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You need to give access to your buildings or lag is going to become really bad. Every building should have an adjacent tile next to it for workers to access it. Also, you should free up bots that are stuck in buildings or inside a circle of buildings so they can move freely.

A temp fix would be to log out and back in, and the bots should function again.
6y ago
nunez499 said:When i open a galactic emperor message it just shows a big pop up and overlaps my screen

I can't dismiss it.
Even after saving the game and going back to the title screen the pop up remains. I have to close the window to and restart to get rid of it. I'm playing the webversion with desktop shortcut.

I feel like this is probably related to this:


6y ago
If you tax your colonists to $0 (or anything under $50 really) and then pay them all $300, their approval rating will go to zero when you tax them, but 300 is the magic number to bring it right back up to 100 approval rating.

So if they all have $650, you tax them to 50, pay them all $300, they all have $350, go back to work, are happy, and you pocket the difference!
6y ago
XNesh said:Hmmmm.... Now i see that it helps not too much. Still lagging. JaxxSilva - every building in my colony has access to road. Quantity of rovers is 165. I cut down the whole forest. No rovers are stuck in buildings.
But i have more than 5k of diamond solar towers - can it be a problem?

I wouldn't think that would be a problem, but I have not been able to figure out if buildings that do not need employees need access to a blank/road tile or not. I typically build with access just to be safe.

I have a few colonies at about 150k pop. There is definitely some lag on them even at the more optimized settings. I've found that a periodic fire drill helps me - but some people swear up and down that it breaks their colonies - so proceed with caution there.

Also, if you leave your game running for hours at a time, it seems to help to exit back to main screen and re-log in periodically. Again, that's anecdotal, but seems to help me.

I'm afraid that about wraps up my best ideas, hope one of them helps to some degree!
6y ago
Just one developer, Bast, who replied above. Game has been improved significantly and is, admittedly, constantly in Beta.

You may have already, but make sure:

1. Every building has access to a blank or road space. If workers can't get to a building, it will cause more lag.
2. Rovers you don't need are destroyed
3. No rovers are stuck in buildings
4. You don't have a massive forest of a resource that expands (trees, sugarcane, etc).

200k is not an insignificant number of colonists either.
6y ago
The people who are going to be able to help you with that (not me) are going to need more information, and probably would like this posted in bugs/technical support.

At a minimum, what platform you are playing on and your charter code would be helpful.
6y ago
Depends on what world you are on.

This may help:

6y ago
This is needed for sure, and I think Bast knows that - it has been requested a number of times.

I will say, it's better than it used to be. You used to not even have a bulldozer, you had to manually go into each building and click sell or delete and repeat.

So it's not ideal, but it has been improved over the past, and hopefully will be improved again in the future.

(Another option could be the click and drag for a box option like when you select multiple units, except for a bulldozer, and be able to delete everything in the box).
6y ago
Pretty good idea I think. It's sometimes hard to find the building you want in the huge list of buildings, and not every building has a category or is logically categorized.
6y ago
If you go offline with a colony I don't believe you can take it back online, so I wouldn't recommend that.
6y ago
Coeville, please join our discord, that is the proper channel for requests! When I'm not on there are lots of others more than happy to help, rarely will you wait even an hour for someone to send what you need :)
6y ago
Ironically, they (sometimes) follow roads anyway, even though they don't get a boost.
6y ago
Answered here:

6y ago
Would be nice to have a research category now that there are several buildings that produce it.
6y ago
For most buildings you can't have the same loading because each building has a different number of active workers.
6y ago
Rob said:Just to conclude, I managed to get my Colony back :)

6y ago
According to the release post:

"You can toggle between this view and the old view by tapping/clicking on the resources display."
6y ago
You can upgrade the mass driver to export larger amounts later in the game and somewhat compensate for this.

Instead of a favorite, I'd like to see it pop back up where you left off, so whatever you just sold would be right there again.

But like I said, you can upgrade the mass driver to higher volume later in the game.
6y ago
bastecklein said:

[*]'River' tiles can now be bulldozed on the Earthlike map

[*]Lowered building repair costs

All around awesome update, but these two are especially appreciated. Thanks Bast!
6y ago
I would like to see some competitive nature or some badge earning aspect but I believe Bast has said a few times it will not have player vs. player aspects ever.
6y ago


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