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I would suggest you deploy your lander near (but not too far away from ores too) gold deposit clusters.
Maybe you'll need to explore around a bit.
This strategy might help.

Might be a good idea if we add gold mines and ore mines from MC1.
9h ago
Hello guys!

Just an idea that can kind of simulate "underground deposits" that was suggested during the planning phase of the development. What if some of the buildings must be built in specific biomes?

This might make the game a bit more challenging, I guess. For example, gold mines must be built in gold field biome, as the way that you can get a steady inflow of gold without building the more expensive gold synthesis lab.

Implementing this would need some extra considerations, however. One of the main issue I'm thinking of is that some biome does not alter ground color that makes them impossible to indicate if there is no relevant terrain objects around. We'll need a way to indicate the specific biome when building these biome-specific buildings.

Hopefully that sounds like a good idea.
2d ago

Just some voxel models that are probably useful for future things. These are 16vx planets.

Hopefully someone would enjoy them.
8d ago
More ideas.

Classes of Starships
  • Colony Ship
    The class of ship capable of colonizing an unhabited system.
  • Utility Ship
    Utility vessels that are responsible for transporting troops and resources, as well as building facilities in space.
  • Fighter
    Fast maneuvering, small military vessels that are relatively cheap to mass produce, they can reduce battle efficiency of enemy capital ships. Only effective in combat when massed.
  • Scout Ship
    Vessels that are equipped with better sensors than any other ships. Outside battles, they are good explorers. In battles, they are able to detect and locate enemy stealthed vessels.
  • Frigate
    Lightweight vessels that makes up your space fleet in early game, but still have purpose in later game to support and escort other important vessels.
  • Destroyer
    The modest class of military vessels for your space fleet in almost all stages of game.
  • Cruiser
    A heavier cousin of destroyers.
  • Battleship
    The heaviest class of military starship. Very expensive, but packs unparalleled anti capital ship firepower.
  • Carrier
    A special class of military vessel that can boost fighter battle efficiency in the same battle group.
Starship Properties
  • Dogfight
    Able to decrease enemy vessel combat efficiency. The effect is stackable.
  • Anti-Dogfight
    Can suppress certain extent of effectiveness of enemy Dogfight effects. The effect is stackable.
  • Blockade Vessel
    Can enforce blockade on a system.
  • Carrier
    Able to boost fighter vessels battle efficiency according to its capacity.
  • Transport
    Can transport resources and/or carry troops.
  • Construction Vessel
    Can build facilities in space.
  • Stealthed
    Can gain advantage in battles in form of ambushes. Can choose to evade battles (does not engage incoming enemies but with very minimal casualties) if all ships in a battle group are stealthed vessels.
  • Advanced Sensor
    Nullifies enemy Stealthed advantage and prevents stealthed vessels to evade battles. Able to explore abnormalities.
  • Colonizer
    Can colonize unhabited systems (consumes the vessel if do so).
1mo ago
Hello guys.

At this moment we cannot dismantle unneeded buildings or delete any excess vehicles at this moment. Is now a good time for adding the option of deleting the building and rovers?

Speaking of removing rovers. In MC1 we have chop shop for recycling vehicles, turning unneeded vehicles back to resources. It might be a good idea if MC2 do have one.
Notes: Not the best design.
1mo ago
Mario Cart intensifies
1mo ago

It is a small map for 1v1.

(the neutral bunker in the middle is totally harmless)
2mo ago
Check if you have the required construction bots, and also, atmosphere level.
2mo ago
Hello @bastecklein!

Although I'm much less active on forums for these months, I do have an idea I wish to share. I had this idea since several months ago, a turn-based galactic civilization strategy game. Now here are the (not-so-detailed) details I have in my mind at this moment.

- What the game idea is about -
The game is about building the best galactic civilization, a rivalry between the 4 powers of the galaxy - United Earth, League of Independent States, Zolarg Empire and Alpha Draconians. Develop new technologies, construct fleets, colonize new worlds, conquer or ally with other civilizations, build the greatest cities......

