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atmos increasing

2019-04-23 12:27:59
My atmosphere is currently just over 100k now on lunar
I am wondering is it better to focus atmos building to 1m or letting it grow gradually?
2019-04-23 14:58:10
well once you start building trash incinerators ( 25 jobs building ) they produce so much atmos you have a 100 million before you know it lol .
But at the start of a game if you want to take your time atmos will eventaly get there ( 1 million is needed for most tecks like trees .

If your in a hurry and have enough al and chips build a few of the big atmos producers even ten of them you will have a million in a few hours .
the mid size ones a 100 will do teh same the small ones will make enough to run condensers
2019-04-23 20:52:09
Ok thanks
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