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--Skip to Second Paragraph-- I haven't played MC in six months. In the meantime, I got me some internet STDs and had to wipe my machine. Only the recovery files survived this ordeal. Now with the whole Corona situation going on I'll be working from home for the forseeable future, making my schedule a lot more flexible and increasing free time (I know it shouldn't, but I finish my worload of eight hours in five or less on average) . So I wanted to see what's new in MC and if the engine has improved. Reading the patchnotes really got me interested and now the recovery process is leaving me blue-balled.

Per title, I'm having trouble with recovering my Colony. Recovery process seems to have worked, but there is a problem with server registration. Loading screen is stuck at "Registering Colony With Servers".
4y ago
Something similar is happening to me. Apparently @bastecklein is on vacation or something, didn't post anything the last 5 days. So don't expect this issue to resolved any time soon. Or ever.
5y ago
So the web version seems to be unable to save. It says 'Saving Game...' and then 'Game saved:', but when I load the save it's the same as it was before. Also, I didn't play mc for quite a while, so it registers a new charter code to the servers every time I log on.
And I can't get a desktop client bc I'm on win8.1, and I'm not buying the steam version after getting premium.
5y ago
how about fixing the server (online game?) issues before adding more content? new colonies can't send messages and after a short time their charter becomes invalid.
6y ago
servers have been broke for quite a while now. failure to update statistics is the smallest problem rn.
6y ago
@bastecklein you know, I get the idea. The tax was necessary, as was resource decay. A simple heads up about resource decay would have been nice though. They way you did it just feels like a big F U.
6y ago
I don't even... Serious question, how did you come up with leaving people max. 10b? And lowering production of Investment Banks? AND adding resource decay in the same update? This is either a intellectually challenged or very poorly thought through course of action. There are a lot of people with populations exceeding 1m and maps larger than 400x400. How are we supposed to up our money inflow fast enough to cover hundreds of millions in payroll (+assistance) and infrastructure repair? How are we supposed to build so much storage for Gold, Aluminum and Uranium when we got tens or hundreds of millions laying around? Ever thought about that?

That's exactly how you lose the players who have been playing the longest, the loyal core of your fan base.

Rant's over, go be somewhere else.
6y ago
Game save compression is off, I'm using 64bit Chrome with 16GB RAM. Save file size is about 250MB uncompressed. After loading the file Chrome uses about 600-700MB, but RAM usage rises to 2000MB+ with increased runtime.
I tried the native client before you suggested, it did not save better. The issue is resolved for now though. Since .49 was released in html5 v. save file corruption seems to less frequent, occuring only every third time or so.
6y ago
I'm playing the html5 client, v0.48.
My colony is rather large with 3,8m colonists and mapsize 640x640. Until recently I did not have save file issues. I did not grow much population since, maybe 50k.
The last few days saving took extremely long, to the point where chrome asked if it should close the website because it did not respond.
More than half of the save files get corrupted, I had to load backups multiple times now.

update: just tried again, ̶1̶̶0̶̶0̶% like 8 or 9/10 of saves end up corrupted. some backups work, others that worked before are suddenly corrupted or won't load at all.
6y ago
I accept every annexation request I get. Some say invalid charter though, so maybe you're one of those if you haven't been annexed within two days.
6y ago
I mean you're right it's insane that the bots build so slow, but it's definitely possible to speed up the building. I've got a over a thousand drones and it builds at about 1,5m per minute
6y ago
I'll just bump this thread and say I don't care that much about the reward system; if someone in my CW needs anything and asks for it, they will get it. It'sreally that simple.
6y ago
yes it is. you can start a new UE/LIS/Zolarg colony (whichever is different from yours) and ask for annexation by your mother colony through the Transmission Hub as soon as youve unlocked it.
6y ago
request annexation again. maybe that'll do
6y ago
Founded on December 10, 2016, Elysion is one of the oldest active commonwealths. Since then we have overcome difficulties. Save files and members have been lost. In fact, there were times where everything seemed lost. All but the mother colony where gone. Still, we grew and flourished, and we will continue to do so. Elysion wants you to be part of its thriving commonwealth and contribute to it's greatness. Elysion's mantra: sharing is caring.

Charter Code: PNkXQTbj
Colonial Website:

The Commonwealth of Elysion is a member of the First Future Federation:
Please join the FFF for better communication within the Commonwealth.


Since the Commonwealth has grown immensely, and I can't keep track of all members and colonies reaching goals, I terminated the reward system.
Instead newly founded colonies will receive a VERY GENEROUS START-UP GIFT.
Old members and newly annexed colonies are requested to ASK FOR RESOURCES, YOU WILL RECEIVE.
6y ago
The problem solved itself but I wanted to report this anyway. Maybe it's useful information for @bastecklein.

So my colony is pretty big, about 900k colonists on 460×460. I'm playing on the web version and haven't had any performance issues so far. Anyway, yesterday I left the game idle to finish building some 800 aluminum generators and 200 ultra deep dig sites, like I did many times before. After an hour or so I came back to check if everything was in order.

Except it wasn't. The game freezed every 2 seconds for about 1 second. Rovers had finished building the aluminum generators but had not yet started with the dig sites. They were stuck on "Moving" but did not move a tile. I selected all bots and instructed them to move to the dig sites. They lagged their way there and started building, slowly. I suspected the bug might have something to do with the construction sites or a path finding issue. So I just let the game idle for another 2+ hours to finish building.
When every building was finished and all bots were idle again, the lag and freezes stopped completely. Performance as good as ever, but I have no idea.
6y ago
The exact GDP of my colony is $363,902,839,860,000,500. There are colonies with higher GDP (I've seen 10 to 100 times my GDP) and their colonial website works just fine.
6y ago
@bastecklein would you care for an update on this? like if you have an idea what might cause this failure to update/display stats or what the amount of $$$ has to do with this.
6y ago


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