- Gameplay Mechanics -

Resources are classified into 3 types: Yields, Special Commodites and Strategic Resources.
  • Yields
    They are resource outputs from any city and colony. Among the Yields, Supplies is for population growth, Industry determines how fast the city/colony can produce, Research contributes to technological development progress, Income adds money to your national treasury, Energy powers local special facilities. Except money, other yields are not stockpiled - only has supply and demand.
  • Special Commodities
    They are rare but vital resource for maintaining obedience of your civilization as well as valuable commodities for trade and boosting economy. Like yield, they are not stockpiled, and only has supply and demand. Examples such as Spices from My Starship and Marbles can only be extracted from available deposits, but things like Rum and Arts does not come from deposits but specific buildings (that are available for any cities and colonies).
  • Strategic Resources
    They are vital resources for building some advanced structures, and especially, building up your military. Strategic resources in my mind so far are Titanium (advanced metal), Uranium (fuel), Crystalline (advanced electronics raw material), Ether (advanced chemical) and Triantanium (super alloy). They are the only type of resources that can be stockpiled, and only accessible from extracting corresponding deposits in the system.

I think the research gameplay would be more or less the same as the one in My Empire. For a common or a different tech tree between different factions, it is up to your consideration and decision.

Military and Combat
Of course, most battles involved would be space battles. But let's make battles on planetary surfaces also count - The planet is only "captured" after winning the land battle or the blockade is long enough for the local forces to surrender. The system can have local defensive forces on land (e.g. militias), and there are some starships that are specially designed for landing warfare (e.g. dropships).

Next idea. Space vessels, no matter civilian vessels like colony ship or military vessels even the lightest frigate, can only operate in limited range where logistics are available. These operation range are normally provided by colonized systems, but if you need a further reach, you can build space stations - which serve as logistics depot that expands operation range as well as a defense station that can repel small scale offensives.

Political Territory
Political territory decides what are yours, what are others' properties, and what are neutral. You can only extract resources in your political territory, and relatively, other civilizations normally cannot have access to what inside your territory. These entities provides political territories - Space Stations, Colonies and Cities. Colonies provides relatively weaker political influence.

Diplomacy and Minor Civilizations
As always for a civilization sim - diplomacy has its importance. Good diplomacy opens opportunities and allows you having access to some exotic resources (without using "much" violence), as well as establishing some reliable alliances that protects you from potential foreign threats.
Diplomacy with minor civilizations would be very simple. A good relations opens up trade with them, a better relation turns them into puppet state members of your great empire. Of course, a bad diplomacy with these smaller empires still have some consequences, militaristic minor civilizations may even invade your empire with their own fleet.

Although the word describing it might not be accurate, but generally..... public order, morale and happiness. Each system politically belongs to yours will have a rating of obedience, which impacts battles occurring and yields in the corresponding system. Luxuries, social infrastructures and presence of some defensive troops with martial law trait (e.g. United Earth's Security Forces) generates and adds obedience. Enemy blockades, sabotages, losing battle and overcrowding are major factors decreasing local obedience.

If a enemy blockade takes place, when obedience dropped to certain level, the local government surrenders to the blockade enforcing civilization.

Using your fleet to blockade your own planets does also lower obedience, but the obedience value is maintained to at least certain level. When things have gone far worse, using the might of your fleet can restore some public order.

Not considering wartime situations, if local obedience dropped to 0, it would become renegade city state, attempting to break off from your civilization.

Capturing an enemy system will always decrease the obedience of the captured system, but would never drop beyond certain level (which if the value is lower than the limit when the system is captured, the obedience would instead increase to minimal value).

Hopefully you like these ideas so far.
2mo ago
I see.
2mo ago
Might not be that useful. Each resource are not very similar in use and have almost nonidentical functions.
"grouping" of resources is only useful when two different resources has very similar usage, in terms of the in-game manners.
2mo ago
Actually you should put that in Data File Submission section lol. BTW, Appreciate your passion.
2mo ago
Hello Bast!

