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Was expecting armored vehicles added, but I never expected the medium tanks xD

bastecklein said:Hey @GeneralWadaling I hope you don't mind, but I am going to include this map with the next release of Colony Wars, unless you object!

Glad to know Colony Wars is continuing development! :D
5mo ago
Hello @bastecklein!

Here I have some models of "tile improvements" for the Terra Nova 4X game.
I attempted to go for a quite simplistic style for them.

The tile improvement models contained in this pack:
Camp - Probably for forest tiles.
Farm - Food-yielding tile improvement.
Fishery - Offshore tile improvement that provides food yield.
Fortress - Advanced fortification building that provides better defensive bonus for units on it, but also with a longer construction time.
Industrial Compound - In case of low productivity, this will help to boost your industry a bit. Removes food yield on the tile, however.
Military Base - Basic fortification tile improvement for early game.
Mine - Can improve tiles with mineral resources, provides productivity boost.
Offshore Platform - Improves offshore resource tiles and provides productivity yield.
Oil Refinery - Can improve land-based oil tiles. Yields productivity (and possibly power as well).
Plantation - Improves tiles that has plants of great economical values like spice and cotton. Yields money.
Solar Plant - Basic power yielding tile improvement (if power is ever to be implemented in the game).
Starport - Yields money.
Suburb - Increases population limit of the city it is adjacently or diagonally attached to by 5.
5mo ago
Ahh yes, I've this experience once and I have no choice other than starting another new map. 🤣
5mo ago
We should have at least trade back to Earth.
5mo ago
The following models has been updated.

Draconian Sloop
Draconian Cutter
Draconian Brig

6mo ago
(Already outdated. Newer ones are in the next comment, but please do read this comment first to know what it contains!

Here's some models for ships, hopefully these looks decent!
(And hopefully some ships have the correct ratio and scale lol)

Tell me if any further changes of models are needed!

Also introducing some new ships.
MC-177 Frontier Mining Vessel
A mining ship manufactured by Martian Industries for heavy duty mining operations.
BB76 Beaconburg Frigate
Frigate developed by LIS Beaconburg Arsenal for expanding space military strength, without "violating" the terms in the Treaty of Hoxton. De facto capital ship of LIS.
LSE M3A8 Orca Corvette
A patrol vessel designed by LIS Liberty Star Engineering. Backbone of LIS space fleet.
B-BJK Bijenkorfschip
Literal meaning "Hive Ship". The cruiser-carrier of Zolarg Empire.
C-CSX Clanschip
Multipurpose cruise ship capable of transporting an entire clan of insectoids.
G-IIM Meteoroide Graafschip
Meteoroid excavation ship most seen deployed by Spacebug Guild.
S-VXI Rumitesleepschip
Cargo ship of Zolarg Empire. It is actually a tug ship, but it can also transport cargo when act as a "train" locomotive.
Draconian Brig
Utility ship that carries drones and several drone control terminal, for various industrial, economic and maintenance purposes.
Draconian Corsair
Draconian frigate. These ships are often issued to privateer fleets owned by lesser nobles of Alpha Draconians.
6mo ago
Everytime after a city have built too much rum distilleries, this happens.

Water (and food) is "profitable" business. (smirking)

Side note, this is the case that when city has totally ran out of water, and has 18 rum distilleries.

@bastecklein BTW also a reporting a problem, not sure is that the city out of funds or a bug.
When the sum of profit in a single trade is too large the transaction will not occur even if you click sell.
6mo ago
Just my small (?) attempt making a big parade featuring United Earth!

Created using MagicaVoxel.
6mo ago
I like this idea, and it might make a good addition to some maps.
6mo ago
bastecklein said:Hey @GeneralWadaling I might use a couple of these also in My Colony 2 proper, if you don't object.

7mo ago

So here are my models for Colony Wars so far, although originally created for fun.
Includes units (includes separate parts for those with turrets) and buildings.

did you see something?:There is an Alpha Draconian probe at the right side of the image!

Just tell me if you need some edits on the models or something else!

wHoops! Missed one model in my .zip!
7mo ago
Hello @bastecklein!

It's just my little question regarding the future development of Colony Wars..........
Would you favor transition it to Scroll3D engine just like in My Empire?

This can save a lot of sprite work as they can be simply replaced by models.
There's some details to be considered though.
Like, attack animation - most vehicles in the game has turret structures. To make stuff look normal separate moving components might be needed.
On the other hand, real time fog of war calculation in S3D engines. Which currently (If I'm guessing correctly) (non-real-time) fog of war is a new feature first implemented in Terra Nova. Would it take a toll on game performance?
The map editor and terrain has issues to be considered as well - the terrain elevations, currently in S2D represented by cliff obstacles. The generation of slopes (passable terrain elevation "intervals") and cliffs (impassable terrain elevation "intervals") for map terrain might be a thing to be considered as well.
Plus, unit models, especially big stuff like ships (and if you have planned, large aircrafts spawned from support powers). Although from MC2 modding attempts shown it is possible for units with model size wider than a standard tile, BUT as the model isn't centered on the tile it is on, some weird scenes can happen....... like some parts of a model landed on terrain that it isn't supposed to be on. Either it can be solved by adding displacement value to model rendering, or really just have unit models at single-tile size.

These are the "issues" I can think of if Colony Wars is transitioned into using S3D engine.
So in your opinion, is it a good idea to give Colony Wars a 3D update? 🤔
7mo ago
Additional ideas for Zolarg Empire.

Mound is the core structure of a Zolarg Empire base, just like landers for the two human factions. Also double as infantry production facility.
Sugar Burner is the power generator for Zolarg Empire.
Antanium Smelter is a Zolarg counterpart of Ore Refineries of human factions.
Weapons Stash allows basic infantries to be trained as well as unlocking base defenses.
Sentry Post is the basic anti-land defense for Zolarg Empire. Lobs bombs that deals moderate damage.
Skywatch Pit is the anti air defense for Zolarg Empire.
War Workshop is the vehicle production facility for Zolarg Empire.
Shrine of War is the Tier 2 tech building.
Observatory unlocks air units.
Temple Fort is the Tier 3 tech building and also the advanced anti-land defense structure for Zolarg forces.
Aquabug's Jetty is the navy production facility, while also act as a coastal defense, armed with low caliber cannons.
Keiserkannon is the superweapon structure of Zolarg Empire. Has faster recharge than other superweapons, but deals relatively less damage per strike.
7mo ago
Revised ideas on buildings.

Black Market Tent and Tech Bunker are Tier 2 tech building.
Operations Center and Strategy Bunker are Tier 3 tech building.
LIS Missile Tower is advanced base defense with roles of both anti-air and anti-tank.
LIS Watchtower is anti-infantry base defense for LIS, manned by snipers. Has low fire rate, but can pick off enemy infantries one by one. It is also the prerequisite for training LIS Snipers.
United Earth RPG Bunker is Tier 1 anti-tank defense.
LIS Helipad deploys Attack Helicopter and Transport Helicopter (the LIS infantry transport unit).
United Earth Drone Bay deploys Interceptor Drone (anti-infantry/atmospheric superiority fighter) and Bomber drone. Also refills their ammunition.
LIS Assembly Tent (Or Mechanized Weapons Camp) is the vehicle production building for LIS.
LIS Torpedo Platform is the naval defense for LIS. Has low fire rate but effective against big ships.
7mo ago
3x3 landing pad.
The current landing field with guide lights.
Basically the upgrade of the landing field, with capabilities of exporting goods - Spaceport.

Hopefully they look decent!
7mo ago


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