastlines.
    Can only attack naval units but is very effective against them.
  • Ballistic Submarine
    Rumors saying it is developed to rival with United Earth's cruiser. It combines stealthy properties of submarines and heavy fire power of missiles.
  • Attack Helicopter
    Aircraft utilized by LIS to precisely attack targets using rockets.
  • Transport Helicopter
    Airborne transport utilized by LIS to transport infantries across all types terrain and even enemy base (if not well protected by anti air capable units or defenses).
2mo ago

Probably some minor ideas.

Advanced power building
We can think about get hands on some advanced power building, which provides more power on its own, but also relatively more expensive (but with better cost efficiency by per unit of power basis), takes longer to build and possibly takes up more space.
Strategically as cost effective way to largely expand power production, but should pay attention protecting it as losing one will be more likely to put your base in low power.
Prerequisite: Tier 2 tech building

Tier 3 tech
Strategically tier 3 tech escalates battle to higher level which provides tools of warfare that is likely to be decisive to battle outcome.
But since tech lab is already taken as tier 2 tech building....... I guess the buildings can be about higher command authorization of strategic weapons, and of course superweapons.
Such as:
United Earth can have Command Bunker, a building that houses higher rank field officers to authorize the use of advanced strategic weapons.
League of Independent States can have something like Operations Center, a fortified command post that coordinates the use of advanced tactics and war assets.

Splash damage
Something I'd like to ask for.
Most units in the game still deals damage to single target only.
But here I'm not asking for big explosion across multiple tiles, we can start with splash damage effect that damages units in the same single tile.
2mo ago

Here's a simple guide of a viable early rush strategy for 1v1 - one of the most notorious rush strategy of all time, the engineer rush!

Please note that this is a rush strategy, which is basically a big gamble in early game - it may also cause losing your advantage for the rest of the game!
As for all rush strategies, speed matters.
The engineer rush is a strategy primarily to disable enemy lander - the most vital building of the game, without the lander the enemy will be unable to build anything, the enemy loses the ability to recover from future building and tech loss.
You can also use it to disable enemy economy by capture-and-sell enemy refineries.

1. Start building solar tower.
2. Send your infantries that are provided at the beginning to scout enemy base. Locate enemy key buildings especially Landers. And check whether enemies have defenses around the important buildings.

Do not proceed with this strategy if the enemy have set up defenses around lander. If you see that, change to normal strategy instead.

3. Start building barracks after the solar tower has been built and placed.
4. After placing the barracks, proceed to building vehicle factory. Meanwhile, start training engineers (at most 5), and optionally other types of infantries.
5. After placing the vehicle factory, produce 1 APC.
6. Fill your APC with the engineers (and optionally other infantries if you have trained any).
7. Send your APC straight to enemy base.
8. Once inside, unload your engineers from APC and capture enemy lander at once.
9. If succeeded, sell the lander you captured. You can also use the remaining engineers to capture other buildings if any available.

Placing a pillbox or station infantries around the lander is very likely to deter enemy from using engineering rush strategy.
This rush strategy often skip building refineries. If your early scouting discovers enemy is building vehicle factory without refinery and/or producing multiple engineers, prepare some defenses.
3mo ago

With APC added to the game, engineer-APC rush becomes viable early strategy.

Yet sometimes capture does not work properly, although it doesn't prevent the game from properly finishing. The building is somewhat captured, but it is still not controllable by player (no functions including build area) and still have the color of its previous owner.
3mo ago
Tech tree of this version.
Hopefully accurate :)
3mo ago
Was expecting armored vehicles added, but I never expected the medium tanks xD

3mo ago
bastecklein said:Hey @GeneralWadaling I hope you don't mind, but I am going to include this map with the next release of Colony Wars, unless you object!

3mo ago
Glad to know Colony Wars is continuing development! :D
3mo ago
8mo ago
Hello @bastecklein!

Here I have some models of "tile improvements" for the Terra Nova 4X game.
I attempted to go for a quite simplistic style for them.

The tile improvement models contained in this pack:
Camp - Probably for forest tiles.
Farm - Food-yielding tile improvement.
Fishery - Offshore tile improvement that provides food yield.
Fortress - Advanced fortification building that provides better defensive bonus for units on it, but also with a longer construction time.
Industrial Compound - In case of low productivity, this will help to boost your industry a bit. Removes food yield on the tile, however.
Military Base - Basic fortification tile improvement for early game.
Mine - Can improve tiles with mineral resources, provides productivity boost.
Offshore Platform - Improves offshore resource tiles and provides productivity yield.
Oil Refinery - Can improve land-based oil tiles. Yields productivity (and possibly power as well).
Plantation - Improves tiles that has plants of great economical values like spice and cotton. Yields money.
Solar Plant - Basic power yielding tile improvement (if power is ever to be implemented in the game).
Starport - Yields money.
Suburb - Increases population limit of the city it is adjacently or diagonally attached to by 5.
8mo ago
Ahh yes, I've this experience once and I have no choice other than starting another new map. 🤣
9mo ago


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