Just noticed that we cannot raze any buildings at this moment. We might need razing when there are buildings that are not needed or there are too much buildings on the screen that impacted rendering performance.
2mo ago
More about my mod.

Supply of colonists would not be stable in early game in this mod, unlike the vanilla My Colony 2.
Your way to get new colonists in is to "purchase" a delivery of a colonists in a lander at a landing facility.

Since trade gameplay is not available at this moment (v0.7.0), we will have resource import/export bays instead. These trade bays are constructed by spaceport vehicles which are available from landing facility. Trade bays occupies shuttle quotas.

Some buildings cannot be constructed in the colony which they have to be deployed from special landers you can purchase from landing facilities. RTG generators would be an example.

Left: Generator packed inside lander, flying. Right: Deployed RTG generator.

Colonists of each faction has different consumption pattern of resources.

Since we don't have research gameplay yet (v0.7.0) we'll replace research progression by buildings that requires research to build, and they would be tier based. These buildings produces higher tier vehicles that can construct advanced buildings.

Better housing requires a wider variety of services (using utility at this moment) to support.

Colonist model of each faction will be different.
2mo ago
Hello guys!

As with the 0.7.0 update of My Colony 2 introducing the civilization options in mods, I'm here to happily announce the begin my mod project called " My Colony 2 - Before the New Earth". This mod would feature things related to my fan lores of pre-2050 world of My Colony.

In this mod of My Colony 2, each faction will have their unique ways of gameplay, which will feature pretty lots of objects and entites. Here introduces them:

  • FutureTech Incorporated (FT Inc)
    The FutureTech Incorporated is a private space colonization agency supported by mainly Western governmental space agencies and major capitalists around the world, it integrates the roles of space industry, R&D and astronomical mission operator. Their colonies are backed by massive amounts of capital, best specialists and the most sophisticated technologies at the time to adapt to different planets, making them one of the most successful agencies pioneering the human expedition further into the space.
    • High funding support
      FutureTech colonies can easily bring a larger amount of funding from various sources. The large funding becomes an advantage in a more versatile reallocation of resources.
    • Automation technology
      The utilization of advanced automation allows colonies of FutureTech inc able to run smoothly even with relative low number of colonists. This is an advantage in newly established colonies where manpower is scarce, although some of the automation may not be efficient as manpower-intensive production facilities, and they can be costly to deploy.
    • Quick learners
      They have generally faster research progression than factions of other colonies.
    • Specialist Colonists
      The colonists supplied by FutureTech are with better quality, however have lesser quantity per shipment of colonists. These colonists also have higher demands.
  • Red Satellite Treaty Organization (RSTO)
    Red Satellite Treaty Organization combines the power of industrial nations mainly from the East, supported by strong industrial capabilities and superior quantity of manpower. They are capable of establishing a larger colony with relatively lesser costs, favoring extensive approach of development. The reliable and profitable trades with colonies have made RSTO a popular investment in the markets.
    • Low cost construction
      RSTO structures generally costs relatively lesser. They can develop in a rather faster rate, able to quickly establish a functional colony with utilities, supplies and facilities you need.
    • Large architecture
      Larger facilities constructed by RSTO are spacious enough for fitting more assets of the colony for better resource output per building, but will take up more space which can be a problem in maps without many lands available.
    • Trade focused economy
      The major source of funding of RSTO colonies are from the exports of resources and goods. At the same time, requesting assets from Earth are also cheaper.
    • (Man)power overwhelming
      RSTO colonies have access to the massive human resource, capable of manning the facilities more easily.
  • Brotherhood of Polaris (BP)
    Brotherhood of Polaris is a space agency run by a religious organization which has gathered many people from third world countries, aimed to find their promised land in the space expedition where they would find new freedom and hope. Despite the relatively inferior resource support, the people of the Brotherhood, with wisdom and strong will, are able to endure in many adverse environments where others may not be able to, making them far different than other space agencies around the world.
    • Less colonist demands
      Colonists requires lesser resource to survive. This helps your colony survive longer in times of crisis.
    • Multi-functional architecture
      Harnessing the wisdom of Brotherhood engineers and scientists, they have great versatility to solve various problems. Even their simplest building serves many purposes.
    • We don't have many shuttles
      Brotherhood colonies can neither have very frequent supplies from Earth nor making stable exports to Earth. So self sufficiency will be first priority for colonies of Brotherhood colonies.
    • Refugee Exodus
      Your colony will start with many colonists. A challenge, but also a potential advantage.
  • Project SEED (PS)
    Rather than pursuing opportunities, profits and religious vision, this special ecological organization seeks for ways to save Earth from ecological disaster which has been catalyzed by the ever extensive space expedition, and in case the catastrophe becomes inevitable, prepare an asylum to save as many species of lives from Earth as possible. Their assets are mostly borrowed from other space agencies.
    • Ecological mission
      The funding support, and the development of SEED colonies are greatly tied to running asylums and ecological researches.
    • Not only humans
      Since the colony will also need to house shipped animals from Earth, SEED colonies will have greater demand on life sustaining supplies and utilities.
    • Eco-friendly facilities
      Facilities of SEED colonies produces less waste and designed on eco-friendly basis. However, they are less efficient.

