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4y ago
Hi I am just wondering if there is a long term solution for water/regolith on lunar?
I am using mainly the water extractor but I got 190 of them and barely supporting 400 colonists this isnt really practical spacewise plus they require regolith.

Is there a way to passively earn regolith? becuase its getting very repetitive having to keep an eye on the mines and build more constantly

4y ago
You need a consulate
Go into consulate then press white building icon

Mine costs 285k! O.O
4y ago
I just had the same problem I managed to fix as Forcedminer suggested.
I made a solution to prevent this in the future and thought I would share it,
What I did was build a Regolith mine along an edge and surrounded it with h3 extractors so it can't be mined until I sell one.
4y ago
Ok thanks
4y ago
My atmosphere is currently just over 100k now on lunar
I am wondering is it better to focus atmos building to 1m or letting it grow gradually?
4y ago


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