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bastecklein said:The Premium purchase does not let you unlock a paid download from an app store, @Grandirus that is it's only limitation. App Store policies do not even allow 3rd party payment methods like that.

Just so you know though, the Steam and Windows 10 editions are simply wrappers for the web version anyway, the only difference being that purchasing them on the store automatically adds the premium to your account.

If you are on a Chromium based browser (Chrome, Edge, etc) just install the game as a Progressive Web App and you will get pretty much the same experience as the Windows 10 or Steam editions.

Thanks. I will play from the browser download version. 😃
6mo ago
My premium key works fine. I use the Web version but, since I had bought it direct from ape apps site, it says that I can use the Premium wherever I want, but, it not working. How can link the premium with Steam ou Windows 10 app store?
6mo ago


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