Besides 4 factions, there are also some major features that the mod will be different from vanilla My Colony 2.
  • Explore before settling down
    Except Brotherhood of Polaris, the initial lander does not bring any colonists. New colonists are brought in later when you have established a basic colony.
  • A different resource system
    We'll have a "slightly" different resource system and production chain in this mod.
  • New utilities
    I'm going to put some more (not many) utilities into the game, like oxygen and shuttle quotas.

The first version of mod is under work. I'll feature the FutureTech Inc as the first faction.
You can also join the project if you wish to!
2mo ago
Hello guys.

A little problem regarding ice spawn, especially on maps like water world.
Ice are spawned even with lowest ice ratio settings, which may not be something good to see in tropical themed maps.

Hence I'd suggest a No Ice setting for the game editor, which disables ice-water ratio and all waters will be water without ice in certain worlds.
4mo ago
First go to activate mod in main menu side bar to choose the mod you want to edit, and then go into the editor. Then here you are.
4mo ago
Change log is written in the update notes text file.

4mo ago
Just a simple list-out of tech ideas.

  • Low-G Hydroponics
    We can't just keep growing potatoes in the small and cramp greenhouses, right?
  • Basic Interplanetary Communications
    Our mission still depends on support from Earth. That's why we need a communication channel, to request new colonists and resupplies.
  • Low-G Construction
    Although we have convenient and simple prefabricated buildings, however they are not highly reliable. We need new ways of construction using cement and steel that can be achieved locally.
  • Microscale Manufacturing
    When building a large factory is too expensive and we don't have much manpower in our colony, then microscale manufacturing is the early solution to begin producing advanced supplies.
  • Soil Adaption
    Plant breeds that are adaptable to alien soil can bring even more green possibilities to your colony, in terms of agriculture (and gardening).
  • Atmospheric Gas Processing
    When different gases in the atmosphere are separated, they can be valuable industrial raw materials.
  • Colony Logistics
    Logistics and mass transit system is the bloodstream of a city. It is the same for a colony, you'll need a efficient transportation system to bring resources from afar to places where they are needed.
  • Alien Geology
    The richest minerals hides beneath the crust. Learn how to locate them and extract them safely.
  • Colony Community
    Community support is one of the needs for a us, to keep ourselves motivated on our tasks. Now we can begin with fulfilling the need a suitable place for community gatherings.
  • Crowdfunding
    If the colony needs more funds, crowdfunding is one of the good ways to do it, especially when you have good reputation among communities from Earth.
  • Systematic Research
    Reorganize research teams and facilitate research cooperation under a systematic way.
  • Frontier Engineering
    To get an outpost into running in a short time, we will need faster ways of construction (without sacrificing quality) for the key facilities.
  • Advanced Low-G Engineering
    It's time to elevate engineering to another level in all aspects - we need elevating quality, elevating durability, elevating efficiency and elevating building height.
4mo ago


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