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Corrupted save files

#1 2017-11-02 10:33:20
I'm playing the html5 client, v0.48.
My colony is rather large with 3,8m colonists and mapsize 640x640. Until recently I did not have save file issues. I did not grow much population since, maybe 50k.
The last few days saving took extremely long, to the point where chrome asked if it should close the website because it did not respond.
More than half of the save files get corrupted, I had to load backups multiple times now.

update: just tried again, ̶1̶̶0̶̶0̶% like 8 or 9/10 of saves end up corrupted. some backups work, others that worked before are suddenly corrupted or won't load at all.
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#2 2017-11-07 19:39:31
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#3 2017-11-07 21:37:59
could be running out of memory during compression since it is a large colony, you can try turning off compression. If it's already off, are you using 32 bit chrome? could be reaching limit to amount of data that can passed through a javascript function. If you are using cloud sync, your game file might be so big that it is timing out saving to server.

It is tough to know, alot of these insane large colonies start pushing up against the limits of the engine and/or browser. consider a large colony with lots of buildings and millions of colonists is probably several hundred megabytes in size uncompressed just when saved as a file, and will be quite a bit larger once loaded into RAM.

You can try downloading the desktop client and see if that saves better. It saves into physical storage instead of the browser's virtual filesystem, which may be more reliable.
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#4 2017-11-08 13:47:27
Eventually at some point a colony will grow so big that not even an 8GB computer will be able to handle it will, that's just the fate of all games in mc since they grow practically exponentially and eventually they will take up all resources. That's why I find it best to make subcolonies and run one colony at a time to devide up the insane hugeness of one big colony. It takes more time, but you would be able to make a much larger resource system with multiple colonies instead of just one. You could also gift your subcolonies with every resource that they could possibly need to quickly progress to the point where they can speciallize in a certain resource and build up their civic production in order to post massive sells onto the gbt, and that would save a ton of time.
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#5 2017-11-09 18:09:42
Game save compression is off, I'm using 64bit Chrome with 16GB RAM. Save file size is about 250MB uncompressed. After loading the file Chrome uses about 600-700MB, but RAM usage rises to 2000MB+ with increased runtime.
I tried the native client before you suggested, it did not save better. The issue is resolved for now though. Since .49 was released in html5 v. save file corruption seems to less frequent, occuring only every third time or so.
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